iPad Pro Review 3

I never thought I’d want an iPad Pro. Out of all of the products that Apple was rumored to launch this year, the iPad Pro was at the absolute bottom of my totem pole.

That began to change somewhat after Apple’s most recent keynote, and it completely changed once I was able to actually go hands-on with the super-sized tablet at my local Apple store.

The iPad Pro isn’t for everyone, but it’s less of a specialty device than many might have expected…


Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to log any extended time with what is arguably the iPad Pro’s most convincing selling point—the Apple Pencil.

Since I wasn’t distracted by the Apple Pencil, I’ve been forced to use the iPad Pro in the traditional iPad way. By that, I mean consuming a lot of content, and playing lots of games. Ironically, the lack of an Apple Pencil has convinced me that the iPad Pro is more than capable of transcending its “Pro” boundaries and vaulting into the mainstream.

Obviously, the iPad Pro is very good for making content. It packs some serious power under the hood that rivals some laptop machines, and it has me downright excited about the future of this platform.

But even as a straight up consumption device, the iPad Pro is a compelling product. It’s so big, and features sound that’s so good, that it fights for and usually wins your attention. It makes the iPad Air 2 feel downright small and insignificant. It makes the iPad mini feel more like a toy.

The iPad Pro is a “professional” tablet in much the same way as the MacBook Pro is a professional laptop. Plenty of ”non-professionals” love the MacBook Pro and heavily benefit from what it brings to the table, and I suspect that many of the same “non-professionals” will feel likewise about the iPad Pro.


The iPad Air 2 was already crazy fast, but the iPad Pro is even faster and features double the RAM. There aren’t too many apps available right now that push this device performance-wise, but you can rest easy knowing that it’s got a huge ceiling for growth, and will probably be around for a very long time into the future.

Benchmarks have already shown how the iPad Pro compares to some MacBooks sporting Intel processors, and the comparisons aren’t pretty if you’re Intel. Apple has been touting its “desktop class” architecture for a few years now, but this is the first device that I believe truly lives up to that claim.

iPad Pro benchmarks

For example, the iPad Pro can edit three simultaneous streams of 4K video at once. Many laptops would choke when trying to edit a single 4K clip, let alone three. And when you factor in the device’s lack of a noisy fan to keep things cool, then its performance capabilities become all the more impressive.

I think that the iPad Pro has the potential to become a serious platform for creatives in general. Not just graphic designers who skillfully wield an Apple Pencil, I’m talking photographers, videographers, podcasters, and similar creatives.


The 12.9” display boasts a resolution of 2732-by-2048, for 264 pixels per inch. That’s a far cry from the iPad mini 4’s 326 pixels per inch, which, in my opinion, still sports the best looking display in the lineup. That said, the size of the iPad Pro’s screen is big enough that it still easily impresses.

12.9” may not seem very big in a world filled with 13” and 15” laptops and 27” desktops, but you really don’t understand how large and immersive this display is until you hold it for yourself.

iPad Pro review 4

The iPad Pro, as I stated in my initial hands-on impressions, is huge. I’m serious, the screen is massive, almost comically so. The reaction to the iPad Pro reminds me of how people used to react to those big Samsung phones when they first started arriving on the scenes. People will eventually get used to having large tablets like this, but prepare for a few chuckles along the way.

Keyboard and Multitasking

Two areas, in particular, heavily benefit from the iPad Pro’s monster display. First of all, Apple can fit a full sized software keyboard on screen when using the Pro in landscape mode. This makes typing translate almost 1:1 when coming from a MacBook.

Secondly, the iPad Pro’s Split View mode, the feature in iOS 9 that brings true side-by-side multitasking to the fore, reaps major benefits from the added real estate. It results in two apps running side-by-side that each have a footprint that’s only slightly smaller than a full screen app running in portrait mode on an iPad Air 2. In other words, it’s basically like having two iPad Air 2’s running two different apps side-by-side.

iPad Pro review 6

These two features alone make the iPad Pro more attractive to people who use their iPads to get real work done. Multitasking is no longer just a cute feature that can come in handy from time to time, but it’s a real staple of the device, a feature that was seemingly designed with the larger iPad Pro in mind.

