iPhone 6 screen corner

Developer and noted iOS beta hacker Hamza Sood has discovered code relating to Force Touch in iOS 9. Sood tweeted out a screenshot of the code this evening, saying it appears Apple has been “testing keyboard trackpad gestures on the iPhone 6s, activated via Force Touch.”

Given that the 6s is expected to be unveiled within the next few weeks, and believed to already be in mass production, it would seem the code all-but-confirms that the new iPhone will include Force Touch technology—a feature that already exists in MacBooks and Apple Watch.

For those who aren’t familiar with Force Touch, it enables a device to sense how hard a user presses down on its screen. It’s been said that the feature will open the door for shortcuts, hidden menus and various other UI elements for both third-party and stock iPhone applications.

Sood’s pseudo code is the latest in a growing stack of evidence that Apple’s next-gen handsets will include the technology. In June, Bloomberg reported that Apple had begun production on Force Touch-iPhones, and reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has since corroborated the story.

Apple is believed to be planning an event for Wednesday, September 9, where it will present new iPhones, as well as a redesigned Apple TV and possibly new iPads. Earlier today, a report claimed that the event will be held in the massive Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA.

Source: Twitter

  • coLin

    so we have just a few weeks to build our muscles for that ‘force’ touch haha

  • Dante Arellano

    It will have force touch cus without it who is going to upgrade for just new camera and the new a9 and rose gold color fuckk just a stupid could buy something like that

    • Chris

      Plenty of people as previous models have shown time and-time again.

    • Cristian B

      I perfer the S models because they seem to fix and improve their last generation (you can definitely see this to the 5S from the 5)

      • Juschan

        even the 4s with its few improvements like the dual core was a huge correction of the 4 with its mistakes

      • Danny Rios

        I agree. I probably would be getting the 6s and then just wait till the 7s. Because Im so dumb that I got the 6. I should’ve just waited.

      • Cristian B

        I felt the same way but I wanted a bigger screen so badly so I just gave in lol

    • Martynet

      Camera and processor are enough for me to upgrade my 6 Plus. Especially if there’s 2 GB of ram, which should dramatically improve the use of 3rd party keyboards, which are basically useless today, because iOS doesn’t give them enough memory and priority.

      • Manuel Molina

        While Apple has made the iPhone run smooth with half a gig of ram, I can’t see myself updating for a camera and ram. Plus, I don’t wanna use a phone without a jailbreak for awhile.

        I don’t think third party keyboards will ever be fixed also. I think it has to do with the guidelines and rules Apple gives companies when making keyboards on iOS. Swiftkey is so horrible on iOS, but it runs perfectly without error on Android.

      • QuarterSwede

        iOS 9 fixes the RAM issue. I’d still love it to have 2GB though as a power user.

      • Martynet

        Does it? I’m on the latest iOS 9 beta and the Swift keyboard NEVER loads as fast as stock keyboard. Always takes like 1-2 seconds to appear. Ridiculous

      • QuarterSwede

        I don’t use Swiftkey. I can tell you that Swype doesn’t have an issue.

    • Rowan09

      A new camera, new processor, more ram, better display and that’s not worth the upgrade? Isn’t this what every company does for an upgrade? The Note 5 and Edge + just came out with the same specs as the Edge and it’s an upgrade.

    • stylesbeyond

      I’ve had every iPhone since the first every year is worth the upgrade just cause you see on paper that there isn’t much shown on new upgrades don’t mean its not faster and better

  • Eikast

    Pretty much a given since they implemented it in the newer MacBooks. Still not enough to win me to pay full price from a 128GB 6+ to 128GB 6S+. The 2GB of RAM will tempt me but there’s no way I’ll pay (after selling my 6+) $600 for an extra 1GB of RAM. I have an iPad Air 2 and it’s amazing but I think that I can wait one more year.

    • zoLa siWisa

      I will be selling my iPhone 6 plus 128gb just for that. I can even get 64gb since I don’t use all that space anyway. I will trade in mine for sure for that #iLoveiTThough

      • Danny Rios

        That’s what I’ll be doing. Selling my iPhone 6 and buying the 6s lool

  • Anthony Lara

    I can’t wait to see the battery improvements. *fingers crossed*

    • Danny Rios

      im on ios 9 beta 5 and on the 6 and its amazing. the battery lasts longer.

  • Vacak valeria

    I mean i agree, my musles are building hahahah

  • Danny Rios

    I’ve been noticing the force touch. Even on my iPhone 6, on the twitter app. The Facebook app etc.

  • White Michael Jackson

    And 3 gb of ram

  • Smegmatron

    Blackberry had this back on 2009