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Verizon on Thursday announced that it will soon be raising the price on grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20. As noted by CNET, this will bring the monthly price tag of unlimited data to $49.99 per month, which is in addition to the standard talk and text plan, and the change is set to take place in November.

The amount of people affected by this move should be relatively small. Verizon says that less than 1% of its 100+ million subscriber base still has an unlimited plan, and those that do still have one and are currently under contract from a previous phone purchase won’t likely see the price hike until the contract expires.

This is just the latest push in an ongoing effort by Verizon to eradicate the unlimited plan, which it stopped offering years ago. The carrier has in the past attempted to throttle unlimited data customers, and forced them to buy devices at full price, but it has backtracked on both measures due to pushback from the FCC.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Commission has to say about this, because you have to think if it gets away with it, AT&T isn’t far behind. “There are options out there that don’t involve unlimited that may be a better fit for you,” a Verizon spokesman said, without saying how much data unlimited subscribers average.

The price change goes into affected November 15.

Source: CNET

  • Rick Hart

    WTF! The rich get richer and the poorer gets poorer

  • kurt

    I’m my opinion that is a pretty jerky move. People with unlimited plans are obviously there most loyal customers, since they cut unlimited plans years ago it shows how long the people with unlimited plans have been with them. Raising the price on long time loyal customers is stupid in my opinion. Others may feel differently, again, that is my opinion. I know they are trying to get people to come off of the unlimited plan and that is the reasoning of upping the price, but I still don’t agree with it. I don’t think it will get people to leave the carrier because that means they would lose their unlimited plan either way.

  • Manuel Molina

    If you are hitting 1 percent or less than 1 percent of 100 million plus users, that’s still either 1 million or close to 1 million users you are getting 20 extra dollars off: 20,000,000 extra dollars each month. Am I off on this?

    The FCC should have a lot to say on this because Big Red are charging more for those they grandfathered into price and service years ago.

  • Eikast

    Can’t wait for the FCC to respond. I’ll never let go of my UDP

    • Manuel Molina

      Yeah, bro. Idk how that’s gonna work. The FCC should be able to step in because my understanding is that anything grandfathered can’t be undone unless there’s some crazy reasoning behind it. The FCC got at AT&T and Verizon for throttling unlimited data users because that wasn’t part of the plan before, so it shouldn’t change.

  • Paul Edmund

    Well. That’s that. Do I go sprint or T-Mobile.

    • Merman123

      If it’s between those two only , definitely T Mobile.

    • kosho123

      Check the coverage first before you switch. Use rootmetrics (coveragemap) first as it is user-submitted but that’s also the downside as not all areas been submitted.

    • George

      Google Fi, best of both worlds 😀

    • T-mobile that’s what I did and I haven’t been screwed once and their customer service is dope too

  • M_thoroughbred

    I remember when people could wait for the iPhone to be on Verizon cause AT&T sucked they said (they still do) saying his much better Verizon was and look now they are now both the same evils the only difference is that be for we only had one


    What a crock of shit! Ugh.. That truly is some bullshit. People paid that a long time ago and they should continue to keep their unlimited data at no “extra” cost. This is just a kick in the balls on their part. Another reason to piss a lot of people off and make more money off the customers that already pay enough for their cellular/data package’s. When are they just gonna leave it alone? They already got 99% of the people that had unlimited data off of unlimited, so just leave it be already. Just another way to scam/steal more money off us hard working people.

  • Devin

    Looks like I’ll have to start charging those around me to use some of this data to outweigh the cost of the increase. lol I should be using more data to make it worth it anyways.

  • Rigs101

    I’m going to wait for the fcc if nothing happens T-Mobile here I come

  • L J

    I see a lot of people canceling their wireless plans because of this. AT&T better not try to pull this bull shit stunt.

    • M_thoroughbred

      You know that they’re going to be next.

    • Manuel Molina

      Hopefully they don’t get desperate and go to sprint. I rather have no unlimited data than anything from them.

  • Be strong unlimited brethren. Withstand the onslaught.

  • grayforester

    People are still counted by number, not by amount. So early in the article it does glare something awful.

  • Farzam Imani

    this is such bullshit. First I pay full price for a phone, and now I have to pay more monthly.

  • Guy

    Next AT&T will announce its raising grandfathered plans by $19.

  • AwkwardApple

    Looks like I will be going over to T-mobile. $5.00 month for an iPhone 6s lease. I really do not care if I get crappy service.

  • Gorinemax

    In my opinion, if FCC let Verizon increase the price for subscribers with unlimited data, who’s to say that they will not increase it some more in the future. It is unfair for Verizon to penalize subscribers who grandfathered their unlimited data plan. Subscribers with grandfathered unlimited data plans are already paying the full price for a phone instead of upgrading their plan. It is an unfair trade practice on Verizon’s part to increase the fees for the mentioned subscribers only. Unlimited data plans were not a problem before when it was offered. Hopefully, FCC will not grant Verizon to continue with this proposed plan.