how to jailbreak ios 9 pangu mac

About two weeks after releasing the first version of their jailbreak tool for iOS exclusively for Windows, the Pangu Team has now released its utility for the Mac. The process is roughly the same between both platforms, but for the sake of completeness, we are going to post instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu for Mac.

Pangu for Mac can only be used to jailbreak all iOS 9-compatible devices running iOS 9, iOs 9.0.1, and iOS 9.0.2. The latest version of Pangu can also jailbreak 64-bit devices running iOS 9.1.

Note: This tutorial was initially made for iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, and iOS 9.0.2. The Pangu Team has since then updated their jailbreak tool making it possible to jailbreak iOS 9.1. This instructions will apply to iOS 9.1 as well. You just need to make sure you download the latest version of Pangu.

Jailbreaking iOS 9 with Pangu on Mac

Step 1: Download the latest version of Pangu for Mac.

Step 2: Disable Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To do so, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone, and toggle off the switch. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID.

Step 3: Connect your device to your Mac via the USB to Lightning cable, and make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your machine.

Step 4: Double click on the Pangu9 dmg file. This will bring up the Pangu9 app.

1 Pangu9 app

Step 5: Right click on the Pangu9 app and select Open from the menu. Then click Open to confirm.

2 Open Pangu9 app

Step 6: The Pangu app will open showing basic device info and status. Click Start to begin.

3 Start pangu jailbreak ios 9

Step 7: Pangu9 will then display a few advice that are definitely worth reading and taking into account. The tool suggests that:

  • Make a full backup via iTunes before starting
  • Enable Airplane Mode to increase the chances of success
  • Backup and restore your device prior to starting

4 Pangu backup

At that point, you may follow these directions, then click Already backup to continue.

Step 8: Pangu will start the jailbreak process, displaying a status bar to show progress. Be patient and do not unplug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until the process is completed.

5. pangu jailbreaking ios 9

Step 9: You will be asked to unlock the device and enable Airplane Mode again.

6. Enable Airplane Mode again

Step 10: You will be asked to unlock your device and launch the Pangu app that has been installed on it. Do so.

Step 11: You will be asked to give permission to Pangu to access your photo library. This is a necessary step to the jailbreak process. Accept this request.

Step 12: Pangu will complete the jailbreak process and your device will reboot.

Congratulations, you have a newly jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Cydia should now be on your Home screen.

The process was completely painless for me, and I am hoping it will be for you too. If you encounter issues, please make sure to share them along with potential fixes in the comments section.

iOS 9 jailbreak issues

Cannot connect to iTunes store: turns out I spoke a little too fast. Even though the jailbreak process went smoothly, I realized shortly after that I was signed out of any iTunes related services. I couldn’t download apps, music, and I couldn’t even listen to Apple Music. I rebooted several times without success. Then I rebooted while disabling Mobile Substrate (hold volume up button while rebooting), which seems to have done the trick.

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  • tariq

    This the only thing I miss from iPhones, the hype of jailbreaks. Androids have so much freedom it makes it no fun to instal the tweaks and themes

  • Guy1717

    Works like a charm on my Air2, Mini2 and Touch 6 🙂

  • Sachin

    Right now I have the ios 9.1 public beta 5… I no longer have access to my computer that has my ios backup (which ive been using for 5 years!) How can i safely downgrade to 9.0.2 to jailbreak without loosing any data?

    • What data are you in fear of losing? iCloud should have most of what you need.

      • Sachin

        app data, mostly. my phone is 128 gigs. full. i pay for 220 gigs of icloud storage but I dont think that covers app data…

      • nah, most apps with important info use cloud storage tho..just downgrade and use iCloud backup, you’ll be alright.

      • Sachin

        the other problem is that before the public beta, I was on the develpper beta… so I do not have a current backup

  • Cydia will not launch after the jailbreak. I’m on my iPad Mini 2. Followed all the steps correctly and when I try launching Cydia to “prepare filesystem” is crashes. Should I “rejailbreak?”

    • workin

      Do jailbreak again. Do full restore as new device, run cydia, then you can put your backup on device after. This pangu sometimes works from update but fresh restore is recommended.Unless you can boot in safe mode or ssh and manually install cydia.