Gaming and Sound

Gaming can be amazing on the iPad Pro, especially for games that have been optimized for the larger screen. In my opinion, the iPad Pro can thrive as a game machine. It can be a portable machine, and a legit console at the same time when paired with a Bluetooth controller.

The first time that I played Asphalt 8 on the iPad Pro, I had a grin on my face from ear to ear. It’s not something that can easily be understood without trying it for yourself, but the large screen can fully encapsulate your field of view like nothing else outside of a VR headset.

And it’s not just the display, either. The speakers on the iPad Pro, four speakers in all, are as loud as all get out. It results in an immersive experience that’s unrivaled by any other iPad in the lineup.

iPad Pro review 5

The iPad’s weakest link, from an immersion perspective, has always been its sound output capabilities. The iPad Pro is the first iPad to change this.

Movies sound ridiculously good with the balance stereo speakers, music sounds amazing, and games can pull you into the moment like never before. I’d say that the sound from the iPad Pro is on par with a cheap stereo Bluetooth speaker setup. It doesn’t have the low frequencies that can make it replace a serious speaker setup, but the sound quality is unequivocally better than any other iPad before it.

Heft and footprint

Of course, getting this much screen and power into a single device necessitated compromises. The iPad Pro is very heavy at 1.57 pounds, and difficult to hold in hand for long periods of time without propping it on something. This is amplified when using it in portrait mode due to the height to weight ratio.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2

The iPad Pro isn’t much thicker than an iPad Air 2, but the sheer size of the device makes it a little unwieldy when carrying it around. It’s possible to be low key and discrete with an iPad Air 2, but there’s simply no way to conceal an iPad Pro, it’s way too big, and it will absolutely be noticed.

Needed improvements

The iPad Pro has a lot going for it, but it still features some frustrating bottlenecks. I don’t expect the iPad Pro to replace my MacBook, but I do expect it to be the best iPad that it can be, and several things prevent it from being that.

First and foremost, we need a USB 3.0 capable Lightning adapter. Apple likes to tout the device’s ability to edit 4K video, but there’s really no good way to transfer 4K video to the device in a respectable amount of time. Fortunately, we know that the Pro supports USB 3.0, we’re just waiting for Apple to ship a USB 3.0 capable Lightning adapter.

Another big shortcoming is the lack of the ability to power many USB devices like microphones, external hard drives, etc. For someone like me, who records and edits podcasts and videos, not having the ability to quickly attach a microphone or an external drive continues to be a major pain point.

I’m also disappointed that the iPad Pro lacks the ability to shoot 4K video, especially for a device that can handle editing such video with ease. You’re really going to need an iPhone 6s or a camera that’s capable of shooting 4K in order to take advantage of the editing power of the Pro. Fortunately, I have both, but it would have been better if the iPad Pro was designed to shoot 4K video natively.

Things to keep in mind


If you’re going to buy an iPad Pro, don’t settle for the 32GB model. 32GB for a device of this type is much too small. Remember, there is no upgrading the iPad’s storage capacity, and for a tablet this expensive, you don’t want to have regrets several months down the line. This tablet is geared towards creativity, and as such, you’ll need the room to grow.


Obviously, you’re going to want a Silicone Case and Smart Cover combination, or at least some sort of protection, even if it’s third-party case. I’d personally recommend skipping out on the keyboard for the time being unless you happen to do tons of typing on a regular basis, and wish to use the iPad Pro in lieu of your MacBook. In fact, I suggest trying your best to become adept to the software keyboard. Remember, it’s much bigger this time around and closely mimics the hardware keyboard of a MacBook. Try to become proficient with the on-screen keyboard, and it’ll result in a device that’s much more portable.


iPad Pro review 2

The iPad Pro is a significantly better tablet than I thought it would be. It transcends the so-called professional demographic, and can appeal to almost everyone—gamers, readers, creators, movie watchers, and more. It’s an iPad, but much bigger, with way better sound, and way more power. And you know what? That sounds like a pretty good thing to me.

