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Steve Jobs succumbed to cancer and died of respiratory arrest on this day four years ago. To commemorate the fourth anniversary of his tragic passing, current CEO Tim Cook, whom Jobs suggested as his successor to the Board of Directors, issued a company-wide email to employees.

The message, a copy of which was obtained by The Telegraph, praises Jobs as a visionary leader, a mentor and “a dear friend.”

The internal message wraps up by suggesting that employees honor Steve by “continuing the work he started, and for remembering both who he was and what he stood for.”

Cook also remembered Steve on Twitter.

Here’s Cook’s email in its entirety:


Today marks four years since Steve passed away. On that day, the world lost a visionary. We at Apple lost a leader, a mentor, and many of us lost a dear friend.

Steve was a brilliant person, and his priorities were very simple. He loved his family above all, he loved Apple, and he loved the people with whom he worked so closely and achieved so much.

Each year since his passing, I have reminded everyone in the Apple community that we share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much.

What is his legacy? I see it all around us: An incredible team that embodies his spirit of innovation and creativity. The greatest products on earth, beloved by customers and empowering hundreds of millions of people around the world. Soaring achievements in technology and architecture. Experiences of surprise and delight. A company that only he could have built. A company with an intense determination to change the world for the better.

And, of course, the joy he brought his loved ones.

He told me several times in his final years that he hoped to live long enough to see some of the milestones in his children’s lives. I was in his office over the summer with Laurene and their youngest daughter. Messages and drawings from his kids to their father are still there on Steve’s whiteboard.

If you never knew Steve, you probably work with someone who did or who was here when he led Apple. Please stop one of us today and ask what he was really like. Several of us have posted our personal remembrances on AppleWeb, and I encourage you to read them.
Thank you for honoring Steve by continuing the work he started, and for remembering both who he was and what he stood for.


Jobs passed just 24 hours following Apple’s iPhone 4s and Siri unveiling on October 4, 2011. Do you remember where you were when you found out about Jobs’s death?

Source: The Telegraph

  • Michael Modjtabai

    “Tim Cook issues email to Troops”. Really? Are Apple employees considered some type of military entity now? That word should be used sparingly and only when considering ACTUAL MILITARY TROOPS, not engineers, and salesman. Turned me off to even reading the article.

    • MrJohnBlaze

      Someones panties in a bunch take you’re G.I Joe Ass on somewhere

      • sivkai


    • Simon Moorhouse

      Figure of speech…

    • sivkai

      I know right? So cringeworthy.

    • From the dictionary:

      troop |truːp| noun

      1 (troops) soldiers or armed forces: UN peacekeeping troops | (as modifiertroop) : troop cuts.

      2 a cavalry unit commanded by a captain.• a unit of artillery and armoured formation.• a group of three or more Scout patrols.

      3 a group of people or animals of a particular kind: a troop of musicians.

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        It’s just a way of saying team. Calm down.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your service. But consider context rather than conent. After all the writters are tech journalists, there job is to use words.

  • I’ll never forget where I was, just finished up at the Cardinals game downtown St. Louis when the news came across on my iphone.

    • DevXav

      Better than that, I will NEVER forget the first iPhone release Keynote presented by him..

      I just love to watch that keynote.. Specially when he says “Every once in a while a new innovation in technology is released” or something like this..

      Watched it about 5 or more times already!

      • dudeimmexican

        I was watched this keynote this morning…. sigh
        R.I.P SJ

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I was coming to school when heard about it, and a day before celebrating for the newest iPhone, that was a kick in the feels 🙁

  • Ivan H.

    I remember some people started calling the iPhone 4S as iPhone 4 Steve. He was a great human being and a living legend!

  • I was on vacation in Italy with my class at that time. In the morning of my 18th birthday I recieved a text of my mother telling me about it.

    A few years later I became an Developer. Of course for OS X and iOS.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    On my way to school and heard it on the radio while playing with my iPod touch 4. Later that day I watched the keynote for the iPhone 4S which was the first keynote I ever watched and Steve wasn’t in it (first keynote because I didn’t know much about Apple and I wanted to know more which lead to where I am today being the go to person to fix iPhones and iPods and such). The iPhone 4S was probably the last project he worked on and the last innovative thing Apple has done was to bring Siri. There might’ve been more assistants at the time but Siri was advanced for her time. Still is but now competing with other assistants.