  • I putted into airplane mode, but apparently the software does that automatically and it turned the airplane mode off.

  • Ozzie

    Is the newest software 9.1? If so how can I upgrade my my ios8 software to 9.0.2. Thanks in advance I tried searching before posting.

    • Tarek Al Shawi

      download the 9.0.2 IPSW then Option+restore in iTunes

      • Ozzie

        Sorry for another dumb question but how would I do that IPSW download

      • Its in the download section of this website or ipsw(dot)me. (Pick the file that corresponds to your device.)
        It will download to your downloads folder on Mac. Plug in phone, open iTunes, press and hold “option”on keyboard when clicking “restore” in iTunes and Mac will open finder. Open your downloads folder in finder and click to open the 9.0.2 ipsw file. Should do its thing from there (until Apple stops signing 9.0.2 that is.)

      • Ozzie

        Thank you worked like a charm!

      • Awesome! Good to hear. Enjoy.

      • Daniel Kleinberg

        Dude… help me out with two questions:
        I am running iOS 8.4 jailbroken.
        01 – Wiil I be able to restore my iOS 8.4 backup on a device running iOS 9.0.2 or higher?
        02 – Will I be able to restore an iOS 9.1 backup on a device running iOS 9.0.2 or lower?
        The thing is… I’m trading my iPhone 6 on a 6S… and I want to make a backup that will be possible to restore on the new phone.
        Last year I remember that I updated my phone before trading in. But my old phone was running a newer version of iOS 8.2 or 8.3 (can’t remember), and I had to update my iPhone 6 from iOS 8 to to newest version available… otherwise it wouldn’t accept to restore the backup (iOS 8.3 backup on device running lower version – 8)

      • 1. Yes. Restore like any other backup.
        2. That’s tricky. I know there are issues with backups when downgrading major versions say from 9 to 8, iCloud will simply say unable to restore.
        But within like 9.1 to 9.0.2 I’m not certain. I believe they’re only compatible going forward. Of course things will sync when you sign into your iCloud account (contacts, etc.) after returning to 9.0.2 but you unfortunately won’t be able to restore a backup of apps, etc from 9.1/and up until you return to it or something above. Will have to place those things back manually.

      • Daniel Kleinberg

        I am running iOS 9.0 on an iPhone 6S – the original firmware version that came with the phone.
        Any advice how to jailbreak, since I cannot restore it?
        Already put all of my stuff in it.

      • Pangu 9 should work with it. Believe it works with versions 9.0, 9.0.1, & 9.0.2

      • Daniel Kleinberg

        I am aware of that. The problem is that I would have to do a jailbreak on a phone that doesn’t have a fresh install of iOS… And already has a bunch of data on.
        I always restored my phones before jailbreaking… But this time
        It can’t be done… And every jailbreak tutorial recommends you to restore your phone before jailbreaking it. This is what is bothering me.

      • FWIW, I didn’t restore this time around and everything worked fine. People have different experiences.
        Can you backup data, restore to factory (without updating), jailbreak, then sign back into accounts to restore data (iCloud)? Or use an iTunes backup or software to retrieve data from backup (iFunbox, iExplorer, etc.)

      • Tarek Al Shawi

        search google for the download links , just type download 9.0.2 ipsw

    • Osiala

      The jailbreak supports iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2, but iOS 9.0.2 is still signed so you can upgrade to 9.0.2 and jailbreak.

      • Daniel Kleinberg

        Thanks a lot folks. That helped a lot.

  • That_Fruitarian

    I haven’t jailbroken since iPhone 5. Does Apple Pay, Touch ID and 3D work with the jailbreaks?

    • 1d3rboy


    • Yes, all work.

  • So Sebastien, did you finally jailbreak your devices?

    • Anonymous

      And how about you cody?

    • Yes I did. All these screenshots were taken during the jailbreak process of my iPhone 6s

      • Stefano

        Sebastien, any suggestions… Cydia crashes after jailbreak on my 6+ running 9.0.2? No tweaks added, just right out from jailbreaking, I launch Cydia, preparing system files flashes on screen and crash.

