OS X El Capitan Spotlight image 002

Following an extensive testing, Apple on Tuesday released OS X 10.11.2 (build number 15C50), the second major update to El Capitan, for public consumption. In addition to improving the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac, OS X 10.11.2 improves iCloud Photo Sharing for Live Photos, as well as the reliability of Wi-Fi networking, Handoff and AirDrop.

Moreover, the software update includes fixes for Bluetooth devices disconnecting on a whim, the Mail app deleting messages in an offline Exchange account and problems with importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac using a USB cable.

The update is currently rolling out so wait a little if it hasn’t appeared in the Mac App Store for you yet.

Here’s what’s new, according to Apple:

The OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

This update:

  • Improves Wi-Fi reliability
  • Improves the reliability of Handoff and AirDrop
  • Fixes an issue that may cause Bluetooth devices to disconnect
  • Fixes an issue that prevented Mail from deleting messages in an offline Exchange account
  • Fixes an issue that prevented importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac using a USB cable
  • Improves iCloud Photo Sharing for Live Photos

OS X 10.11.2 is available through the Updates tab of the Mac App Store to all users who are running OS X El Capitan.

  • mandocan

    Will it load any better than the original. It wouldn’t load on my McBook pro. Mostly it’s just a PIA.

  • Vinnie

    Update is not available for me, I’m in Canada.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    Glad they fixed the damn photos app not working.

  • Eikast

    My problem is that Bluetooth headphones suck on my MacBook Pro. I have to use a command in terminal to increase power

  • lou111

    Well, El Capitan now getting second update and as a Final Cut user I am waiting for some update since Yosemite. There wasn’t any upgrades even once. What’s wrong?

  • Manonymous

    Also not available for me in Germany…

  • rockdude094

    Anyone updated is it stable ?

    • WhooMei?

      not stable. mail will not finish update. stuck for hours.
      DON’T DO IT

  • Boodgie

    The update broke Parallels. Error message trying to start a VM
    “unable to load Parallels driver”. Case opened with Parallels.

  • Wraith

    Airdrop still broken for me!, no luck since update to el Capitan, used to worked fine on Yosemite.

    • ronnie

      I never had a problem with airdrop. What problem are you experiencing?

      • Wraith

        Since update to El Capitan my mac mini can’t see my iphone 5, handoff work very well both ways, but airdrop don´t. I tried every solution from apple support communities, (log off from my apple id, erase the bluetooth plis file, etc) even a clean install with this version 10.11.2. but airdrop doesn´t work anymore.
        Airdrop work well if you send o receive from another iphone.