apple tv beat sports

Apple on Wednesday announced a new version of the Apple TV, and it is awesome. It has a redesigned remote control, a refreshed interface, and support for voice commands via Siri. But what really pushes the device over the top is its support for native apps and games.

As expected, the next-generation set-top box features an App Store, and Apple invited some developers up on stage today to give us an idea of its potential. The game you see above is a Wii Sports-like motion game, called Beats Sports, from Rock Band developer Harmonix.

Another game demoed on stage was the popular arcade-hopper Crossy Road. Players control the action via the new Apple TV remote, or others can join in on the fun using their iPhone or iPad. The developers say cooperative play is where the new device really shines.

apple tv crossy road

Apps were also demoed on stage, with Apple inviting up the folks from Gilt and Major League Baseball. The Apple TV Gilt app will allow customers to shop from their couches, and the new MLB app, of course, will take watching Major League Baseball content to the next level.

apple tv mlb

Apple says the developer kit for the new Apple TV will be available today, and the device itself will be available sometime in October. It’s worth noting that tvOS is Apple’s fourth operating system, and Apple says developers can make universal apps for iPhone, iPad and tvOS.

  • Jamessmooth

    Well, that remote looks exactly like all the renderings I’ve seen!

  • Absolutely huge disappointment, new OS is nothing new other then adding some apps. I’ll be staying with ATV3 for a while until I see some real additions to the new one.

    • mrgerbik

      I think im going to pick up an amazon firetv stick… lets you install xbmc without any jailbreaking and is cheap

  • TheDude

    Apple TV: $200 for the unit, only $1000/month in subscription services.

    • White Michael Jackson

      So true might as well go back to cable.

    • 2tearsSr

      $1000 of hand selected content… Go back to cable; bundled packages?

  • Mut

    Does the new tv provide access to the full app store? I have the fire tv and game selection is very limited.

  • Matt

    I think I’m going to stick with my Amazon Fire TV because after all there is nothing this can do better than that.
    Other than mirroring, but that’s something I would have never used anyway.

    • Mut

      Mirroring is the main reason I want an apple tv. It takes any video I throw at it. I cannot stream the NBC Sports app to the amazon fire tv nor my verizon nfl app but they work great on the apple tv.

  • dc7007

    This is great, can’t wait to play Galaxy on Fire 3!!!