  • hurtfulmedicine

    A fool with his money quickly parts ways. I dont know why anyone would buy this over a surface pro. This is literally a 12 in iPad with that much more expensive and you’re able to buy 100 stylus. Buy a 12 inch samsung note pro or a surface please. I love apple but they can’t keep thinking their customers are dumb. This needs to flop so they’ll learn. Unfortunately it won’t too many sheep.

    • Brandon

      everyone has different usage expectations for their devices mate. Personally, i think Windows 10 is very half baked (At least on my desktop) and I have no desire to get a Surface Pro at all because of it.

      • hurtfulmedicine

        I haven’t had a windows pc in a while, and I tried to use a windows comp but it has a learning curve now and I only had to use it for like 30 mins. With that being said I love my macbook and it somehow they integrated the mac os with iOS it would be perfect. Using the same os as what was made for an iPhone with better multitasking capabilities is selling something half-assed in my book. I just dont see why someone in the same demographic, “professionals”, would buy this over a surface or even a samsung note pro. ITs really a slap on the face to their customers. Just my two cents

      • Damian

        Overall Windows as a platform is very frustrating. Errors popping right and left something I have never experienced with apple products

      • rockdude094

        Ever tried el capital ? Makes Mavericks look like the new release

      • Damian

        Lol man, have you ate mushrooms before you wrote this

        El Capitan is the best OSX I have ever put my hands on. I think I have been testing 6 different OSXs and el capital is the most polished

      • rockdude094

        El capital is by far the worst os imo, I’ve tested ram usage, software compatibility fluidness and system response timing and trust me I even timed everything to confirm this

        And no I had mescaline before I wrote this

      • Damian

        Ah I have no complaints, El Capitan put new life in my 2010 MacBook

      • rockdude094

        Which os did you have before the update to el capitan ?

      • Damian

        I had Mavericks, I am an early beta testers every single year for the the past 5 years. So El Capitan was on my Mac since day one release for developers. Same goes for all OSX before that

      • Dan

        If you use a quality PC (not the Walmart pre built crap) you will not get errors. Bear in mind I’m talking about Windows 7/8/8.1, 10 is too new, I’ll give you that.

    • iBanks

      Buy a surface pro for what? It’s not about the money, it’s about the use case. There are laptops that cost less than an iPad mini 4 but people will buy an iPad instead or tablet of any sort for that matter. People like the simplicity and ease of use of the iPad. I see this device as an music production machine for myself with apps like GarageBand and FL studio. The larger screen makes this perfect. I see people using this for apps like Djay and mixing tracks on the larger screen makes it all so much more fluent than before. Using the Apple a pencil for more precise video editing and not just an writing tool that an normal stylus couldn’t achieve. And so many other things. So again, why buy a surface pro? I don’t see your point.

      • hurtfulmedicine

        its two inches bigger than a regular macbook bro. If you want to put the pencil part into it, 3rd party stylus has existed for years. My point is they add two more inches to an iPad throw a stylus at it, add better specs than the regular iPad and people flock to it like its really something better than a 10 inch iPad. I get it though. It goes exactly with the 1st sentence of my original comment.

      • iBanks

        The same goes for an 13 inch MacBook and an 15 inch MacBook so I still don’t see your point. And the same goes for every mobile device, each year they all get an beef up in speed, processing, ram, etc so does that not justify being better than its previous gen?

      • hurtfulmedicine

        its not a next gen, its a whole different product line. I won’t discuss this further. Anyone reading this please check out the Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2 or even the microsoft surface if you think you might buy this iPad. Maybe you can save money or even buy a device that has a lot more features. Don’t just buy it because you want to test out the features and think somehow the extra two inches or the stylus is worth the eye gauging price tag. The competition is trying a lot harder to make innovations, and make sure what you buy is well spent.

