Tim Cook holding iPad Pro (Bloomberg mockup 001)

Contrary to prior rumors, 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple’s long-expected oversized ‘iPad Pro’ will be formally announced at the iPhone 6s press event after all. The event’s been confirmed to take place a week from today, on next Wednesday, September 9, at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

The publication learned from sources that the forthcoming presentation is set to be one of largest events in Apple’s history. In addition to the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, it should serve as a launchpad for a fourth-generation iPad mini, a substantially refreshed Apple TV set top box and new Apple Watch Sport bands.

Citing trusted sources, reported Mark Gurman learned that “Apple is currently planning to debut a pair of new iPads at next week’s event: the long-rumored iPad Pro, and a refreshed version of the iPad mini.”

The iPad mini 4 will be thinner than its predecessor and powered by a faster A8 chip with support for split-screen apps via iOS 9. “It will likely also include a pair of upgraded cameras,” states Gurman.

The iPad Pro is “actually the planned name of the device.” Rumored iPad Pro features include a higher-resolution screen measuring 12.2 or 12.9 inches diagonally, support for a Force Touch-based stylus, speakers on two sides for a more pronounced stereo effect and iOS 9.1 software with optimized versions of the Siri and Notification Center interfaces.

The report goes on to mention that Apple will start taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro toward the end of October before it hits retail outlets in November.

The massive 7000-seat Bill Graham building was chosen due to the event’s scope, said to include an “unprecedented” blitz of product introductions. New Macs are “unlikely” to appear next week.

iPad Air 2 diagonal side

No word on a third-generation iPad Air though.

Several sketchy reports based on unproven sources have said that the iPad Air 3 may not be announced this year due to engineering issues and production bottlenecks, but their veracity couldn’t be determined.

For what it’s worth, the publication mentioned that the iPad Air 3 “is also in the works, but sources confirm that it won’t be released until 2016.”

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Ipad pro? *drools* might actually get an ipad for myself now! Never owned an ipad. Repaired a bunch, but never owned.

  • Big Al

    The Surface Pro 4, will destroy the iPad Pro because the Surface, is an all in one device that can replace both your iPad and MacBook. I currently have a MacBook Air, but I do not use it as much as my Surface Pro 3 as I am a graduate student 🙂

    • CaffeinePizza

      I currently own a SPro3 and agree. I also own an iPad and a MacBook Pro.

      • iPhoneWINS

        i had ipad 1 sold it… got iPad 4 sold it…. got iPad mini sold it… cause all i really wanted was an iPhone with a big enough screen so i got the IPhone 6+ and no longer have any need for an iPad at a all cause i have a mac book pro

      • Big Al

        When I got my Surface Pro 3, I got rid of my ipad

    • Rowan09

      Destroy it in what exactly? If it’s the only thing that matters in business sales then absolutely not. How are you even speaking on a unreleased unconfirmed device?

      • Big Al

        I gave it to my cousin.

    • Alberto Espinal

      How do you know its gonna destroy it if it’s not out yet!

    • Bangali

      I have the SP3 and I also use OS X and honestly, Windows can only dream of being as good as OS X..saying that, I love the functionality and portability of the SP3 but can’t wait for a touchscreen OS X device! They really should’ve put OS X on the Pro..

  • iPhoneWINS

    this huge iPad should have come with a OS X/ios special operating system… but apple knows they can always under deliver and still win… so they do… same thing with the apple watch..

    its really time to IOS to make a big step closer to legitimate compassion abilities..

    • Big Al

      In my opinion, it should be the MacBook line that should be able to have an ios feature where you can access it from the cloud, complementing an ipad/iPhone that you have.

      • iPhoneWINS

        interesting logic..

  • Dante Arellano

    Sounds stupid an ipad is an ipod with biger screen why do u need a fuckingg ipod with 12 inches screen fokingg grady apple

    • Sohail Wahab

      I’m reading your comment on an iPad Wifi + cellular, yes cellular which indicates a difference between iPad and iPod.
      Bigger screen is a total different way when it comes to painting, reading books and when it comes to the famous racing and action games, it’s a total different experience. I think you never tried an iPad.

  • Sohail Wahab

    I was waiting for this product in July actually, I hope Apple release it soon. Because I’m dying to interact with two regular sized iPad app at once. It’s awesome to have a book open on one side of the screen with Google to search stuff on the other side in the classroom.

  • Csempe Kitty

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