Spotlight iOS 9 math

One of my favorite things about Spotlight and Alfred on OS X, is that both allow me to quickly churn out quick answers to simple math problems. Prior to iOS 9, Spotlight on iOS was extremely limited, but thanks to some major effort on the part of Spotlight’s engineering team, the search feature is starting slowly creep towards its feature-rich big brother on Mac.

One detail that’s been flying under the radar is Spotlight’s new ability to solve simple math problems directly from the Spotlight interface. It’s like having a calculator app that’s readily accessible with just a simple swipe from the Home screen.

Here is how the exact same query looks in iOS 8…yeah, nothing happens…

Spotlight iOS 8 Math

It’s the little features like this that will convince me and others to use Spotlight search in iOS 9 more regularly. In versions previous to iOS 9, Spotlight was more of a forgotten afterthought.

Spotlight math iOS 9 PEMDAS

It can even get a bit more complex if need be

As noted, Spotlight has received a ton of attention with this OS update. One of my other favorite features is its ability to search directly within the contents of apps. Then there’s Siri suggestions, News, Nearby shortcuts, etc.

What’s your favorite new Spotlight feature in iOS 9?

  • Anonymous

    I dont persay have a favortie feture. I like spotlight for the full package. and i do feel spotlight is an under rated feature of ios along with notification center. (I hate the bright red badges on my app icons). But then again I’m way into themes. And the badges usually look ugly with the themes i sport.

    • MassiveTurboLag

      Do you even english bro?

  • Has anyone noticed that you can once again swipe right on the first home screen to bring Spotlight up as was the case pre-iOS 7? I only just found it last night

    • Chris

      It was mentioned back at WWDC in June.

    • Brunosh

      It’s just one of the main features, but no one noticed it.. xD

  • Satyam Panchal

    Hey jeff it also show you $ to Euros type $50

    • Fede777

      There’s a whole bunch of conversion you can do, F to Celsius, Imperial to metric, etc.

      • Satyam Panchal

        Yea cool

  • rockdude094

    a calculator is more efficient