watchOS 2

After a nearly week long delay, Apple has released watchOS 2 to the public. The update is a big one, and brings new features like custom complications, photo-based watch faces, and native apps to the Apple Watch. To update, simply head over to the Watch app on your paired iPhone running iOS 9, and check for new updates.

The release of watchOS 2 was delayed from its scheduled September 16th release due to an unspecified bug that Apple uncovered just shortly before the launch. Apple had to make a call, and decided it would be best to stamp out the bug before making watchOS 2 live. The bug must have been fairly significant, as it took Apple five days to release watchOS 2, which caused it to lag behind the release of its other significant software release, iOS 9.

As alluded to, watchOS 2 is feature packed. New features include:

  • Third-party complications
  • New time-lapse watch faces
  • Custom photo watch faces
  • Native apps
  • Nightstand mode
  • Time Travel
  • Reply to Email
  • Add more friends using multiple friend screens
  • Use multiple colors for sketches
  • Activation Lock
  • Enhanced Siri

We’ll post the entire change log once Apple publishes it. Are you planning on updating to watchOS 2?

  • Eikast

    I’ll be sure to install the small update from my GM watchOS 2. Now hopefully these watchOS 2 apps will be released. I can’t wait for a sleep tracking app.

    • rosssimpson

      How do you get time to charge your watch if it’s on your wrist at night? The only time I take my watch off is to charge it on my night stand?

      • Eikast

        Well around 2-3am I sitll have 30-40% of battery left. What I could do is when I get home (I usually sit down and relax for 30-45 minutes), I can charge my watch. Then when I wake up and get ready for work in the morning (30-45 minutes) I can charge it again.

    • Fanboy 

      I’ve always been curious as to how “tracking your sleep” is useful?

      • Eikast

        To see if you’re getting enough sleep or not. Sleep is very important. Lack of sleep negatively affects one’s life. Whether that be, an increase in weight, lack of focus through out the day, feeling more fatigue, etc.

        Tracking your sleep is just as important as tracking your calories.

      • Fanboy 

        And you need your watch to tell you if you’re sleeping enough or not? lol, that’s what I don’t understand. I’m very aware if I’m sleeping enough by looking at the clock when I go to sleep and wake up.

      • Eikast

        And you fall asleep instantly when you get in bed? A lot of people struggle sleeping when they get in bed. Some take 30-60+ minutes to fall asleep. Besides no one will remember the minute they fell asleep upon waking up. Do you remember what time you went to sleep and woke up for the past 7 days? Do you know your movements while in bed sleeping? There are a few sleep tracking apps that use the iPhone sensor that have been very popular on the iOS app store.

        So you don’t have a use for sleep tracking, good for you. But a lot of people care. It’s more important than tracking one’s calories yet there are probably 20+ decent calorie tracking apps on the app store.

      • Merman123

        I was a big skeptic on sleep tracking and its overall importance. Until I realized how important “quality sleep” is. Not just “sleep”. I think people think of sleep as something you could just do and forget about because of how little it requires from us to lay down and sleep. Many people would be surprised to find out that a lot of problems are due to improper sleeping habits, without you even knowing.

      • Joonyaboy

        It’s more about the amount of QUALITY sleep you get. You can be asleep for 8 hours but only get 4 quality hours in. Tracking helps how often you stayed in that all important deep sleep cycle.

      • Merman123

        It’s especially useful for those with sleep disorders.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah me to!

  • Merman123

    Awesome 😀

  • rosssimpson

    Would love to know what the problem was exactly! Glad it’s out now though!

  • Craig

    Does anybody know if this is compatible with jail broken iOS 8.4 ? The update is not showing up on mine saying its up to date on 1.0.1, it does say above ‘On your iOS 9 paired iPhone’ ? Do I have to lose my jailbreak to get it

    • Thomas Meredith

      Same here.

    • Merman123

      Yes. iOS 9 is a prerequisite for Watch OS2.

      • P-Dogg

        When people download the beta versions were they able to use it with ios 8.4 though?

      • Merman123


      • Khaleed Devji

        If I updated the watch to OS2 on an iPhone running iOS 9 then repaired my watch with my device running 8.4 would it work?

      • Merman123

        No. Watch OS2 is dependent of iOS 9.

      • shaka

        did you try it?

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