Play Beats 1 Siri Apple TV

Siri has apparently gained some new functionality for Apple TV, at least on the tvOS 9.1 beta. You can now direct the remote assistant to play any song or album directly from Apple Music, even if the song or album isn’t in your library. Siri can even search for songs on Apple Music, play Play Beats 1 radio, and more.

This makes Siri a lot more useful on Apple TV, and means that you don’t have to look at the interface to start playing a song that you want to hear. The lack of Siri integration for Apple Music has been a popular pain point for early adopters of 4th-generation Apple TV.

I’m running the 9.1 beta on my Apple TV. For the record, Siri search for music was said to come as an update early next year, so it’s highly likely that this could be a beta-only feature. Other iDB staffers have tried to replicate this functionality on tvOS 9.0 boxes to no avail.

Watch our video that shows Siri integration for Apple Music on the Apple TV…

Here are some things you can do with Siri for music on Apple TV:

  • Search for <artist, album, or song>
  • Play Beats 1
  • Play <artist, album, song, playlist>

When you direct Siri to play music instead of search, music begins playing immediately. It works very much like Siri and Apple Music work on iOS.

Whatever the case may be, this is a very positive step in the right direction for the Apple TV, and makes playing music a much more enjoyable experience than navigating around with the Touch surface on the remote. What say you?

  • chachi acola

    Question, will this work if you don’t have an Apple music subscription? I read elsewhere that Apple had disabled Siri’s music related answers if you didn’t have a paid Apple music subscription. Be interesting to know how far this restriction extends to.

  • Why can we use Siri to do a basic search in any of the apps that support a standard tvOS search? Also, typing usernames, emails and passwords could be done with dictation vs. using that horribly wide arrangement of letters which requires a lot of swiping.

    • the hood

      My question is in relation to asking Siri ‘music’ related questions on your iphone. Apple ‘disabled’ Siri’s ability to answer ‘music’ related questions if you aren’t subscribed to Apple music. I don’t know about basic searches. However it appears my initial question won’t be answered by iDb staff as it’s not a politically correct question and doesn’t involve a paid review whereby misinformation is provided par for the course. Disappointing as I’ll hold off on Apple tv until I read some real world and not sponsored type canned reviews. Disappointing indeed.

  • r00fus

    Jeebus just give us the ability to type into text boxes using Siri – or the ability to add a bluetooth keyboard or use the iOS Remote app… that’s hamstringing apps on tvOS (and barring me from buying one as it’s a downgrade from my existing aTV)

    • the hood

      Where is International Rescue when you need them? 🙂