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate Pangu they come out with mac jailbreaks in a timely manner. I also apperacite Jeff Virtual tutorials, idb does a great coverage. Not that i need the virtual mechiane or mac tools. I have a partion with windows. But see all the different methods is cool. Im a nerd i know.

  • J. Rockwell

    Okay about to finally update to 9.0.2 (from 8.4 jail) and jailbreak on my iPhone 6+. Too bad this Pangu9 mac download is going to take 25 minutes……..fml

    • barney phife

      My Pangu9 download reads 1hr+ till completion, and my internet is blazing fast :((((((

      • J. Rockwell

        smh if you find an alternate download let me know. Mine is at 50 min. now

  • Adudus

    Am I alone having problem with my camera roll after jailbreaking ? (iPhone 5S)

    • What problem are you having specifically?

      • Adudus

        I’m seeing all my pictures in a complete disorder … 🙁

    • Altron

      I have had weird green and purple striped images showing up in thumbnails in my cameraroll on my ipod on 8.4, but they’re remained in the correct order. They look fine when I click on them.

  • iPhoneWINS

    thats a huge issue

    • Morgan Freeman

      Data will not even work at all on my iPad now. Neither cellular nor wifi. WTF! It’s a useless brick without data.

  • chjode

    So, best process from iOS 8:
    1 Backup device in iTunes
    2 Disable Find My iPhone
    3 Install iOS 9.0.2 and set up as new device
    4 Jailbreak
    5 Restore from backup made at the beginning

    Does that seem about right?

    • Yes. Although I must admit I didn’t restore and didn’t have issues with the process itself.

    • Daniel Kleinberg

      Are you sure that the device running iOS 9.0.2 will restore an iOS 8.4 backup?

      • chjode

        Seemed to work just fine.

  • Jp

    I’m a bit confused. Do I need to renstal first and restore my backup after the jailbreak or can I do a jailbreak on my already in use ios 9.02?

    • Altron

      restore before jailbreak or it’ll be stuck in a bootloop (at least two different ipad mini 4’s I’ve had, likely because I didn’t restore prior – just jailbroke again and will see.)

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    lol 1hr 30 min to download, anyone have a mirror?

    • That_Fruitarian

      says 4 hours on my machine… lol

  • Bambino

    I had the iTunes problem and did what you advised but now my phone is stuck on the apple logo and it won’t do anything else. I tried disabling mobile substrate and just a regular reboot, I’m getting nothing. This is upsetting

    • SimmyB

      I had the same issue – boot into DFU mode (Power home button, let power button go, but keep hold of home butting until cable logo appears), plug back into iTunes and restore back to 9.0.2.
      I’ve left mine there and will wait a few more days for them to update the Pangu jailbreak!

      • Bambino

        Yeah this exactly what I just did. I’ll definitely wait for them to update the app with better stability. Thanks

  • Too late for me, I have already jailbroken my devices in a virtual machine. Why didn’t they come out with this tool the same time they released the Windows tool? They’re too Windowscentric, all of the jailbreak tools before Pangu and Taig always came out with a Mac and Windows tool (Linux too in some cases) at the same time.

  • Loke1988

    I tried JB’ing for the first time on IOS 8 and for a while really liked it. Then the bugs started outweighing the usefulness and when IOS 9 got better I went to it. I really don’t miss it very much but I do miss the $30 I spent on tweaks…It was entertaining thats for sure.

  • User

    What’s the point of the jailbreak asking for access to photos? Seems kind of sketchy if you asked me.

  • Andy

    When I attempt the jailbreak, it says “Encrypted backup in iTunes is in use. Please disable the encrypted backup.” I don’t have iTunes open, and I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

  • jtturley06

    My pangu app keeps crashing or coming up with error messages. I’ve had errors during the backup and a few other steps. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • jtturley06

      Now i just tried again and it finished backing up but is stuck on 30% and “configuring the environment”

      • AbareSaru

        In exactly the same place. Crashed out when iTunes tried to reload as it was at 65% and got a restore failed on my phone. Restarted the process which now hangs at 30% and “configuring the environment. “

  • Mark S

    Your download times on your pangu download page are horrible. I was hoping you’d be better than the 1.5 hrs + at the pangu site but they aren’t. Is your server in China too?