      • iBanks

        You can’t prove your point as to why you don’t want to discuss it further. More features might not be what people are looking for. They may be perfectly fine with the features within the iPad pro and it may accommodate there uses dead on, and that’s the point you’re missing. And you’re insane to thin it’s a different product category. A different product category would Intel an completely different product in general. This is still an iPad and will be discussed with iPad sales numbers, not an product category of its own.

      • John

        I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE….bucause you know, all the points I have talked about have been proven to be incorrect and I don’t have anything else to say about it so instead of me being proven wrong (again) I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a smart person. They know when to bow out.

      • hurtfulmedicine

        Wow where did you come from. Haha I got a chuckle of of this. Only thing I thought I mispoke about was it being a new product line I stand by everything else. I banks made that clear besides that I see it as the same as an ipad air just two inches bigger with a stylus that is 100 dollars more. I said I wouldn’t talk about it anymore because at the end of the day to each his own. I just want this product to fail so apple can go back to the drawing board and charge customers for something worth the money.

      • John

        How cute. You think this product doesn’t work in its current form so you think it should fail. You’re clearly the be all, end all, know all voice of reason.

        These are the same concerns that came from people about a larger iPhone, and then about the iPad and various other products…and yet these comments were made without people completely understanding the product… This device has heaps of potential, just need developers to come on board.

        Thanks for your input though.

      • Vince Reedy

        Maybe the millions of people that will buy this want to use iOS instead of Android. Maybe they would rather use iOS instead of garbage Windows 10. It’s not about the specs, it’s about the experience, something Apple figured out decades ago and something Microsoft may never learn.

      • Rowan09

        If someone is not looking for a laptop replacement I’m not sure why they would be considered a fool. The Surface Pro is not for everyone just like this iPad is also not for everyone. You especially lost me when you mentioned the Galaxy Note 12.2 which is bottlenecked by some of the same issues with the Pro, a mobile OS. I’m not sure how the Surface Pro 4 is innovating anymore than the 3. Is now simply adding full Windows innovative? There’s tons of hybrids with full Windows available for a fraction of the Surface Pro’s price.

      • theemptyhead

        Actually it’s more about the brain than the money. Don’t think surface pro 4 as a tablet. It’s a PC. Why would any productive person would settle for tablet version of software than the full pc/mac version? Photoshop/fruity loop/ Words/excel etc etc… if they are real professional then they will surely pick surface pro 4 over ipad pro. PC>tablet.

      • Rowan09

        Or a laptop with more space for a fraction of the price. The only reason anyone would buy a Surface Pro is for drawing because it does not provide anything over a regular laptop, besides from what I’ve seen a more sensitive screen. The iPad Pro should however have a different OS if not OSX in my opinion though. It should at least have terminal, finder, Xcode, and I would be fine with it in its current form.

      • iBanks

        The same reason why many people have “settled” for the tablet version. I know several people that use their current gen iPads as their go to or main device, I for one is one of them. I have an Mac Mini, I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch, I have an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6s Plus 128. My go to devices are my iPad and my iPhone. I rarely touch my Mac mini or my MacBook unless I’m jailbreaking or installing betas. I’ve spoke my reasons on why I see this to be the go to device for different types of people and for me, each of those reasons fit.

      • theemptyhead

        You just proved yourself that you have nothing productive to do with computer technology. All you do is surf the net, socialize, few emails, listen music and other simple things that any mid-range cheap chinese android phones can do too.

      • iBanks

        I think you should pay a little more attention and read some of my previous post and you would understand that’s not only how I use my devices. But for the sake of you being lazy, I’d gladly share again. Music production and video editing was pointed out but I also use iWork religiously on my iPad for work. I game on my Xbox one so not much is done on my mobile devices and surely wouldn’t be done on any PC. My best friend uses it for DJ work, and all he was able to accomplish on his MacBook, with a few different apps he’s able to achieve on his iPad. The lagers screen is proficient with such work because it allows for certain items that had to be on multiple screens in one all to be more compact into one screen. And again, there are so many other use cases.

