Seng beta iOS 9 02

Seng, the Auxo-inspired App Switcher replacement for jailbroken iOS devices, is now available for download on Cydia. The tweak has been in beta for the last few weeks, but today it is available to all jailbroken iOS 9 users.

We’ve already covered version 1.2 of Seng in depth via our hands-on video review, and we found a tweak that was well worth consideration. Better yet, if you already purchased the iOS 8 compatible version of Seng, the this latest iOS 9 compatible version can be had as a free update.

A lot of people were vocal about the recent changes that took place with the iOS 9 compatible version of Auxo 3. Some liked them, but still more didn’t like them. Personally speaking, I think I’m in the latter camp. Although Auxo is truly the original, and it feels a little wrong for me to prefer what is an obvious clone of Auxo, it’s hard to argue that Seng doesn’t make for a better experience on the latest jailbreakable iOS software version.

You can purchase the iOS 9 version of Seng right now from Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $2.50. Again, if you already own Seng, this 1.2 release can be had as a free update.

Do you think Seng is a worthy Auxo alternative? Sound off in the comments page below.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Of course seng is a worthy Auxo alternative. Fully customizable. Less resource demanding. And on iOS 9, you get an actual Multi Center instead of toggles being on a single app card. I love seng on iOS 8 and I’ll love it when I update to iOS 9.

  • AngryDingo

    Lylac is the top dog now.

  • Eikast

    Whenever I see anything with X.2 first thing that comes to my mind is iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

  • Jayy

    Yeah this is the best app switcher!

  • Ben$

    A enhanced Tage, can we suppose it to be? I am suspecting that latest Tage has messed up my phone.

  • Shaw

    Still stay with Tage, it offers more features. I don’t feel it’s necessary to merge CC with App switcher

  • Bnjmn Grlch

    Not compatible with BioProtect??? True???

    • Alberto Espinal

      Yes not compatible so for that reason I’m out!

  • the hood

    Has the developer stated it was ‘auxo inspired’; or is that just wishful thinking on idb’s part? This tweak takes auxo like a lion takes its prey in its mouth, shakes it around, snaps its back and then eats it for breakfast. Grrrrrr

  • B.A.M.F.

    ……Im sorry but i cant support a developer that basically rips off another developer’s work…. this is soooo close to Auxo its not funny. Hell, even the name of some of the features in the tweak are the SAME as Auxo lol…. and whats with all these tweaks wanting to combine the CC and the app switcher? i hate that… sorry for the rant but thats how i feel.

    • Sentry

      I have to agree to some extent and it definitely saddens me, but at the same time I understand that it’s done out of a desire to make something the way you want to make it (even if it’s ‘stealing’). Just wish the dev could’ve reached out before hand but in any case looks like a well built product even if much of the design as you said is a rip.

  • Diego

    Already test all of them, Lylac, Tage, Auxo, and others.
    None of them is better than Seng

  • Barak Electroshop

    kill all apps make my device respring and than it goes to safe mode.
    also when pressing on springboard card,it crush up my device
    seng official release – not pirated version.
    iphone 6 – ios 9.0.2

    • Alberto Espinal

      Might be another tweak not playing well with it, do you have Swipe Home installed?

  • Alberto Espinal

    I was gonna buy Seng but someone told me it’s not compatible with Bioprotect, it means that when installing it removes Bioprotect by default