  • Chuck

    OK I am having problems. Upgraded to 9.02. At 75 percent Pangu is giving me a message that says, “Please Unlock the Device and Run the Pangu App” The device is unlocked and Airplane mode is on. How can I unlock a device that’s already unlocked?

    Thank you.

  • M_Hawke

    The best part about this release is that we will not be hearing from the “when are they going to come out with a Mac version” complainers.

  • Altron

    I didn’t follow the suggestions of backing up and restoring my ipad mini 4 prior to running this and I paid the price of cydia installing perfectly – but after the first reboot I got stuck in a bootloop.

    Had to restore and understandably lost my photos.

    My fault, but this is just a warning to others: definitely back up and restore prior to jailbreaking. This happened to me twice on two different devices.

  • rokemz

    Hello !

    I have iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 they both Jailbroken on 9.0.2 and fully update from Cydia.

    While I respring my iPads the rotating of the screen get freezes.

    To fix it you need to shut down you’re iPads (not restart) and then the devices go to work normally Again.

    the iPads have to be in portrait mode (Height not Length),then shut down and restarts.


  • rokemz

    I have iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 they both Jailbroken on 9.0.2 and fully update from Cydia.

    While I respring my iPads the rotating of the screen get freezes.

    To fix it you need to shut down you’re iPads (not restart) and then the devices go to work normally Again.

    the iPads have to be in portrait mode (Height not Length),then shut down and restarts.

    Pleased I need some one to send this lines to pangu team so that bag
    can be fix.

    Thanks guys.

  • Rick Hart

    Off topic but is anyone else getting stuck in a bootloop after installing activator?

  • Jason Goldberg

    cydia won’t open, any suggestions – I am on 9.02

    • Stefano

      if you find out how let us know, i have the same problem…Jeff help! LOL

  • Jason Goldberg

    cydia won’t open and 9.02 is not being signed so I can’t not downgrade. Please help

  • VTer

    Having trouble running the Mac Pangu Jailbreak application. I’ve followed Jeff’s instructions in the tutorial and then start the Jailbreak. I get through these stages of the process: Installing jailbreak app, wait a moment. > Backing up > Configuring the environment > Waiting for device to reboot > Reboot complete (though my device hasn’t turned back on fully yet) > Error occurred in preparing the environment, err code (OA). Have tried running it 5 times and same result every time. Anyone else having this problem or anyone know a solution or suggestion?

    • Stefano

      which phone and software are you on? I had that error and i forgot take off my passcode. I now have a jailbroken iPhone 6+ on 9.0.2 but cydia crashes :/

      • VTer

        iPhone 6 and downgraded to iOS 9.0.2. Before running the jailbreak I turned off ‘find my phone’, turned off passcode and touch ID, turned on airplane mode. Tried manually rebooting a couple times. Still the Jailbreak fails at the same point every time with the same error. Only thing left to try would be wiping out all my data and restoring to a fresh version of 9.0.2 but since Apple is no longer signing 9.0.2 looks like that is no longer an option. I might be stuck hoping a later version of iOS 9 gets jailbroken. 🙁

      • VTer

        So I was able to finally Jailbreak my iPhone, however I was never successful in doing so on my Mac running OS El Capitan. I gave it a try on another Mac running OS Yosemite (version 10.10.2) and it worked fine the first try. So perhaps Pangu’s Jailbreak App has trouble running properly on El Capitan??? Just thought I would throw that out there if it helps anyone.

  • Umut Aydin

    I’m running 8.4 how can I update to 9 and jailbreak? cheers

  • vincent

    All good on the iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.0.2

  • Mikersson

    I use a Macbook and I use ios 9.1 pm ,y iPhone 5 since long go, can I restore the ios 9.0.2 ?? all those are nor signed

  • Zahra

    I tried on both Mac and windows and neither with pick up my iphone what do i do?

  • George Siziya

    Been trying to jailbreak my iPhone 6 plus iOS 9.1 using language tool version 1.1.1 but upon connecting my IP 6+ to the Mac nothing happens. I can start as the start option does not get highlighted to enable me commence the jailbreak process. Clearly the phone is not being not recognised by the computer. I need the jailbreak. Please help.