      • theemptyhead

        Yes yes. I have two generations of ipad. Used two generations of iphones in past. I know how much productive these devices can be. Now i use note 3 as a main device as i am a hobby artist. And talking about productivity note 3 alone can do more productivity than ios devices.
        But can we create/edit an image for proffesional magazine on ipad pro? Can we design a building/bridges for real engineering purpose on software like autocad on ipad pro? Can you release a complete album (using live guitar and vocals) just by ipad pro?
        How about 3D software like maya, video editing software like sony vegas pro…etc etc…
        All these are counted as the real professional work.

        You can create few spreadsheets in ipad pro but for the professionals they have to play with 100s of spreadsheet files which we need mouse and keyboard to use shortcut keys. Can your ipad pro do that?

        You can do all of the above in surface pro 4 which is why ipad pro is not a real productivity device.
        Bottom line.

        For productivity surface pro 4 > samsung note pro> ipad pro.

      • iBanks

        And yet you’re still missing the point. All of which you have just spoken of was clearly for professional use, but yet we are speaking of non-professional use as the article title states. But the “hobbyist” as you so call yourself and the particular hobby one has of interest in, the iPad Pro may be completely suitable for them as it is for me. All of what I do is completely satisfactory on an iPad. I’m not building the next twin tower and if I was, of resort to my desktop for that. All of the reason why I have both.

      • theemptyhead

        The article states as “not just for professionals” which means it is made for professionals as well as for non professionals too.
        So, i disagree with the first part of the statement. It is not made for professional. It is for and only for non professionals.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        1000 bucks for few apps, that’s his point. It’s really a big iPad for me that’s it. Can’t connect external drives is a bummer, when there were rumors about this device i hoped they put mac os into it but hey it’s that same iOS on bigger screen. This is bs, look at him playing that freemium bs asphalt.

      • iBanks

        Obviously that wasn’t his point because he never spoke of any apps. He just said to have something with more features and less money. What you’re saying now is no different than what was said when the first gen iPad was announced and released and it was several hundred dollars more than an iPod touch but look at what the iPad has done for the world today. I personally run my external HD on my Mac mini for Plex and use cloud storage for everything else so no need to carry around an extra piece of hardware, so I’m still trying to understand your point as well as his on why not to buy the pro. Because you can’t figure out a case use for yourself so because you can’t find reason why to use it, no one else should? Do explain.

    • NtBySite

      who you calling a sheep! can I borrow a dollar?

    • Ashy Larry

      It’s easy to see why someone would prefer this to the surface. Take me for example, I own a MacBook Pro. The surface pales in comparison to that. I also want the best tablet experience not a mediocre one. Therefore, it’s easy to see why I’d want an iPad Pro. With the surface, you get convergence but little else.

      I would have to be a fool to sell my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro for a surface. Sorry, that’s just my opinion.

      With that being said, I can think of scenarios where the Surface makes sense for many people. Not everyone owns a MacBook Pro. Some don’t own a table. Some own crappy Windows machines and this might be an upgrade. I’ve even heard cases where people sold a MacBook Air for a surface. I’m sure there are other situations too.

      – peace

      • TechnoBuff

        Comparing a Surface Pro to a Macbook Pro is a travesty. Surface Pro is positioned against the Air or any Ipad.
        I own a Surface Pro 3 and a MacBook Pro and i love both products but the Ipad Pro is just a bigger Ipad which will miss its intended focus and simply end up as a big media consumption device that wears your arms down.

      • hurtfulmedicine


      • Ashy Larry

        Yeah, the surface doesn’t cut it for me. I have a MacBook Pro and and iPad Pro. No compromise for me – best of both worlds. Again, that’s my opinion. ‘My’ is the key word.

