App Drawer

App Drawer is a new jailbreak tweak that adds an Android-inspired application drawer to jailbroken iPhones. This is a good tool for those of you who want to view all of your installed iOS applications in one place, not scattered amongst multiple Home screen pages or within folders.

The iPhone-only jailbreak tweak is compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9, and isn’t yet compatible with jailbroken iPads, though support for the iPad is said to be in the cards. Have a look as we break down the features that App Drawer brings to the table.

App Drawer 2

Once installed, you’ll find a new app icon in the Home screen for App Drawer. The app icon is simply labeled “Apps” and serves as a launcher interface for opening any of the apps that you have installed on your device.

The nice thing about having a central app drawer icon is that it can be moved and relocated anywhere on your device’s Home screen. That means that you can easily move the App Drawer to your dock for easy access to your apps from anywhere.

Of course, App Drawer allows you to customize the apps that appear in the launcher, and a quick visit to the tweak’s settings in the stock Settings app will reveal that. Users can select hidden applications and favorite applications using simple toggle switches in the preferences.

App drawer dock

I like the idea of App Drawer, but upon using it, there is one glaring flaw that I feel needs to be addressed: the lack of swipe gestures between the Applications and Favorites sections. As it stands now, you have to tap on each header to switch between favorites and standard applications, and that isn’t nearly as intuitive as using a swipe gesture.

App Drawer’s developer, Guillermo Moran, promises that additional features like iPad support and a customizable Home screen app icon are coming soon. App Drawer is a solid tweak for those of you looking for this type of functionality on iOS 9, but it definitely needs to add a swipe gesture between the two sections within the launcher.

You can find App Drawer for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you decide to take it for a spin, let us know how you enjoyed it down below in the comments section.

  • Tried it before, would be nice if it could be invoked using an Activator gesture. Otherwise right now it can only be opened from the Home Screen. (because the icon it uses is a shortcut and not an actual app, Activator can’t be use to launch the icon from anywhere as a workaround)

    • Favna

      You can put “anywhere” “some action” “launch application”, no? I don’t have the app *yet* but I would assume that works….

      • It doesn’t appear under “launch application” because it’s not an app. The icon on the home screen is just a shortcut, which is why Activator can’t detect it as a launchable app.

      • Favna

        Yeah I came to realize that as well 😡 I really hope the feature will be added soon….

  • tunutsaigon

    Nah, If you like Android type so much, buy one then… Last but not least, $1.99 for just a shortcut list of apps? You gotta be kidding me! -_-

    • Gavin

      I agree!

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      “If you like Android type so much, buy an Android one then”

      “$1.99 for just a shortcut list of apps?”

      so go spend $$$ on a new phone for one feature?
      but spending $2 on a tweak is out of question.

      got it.

      • tunutsaigon

        You missed my point! The thing is I don’t wanna pay $1.99 just for a shortcut list of apps. Simple as that! 😉

  • Bradley Hines

    What I’d give to be jailbroken I hope they release a jailbreak when iOS 9.2 comes out.

  • James G

    Thanks for the effort, but no thanks.

  • baddestsammaritan

    Roll out Page Names already!

  • Kinda pointless, iOS is already just an app drawer….

  • Chili_D

    I love the tweak. Helps me keep a clean home screen and still have very easy access to apps.

    Jeff– when i remove hide springboard apps in the Appdrawer settings the app is no longer searchable via Spotlight (i use spotlight more than i look for apps). Do you know if i’m missing anything on this. Being able to have 0 icons on my springboard (except the dock) would be awesome and I can always spotlight search/use the Appdrawer icon when i need to find something.



    • Sam

      Try springtomize3 it only hide doesnt actually disable the app from accessing it even from search , unlike hideme8 or appdrawer feature.

  • Alexandre Isurugi

    Does it list apps that you may have hidden from the home screen using something like hideme8? because that would be awesome