Apple TV 4

Apple released a slew of developer betas on Wednesday, including iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2. This is the first 9.2 beta for tvOS, the operating system for the just-released, fourth-generation Apple TV.

Developers can find the new tvOS beta, which is labeled build 13Y5179e, either over-the-air on an Apple TV set with the previous beta or as a standalone download via Apple’s developer portal here.

Here are your release notes:

tvOS 9.2 includes new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the OS and SDK.
New features and enhancements include:
– Bluetooth Keyboard support
– Folders support for grouping apps on Home screen
– MapKit support
– Siri support for US Spanish (in US only) and French Canadian (in Canada only)
– Siri support for UK English, Australian English and US English available across the UK, Australian and US Storefronts when English is set as the system language
– Updated App Switcher UI

As you can see the beta includes a handful of significant improvements, including support for Bluetooth keyboards, support for app folders on the Home screen, and an updated app switcher interface.

We don’t know when tvOS 9.2 will hit public users, but given that this is just the first dev release, it’s likely several weeks out. We’re installing the beta now and will report back with other major changes.

Update: it looks like 9.2 also adds the Podcast app.

  • HouserM.D

    not sure if so, but can we update atv3 with this or is it just 4

    • ArtieMack

      tvOS is only on the tv 4.

  • igobythisname


    • Rowan09

      About damn time.

  • Old Man Pickle

    Installed and I now have a Poscast app and the app switcher is more like iOS 9 now.

    • Rowan09

      Is it an IOS compatible controller or it doesn’t matter?

      • Old Man Pickle

        The 8bitdo pretends to be a Bluetooth keyboard (I maybe wrong on this) BUT I only got it working once (with a brief game of Mario) with Providence and then it stopped. It may need a firmware update from the manufacturer or a Providence update.

    • James G

      Is the scrolling still backwards? Every time I open that app switcher I swipe the wrong way…

      • Old Man Pickle

        Still backwards and it takes some getting used to with the Sire Remote. Feels a little award.

      • James G

        So it’s not like swiping on the iPhone? From left to right is how you fling to apps further back in the app switched

  • Graeme Allon

    Patiently waiting for movie trailers to return to Apple TV 4 in the UK!

  • Bybymax

    Hi. Thx for the post Codi!! I live in France but i’d rather speak English (weird I know) so I wandered if I could have siri in english on my french ATV4. Apparently, it does not work (through settings) contrary to my Iphone and iPad on which Siri is set on English. Any ideas?? It works perfectly in French (weather, sports news, etc) but all my contents (netflix) or music are in english.
    Thx in advance guys.