      • TechnoBuff

        Actually best of one world imho!

      • Ashy Larry

        Loving my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro!! Wish I had my ‘Pencil and keyboard’… Lol

      • TechnoBuff

        Enjoy Mate!

      • Ashy Larry

        Thanks bro!!! I’m gonna give it my best.

      • Rowan09

        Not true because Microsoft is comparing the Surface Pro to a MacBook Pro, etc.

      • hurtfulmedicine

        this is a tablet, I would own my macbook pro and if i was into paying a grand or more for a tablet i would buy the surface pro. It has everything this iPad has to offer and more. Im in the apple ecosystem and it would be hard to into this tablet into my lifestyle and a learning curve it being a windows machine. It would be worth it. I would rather pay for a 10 inch iPad 2 or air for that that matter than shell out the outrageous cash for this iPad. It screams this is the newest product from the iPad line and you sheep should buy just because we added 2 inches.

      • John

        So your bitch is really about cost and not about comparing devices?

      • hurtfulmedicine

        Yes it’s both. But the real issue is the price you can get better products at the same price or cheaper. If I was 200 or 300 dollars cheaper I wouldn’t complain and said this product is fresh and brings some new features to the line. I don’t think anything is really pro about those features and is not worth the price. You really only paying the premium because it’s apple and it’s sheep will come in flocks to buy it.

      • John

        Cheaper – Of course. Better – I don’t know if I can agree with you there.

    • Eikast

      It’s a 12.9″ iPad, round to 13″ not to 12″. Not sure why a lot of people are calling it a 12″.

    • Tommy

      I won’t buy the Surface and I surely won’t buy this too. I’ll still stick to my laptop now for work.

    • Rafał Gruszka

      What kind of gamepad?

  • NtBySite

    Excellent video review. You’ve echoed my thoughts of my experience using the iPad Pro.

  • Lordrootman

    Count down begins for how long he will change his mind

    • iBanks


    • Hah. It won’t change. I do have some frustrations with the iPad Pro, as noted, but the core thoughts and feelings won’t change. It’s super powerful, and super fast. Great for gaming, consumption, and some “professional” workflows.

      • Lordrootman

        Jeff is okay I do understand just for now
        Im giving my self 30 days just to fully understand it %100

  • jakeopp

    I believe you meant “pole” at the end of the first paragraph

  • Valinor

    Its weird,
    I feel the iphone 6s is overpriced by 200 euros.
    I feel the ipad air 2 is overpriced by 100 euros.
    I feel the apple watch is overpriced by a 100 euros.
    I feel the macbook air has not had a decent update in ages, especially the screen.

    But for the ipad pro I feel like Apple is spot-on with specs and prices.
    Its a beast. I wont buy one, because 1000 euros for a browsing and gamjng device is way to much. But if I was someone who would also use all the other features I wouldnt doubt a moment and run to the store.

    • George

      I agree, I still use a 2010 mb air and it runs just as fast as the lastest model. I’m hungry for a retina mb air.

      • Nolan I.

        It’s here already…if you only want one port that is

      • George

        Hella expensive for a not so great experience

      • Leguro

        You poor caveman. You probably don’t know what your missing. Time to upgrade by a couple years. Tomesch their own.

      • George

        I bought my sister a 2015 mb pro and was not that impressed to want to upgrade right now, I’m hoping for a new redesign for 2016, especially what they have learned with the 12 inch.

    • Nolan I.

      The new Retina MacBook will replace the Air, it’s just a matter of time. They will learn to put stronger processors and more ports in, and then they’ll drop the price a bit. And that is when it will truly shine.

    • rockdude094

      They do need to refresh the pro line up. I’m looking forward to a better 13 inch

  • Blip dude

    Actually, after playing with it at the Apple Store, I can see myself owning this. But Apple needs to convince me why I should give up my iPad Air 2 for this. Just a bigger screen size and speakers are not even remotely close to get me to consider buying this. I am definitely skipping out on this Generation, see how it evolves first before I begin to consider. Until then, the iPad Air 2 will be my main device.

