Apple delays watchOS 2 rollout after discovering bug

watchOS 2

Apple has delayed its release of the highly-anticipated watchOS update for the Apple Watch. Apple confirmed with TechCrunch that, after discovering a bug, it would not be releasing watchOS 2 today as scheduled, but would do so shortly.

“We have discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” an Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly.”

There’s no indication as to what the bug was, but it’s obviously severe enough to derail Apple’s plans of releasing both iOS 9 and watchOS 2 at the same time. Unlike iOS, it’s very important that Apple get the watchOS 2 deployment right, because simply restoring an Apple Watch like you can restore an iPhone is not a possibility.

Once Apple does release watchOS 2, it will be the first major update to the platform to do. A highly anticipated release on both the user and developer end, watchOS 2 promises to bring native apps, custom complications, photo watch faces, and more to the table.

It’s still unclear as to whether or not Apple will issue a new GM seed for watchOS 2 given the time table. We’ll sure to update you as soon as we hear anything new about watchOS 2 and its release.

The Apple Watch engineering team is likely drinking lots of coffee and putting in long hours to get this fixed as soon as possible. As such, it shouldn’t be out of the realm of expectations that we’ll see watchOS 2 within the next few days.

Source: TechCrunch