Apple TV App Store Categories

Good news for Apple TV owners looking for better ways to discover new apps on the App Store. After adding Top Charts, Apple has added a new Categories section to the App Store as well. As of now, the Categories section appears to be a bit limited, so far listing only Games and Entertainment. Eventually, however, we imagine that the Categories section will become even more fleshed out like it is on iOS.

Apple TV App Store Categories 2

One of the big complaints about the Apple TV App Store is it lack of discoverability. At launch, the only sections available to App Store users were Featured, Purchases, and Search. This forced users to know the name of the app that they were looking for, or the app had to be featured. Now, with the addition of Top Charts and Categories, it will be easier for users to discover new apps.

The fact that only the Entertainment and Games sections are showing up leads me to believe that Apple has certain threshold requirements before categories are established for a given section. Since Entertainment and Games are by far the most prolific categories, it makes sense that those two categories would show up first. As other categories become filled, those should begin appearing in the Categories section as well.

Just for disclosure, I’m running tvOSĀ 9.1 beta on my Apple TV, but this is an update that should roll out to all users regardless of the tvOS software, just like Top Charts did. If you don’t yet see the new Categories section, try force quitting the App Store app, or rebooting your Apple TV. Even if you do that, it still may take a while for Categories to fully propagate. Are you seeing a new Categories section on your Apple TV?

  • Kenneth Delgado

    No news on the Remote App?

  • TechnoBuff

    Bought ATV4 on day of launch and was a bit skeptical about the product overall.
    Frankly, i have been quite pleased with it. Apple is on to something here……

    • Alexander Figueroa

      Same here

    • Lefthy

      Likewise, but they really need to do something about the input. That bar where you choose your characters from is horrible

  • lukemul69

    Tried rebooting it and quitting the app – I don’t have top charts or categories. Not sure if it’s certain regions that have it atm? I’m in Canada.

    • Simon Moorhouse

      No sign of either of them here in the UK yet….

    • RossSun

      Same with me. Nothing today in Canada!?

      • lukemul69

        I got too charts. But no categories.

  • Martynet

    yeah it is a bit of the pain to go through the apps… The first day I got the apple tv (saturday) I just typed “A” in the search bar and went throught the list. Then “B” and so on…. Hope it gets easier to discover new apps in the future. BTW where is the apple trailers app?? I really miss it.

    • Dmrediger

      I found the Apple Trailers app in the Featured section on launch day – no luck for you @martinbusek:disqus?

      • Martynet

        no, maybe because it’s different region. Ireland. But I had this app on apple tv 3rd gen and on my iPhone… so it doesn’t make sense.

  • Nice to see my App ‘Video Explorer’ among those in the second picture (:
    My Apple TV is not showing Categories nor charts though :/

    (tsss, a couple of codes if you don’t have the app yet :P)

    • RossSun

      Thanks so much. I’ve redeemed J9WHMXXEE7WY and I’ll be trying your app! Many thanks – Ross from Canada