    • Leguro

      Same here. I just going to wait for the Air 3.

  • Tuong K Le

    Jeff, you will have to review Apple Pencil. I laugh myself when someone who knows nothing about Apple Pencil says “add two more inches to an iPad throw a stylus at it.”

    • I would love to if I could get my hands on one. I played with it for a while at the store and was thoroughly impressed.

    • George

      Too bad they messed up and won’t be available for 2-4 weeks.

    • Leguro

      You laugh yourself? Or you $hit you yourself. 🙂

  • TechnoBuff

    Interesting review, as expected from an new product from an Apple focused site, slightly biased but again,that is your view, which is being respected.

    The fact of the matter still remains that the Ipad Pro in its present iteration is still a media consumption device more than ever. Every review out there is about gaming and watching videos or reading magazines!!!, Nothing productivity focused, which is the intended target of this product sadly.

    Creatives will benefit from it but again,their workflow is still very much affected especially when focusing on the Adobe apps, which are half baked due to the OS limitations. Anyone that says that multi-tasking with two apps open is the hallmark of productivity needs to have their workflow reassessed. a lot of enterprise folks have several windows open at the same time.

    Unless you are using enterprise focused apps built for for the ipad pro, any other app for intensive workflow is seriously impeded as well.

    Because it can edit 4k videos does not make it exemplary nor does the fast processor including sharp screen , the OS is the issue with this tablet.
    No matter how people gush and preen on this product, IT IS A NEW PRODUCT, so that is expected, it will soon go down the path of ipad ( SALES DECLINE) within 1-2 years.
    This device in its presently lauded multitasking form and features will not save Ipad.

    • Nolan I.

      The iPad Pro really needs an OS that’s built specifically for it. Like iOS on steroids, with full filesystem support and the ability to use a mouse. But still it would be focused on the homescreen and a full screen app environment (with the split view as well).

      You might say, “Oh, once it’s jailbroken, this is definitely going to happen!” But sadly, most developers are not geared towards making major tweaks, especially ones that only support the iPad Pro. Not to mention, relatively few people would have it as a device for testing. But if those features were packed into a tweak or several, that would be impressive.

      • TechnoBuff

        The point as you stated and agreed by most is the OS it runs. It is a lovely product. Just hampered

    • rockdude094

      The biggest draw back for me was the fact that it’s still stock iOS … Litterally. There is nothing that my 6s can’t do other than the pencil thing, which imo, is useless

      • TechnoBuff

        And that is the saddest part about it!
        Apple made no attempt to even tweak the OS a bit just for the iPad pro.
        It smacks of laziness and taking customers for a ride. The icon layout looks same. Just bigger.
        Everything is stock apart from split screen view
        No matter how people praise it. It will end up being a media consumption device. That’s it!

      • rockdude094

        The split screen isn’t all that intuitive, the split switcher is completely fragmented. I’m not a Microsoft fan, but I’m beginning to appreciate what Microsoft did with Windows 8.1 was leaps beyond of its time and people just couldn’t understand it with the surface. Now that apple is heading the same way, I see how all phones, tablets and computers need to run the same os in order to increase compatibility across devices

      • As someone who’s hit the 2 year mark with my Air, I was wondering on an upgrade to the Pro, size be damned. And then I realised that they had no plans to introduce a desktop OS to this tablet! With that size, its simply criminal that they decided to make it run exactly as an ipad would. Had they released it with a desktop OS, the Surface would’ve faced serious competition.

        Right now its really clear. Artist? Content creator? Overgrown manchild trying to fool yourself playing games on a giant tablet? – Go for the Pro. Everyone else, Surface Pro.

  • rockdude094

    This was literally me today: picked up the iPad pro for the first time… Dropped it and walked across to Microsoft’s store

  • kickinghorse99

    Ipad: games, web, youtube, music, email. What extra things that you can do with an ipad pro?

