Best Buy, Target, and now…Walmart. Apple Watch is pretty much ubiquitous these days when it comes to American retail stores, and the addition of Walmart as an official retailer is just icing on the cake.

Granted, Apple Watch sales at Walmart are quite limited, with only the Sport model being offered, and further limitations have been placed on available colors.

Nonetheless, having the Apple Watch, in any incarnation, is a big deal and a big win for Apple and potential customers. It turns the visibility level of the popular wearable all the way to level 11.

Apple Watch Walmart

Walmart is selling both the 38mm and the 42mm Apple Watch Sport models with a Space Gray aluminum case with a black band or a Silver aluminum case with a white band. The 38mm model is selling for $349, while the larger 42mm casing is going for $50 more at $399.

Thus far, those are the only options, as no color band Apple Watch Sport models are being offered. You can, however, purchase an additional band in a variety of colors. Walmart is selling 16 different color bands for $49.00 each. It’s also selling the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable in a variety of lengths.

Even with Walmart’s entry into the game, you’d be better off right now shopping at Target or Best Buy. Best Buy is offering $100 off all Apple Watch models, and Target is peddling $100 gift cards with purchases.

  • techfreak23

    Smdh… I hate that Apple does business with Walmart. Apple has guidelines for the working conditions for their supply line, they should have guidelines for their resellers as well. Make sure the people SELLING the products also have fair working conditions.

    • 9to5Slavery

      When you said you hate that Apple does business with walmart. Then you are stating that the people are the problems who work at walmart selling the products should have fair working conditions.

      Isn’t that a walmart problem?

      • techfreak23

        It’s an Apple problem when they turn a blind eye to Walmart’s practices. Everyone loses their shit about unfair working conditions in the factories, but when it’s happening in our own country, albeit not on the same level as what is happening in China and the other manufacturing countries, Apple should hold Walmart and other retailers to similar standards to be able to even carry the product. I feel like Walmart, even Target to a degree, is diluting the brand name.

      • TechnoBuff

        I understand your premise and your concern, but we are talking about Walmart here, which happens to be largest retailer in the world.
        This is not Bestbuy or any simple electronic store that Apple can hold accountable.Walmart does not sell a huge range of Apple products so there is no way Apple can dictate to a company on the scale of Walmart.

      • techfreak23

        They could if they really wanted to. Apple has pretty strict guidelines already regarding their resellers, but work conditions isn’t one of them. Businesses have to be authorized by Apple as long as they agree follow those guidelines to be able to sell their products. Obviously, the reason Apple won’t do anything about it is because it would more of a blow to them than it would be to Walmart if they pulled their products from their stores.

      • TechnoBuff

        You make it seem as if Apple can make anything happen, Apple can only dictate if they sell a lot of products through your store, again this is WALMART. not some small retailer.
        Walmart carries only a VERY small fraction of Apple products. so Apple has no leverage to compel even if they want to, Walmart can stop selling Apple products and wont feel a pinch.

      • You think companies actually want to hold the hands of all companies that resell there devices? They are trying to get a specific device in to as many hands as possible. Im sure walmart and target don’t sell the Higher end edition and non sport model.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Sure I also agree with @TechnoBuff:disqus and @phonetechjay:disqus. If your mother paid attention to your baby brother and fed him like she’s suppose to she’s doing good. If she’s feeding you at age 18 being a single mother while your aunts criticize her for not babysitting you when you can cook and take care of yourself. How would you feel? Sure you might not take care of yourself the best way you can because one you can’t cook as good as her, but you can cook, you can still take care of yourself.

        But what you’re saying is that because she has a job and she’s running things to have food on the table or pizza pockets in your fridge, you expect her to be there or have a babysitter to take care of your 18 year old pos. Sure mommy can have standards, we as humans have standards, but mommy ain’t going to be there all the time as long as you can take care of yourself as if she is taking care of the baby as well (foxconn).

        Can not believe I made those references. I shouldn’t waste time on reasoning with adolescences.

        Also @techfreak123, I hope you hate microsoft samsung blah blah other companies too, because they could regulate much worst than Apple. GL

      • Don’t just point your finger at Apple, they are only one company selling their devices there. Include every single company that allows Walmart to sell their tech,food and clothing. Why does it just need to be Apple holding Walmart’s hand?

    • George

      And the people in china that committed suicide because of apples demand for deadlines?