    • TechnoBuff

      Exactly my point……
      Every review out there uses it as a media consumption machine, Even Jeff has nothing to say about it more than how good it is at media consumption and the fast processor.
      All so said productivity apps built for it are seriously hampered, apart from word processing. Excel is a pain to use, Adobe apps have half the features….

  • theemptyhead

    Sheeps are really thinking ipad pro is beast. lol. How is this in anyway better than surface pro 4? ios can never be productive than windows pc or android. If this ipad pro had mac os then it would be comparable with surface pro 4.

    • Rowan09

      Being a beast is simply specs and speed which it actually performs in some areas better than the Pro. I wouldn’t compare this with the Pro since it is essentially an iPad.

      • TechnoBuff

        Again you are spot on, it is simply a bigger Ipad with beefier specs..
        Apple made no effort to work on the OS at all, the apps maintains the same layout, it looks quite comical on a big product to have the same layout as an iphone, it is a shame that such a nice product was not pushed at all.

      • theemptyhead

        Yeah it’s in different category but then again both comes in tablet size, both are optimised for stylus, both are in the comparable price range. So, anyone looking to buy an ipad pro should consider about surface pro 4 as it can do everything ipad pro can do, and as well can do other professional works than ipad pro cannot do.

      • Rowan09

        But people looking to buy an iPad Pro may not need to get a Surface Pro because they are 2 different devices and platforms. The only benefit for the Surface Pro over the many other hybrids on the market is the touch screen. People use the term professional as if many doctors, schools, etc are not already using the iPad. The Pro is made for artists and people looking to do video editing on the go.

  • port87

    I NEED THIS. give me money.

  • theemptyhead

    Thumbing down windows pc for ios. lol. So, you think ios photoshop is better than pc photoshop. Ios autocad is better than pc autocad. Words/excel etc etc…. how many examples do you need.
    Your comments clearly says that you don’t do anything professional on your devices. It must be youtube, twitter, fb and few other social apps. Your thoughts holds no value in tech world. You are just another prime example of an iSheep.

    • iBanks

      Lol. You must have completely missed the title of the article. Your comment leaves no purpose.

      • theemptyhead

        My comment is reply to ashy larry.

      • iBanks

        I know that and you say that his comments show that he doesn’t do anything professionally, but yet the title clearly says its not “just” for the professional.

      • theemptyhead

        So, unprofessional people saying windows 10 sucks than ios is very laughable.

  • iPhoneWINS

    great commercial there but nah its just big and boring

  • Rafał Gruszka

    What kind of pad like Xbox?

  • Shamoriwall

    This is a great product and I would refer this to anyone and everyone! and yes it is the somewhere in-between Macbook I Ipad. Its for people who can afford it without complaining! I can’t understand why people complain about something they don’t even own, and or buy something they can’t afford just to complain about how expensive something is.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    While the iPad Pro may be a powerful tablet, with a quallity display and incredible battery life, it can’t replace a MacBook or any laptop.
    The biggest issue is that it’s running iOS. That means no root access and filesystem browsing, no Xcode and coding, no Java and no desktop apps. Really limited in terms of funcionallity. If Apple were to install OSX on the iPad Pro, it would at least become more open with the feature OSX brings, but with iOS, it stays locked down. Second, it doesn’t have USB ports. I guess that can be conpensated with AirDrop and wireless sharing, but I like to have a wired connection between my devices and my laptop. Third, price. Yes, it looks beautiful and that’s something I always liked about Apple, but 799$ for a 32GB Wi-Fi only model?! You can get a good laptop with an i5 core and 8GB of RAM with Windows 10 preinstalled and have enough left to buy a wireless mouse with that money. If Apple offered 64GB at that price it would be more reasonable, but 32GB? Not enough.

    Overall, the iPad Pro has great potential, but I would never replace my laptop with it.