Cydia iPhone 6

As I am preparing this roundup of new jailbreak apps and tweaks, I realize that what I’m actually doing is taking the pulse of the jailbreak community. Some weeks it’s slow. Some weeks it beats fast. This roundup is very much a way to not only see what’s new, but also how healthy the community is. Right now it’s doing pretty good!

Beam: hides the battery icon in the Status bar (free)

BIM: an in-app web browser for the Messages app (free – review)

ChargePulse: adds a pulse animation to the battery icon when charging (free – review)

FutureLock Lite: some enhancements for the Lock screen (free)

LinkCollector: lets you open several links at once in Safari ($1.49 – review)

Minimal HUD: a minimal approach to volume head-Up Display (free)

orangeAssistant: an Assistant+ add-on that lets you have Siri read and reply to Reddit messages for you ($0.99)

PasscodeLockviewPlus8: a tweak for Passcode Unlock View ($1.50)

Prism: see music visualization inside the Music app ($1.50 – review)

QuickDictation: lets you use the audio message button in Messages app to start dictation (free)

ShiftCycle: quickly change the case of selected text (free – review)

SystemWide: change virtually every color on iOS ($0.99)

Typecast: shows typing and read indicators anywhere ($1.49 – review)

VideoLoop: allows videos in your Cameral roll to loop (free)

WAEnhancer8 Lite: a bunch of tweaks for WhatsApp (free)

WAOneForAll: lets your forward WhatsApp messages to users or groups (free)

WARecentUpdates: lets you follow WhatsApp users activities and updates (free)

My pick of the week is ChargePulse. What is yours?

  • Paul Edmund

    Loving BIM.

  • Hydro Mac

    Have any that you can delete the crap that Apple puts on the iPhone

    • Aakash Nambiyarooran

      you cannot delete the stuff , but you can hide the icons using Springtomize 3 (iam assuming your running ios 8)

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You can delete it, like tips, stock, Apple watch, they can be deleted with ifile.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Mine was going to be “FullyCharged” by NoelielDev but he pulled it from Cydia on account of many people either getting bootloops or blue-screens. I didn’t face any of those issues during installation. The tweak was supposed to give you a power-plug icon in the statusbar next to the battery icon instead of the bolt icon when the battery has reached full capacity during a charge. This is something Apple already had prior to iOS 7 and since then removed it and it’s a bolt icon now with no way of determining if it’s reached full charge or not, this tweak brings that back. Patiently waiting for its return.

    P.S.- This is something I know Sebastien will like.

    • Shingo

      its buggy and the dev cant fix it.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        That’s unfortunate. I’ve been doing a search on Cydia for the tweak for the last couple of days and no where to be seen. I hope someone can make this tweak happen again minus the bug(s).

  • derp

    Typecast pretty much put TypeStatus Plus in the grave. Hashbang missed their window.

  • Loke1988

    QuickDictation looks cool if I could find it. Anyone have the source?

    • Manuel Molina

      Weird. It’s on the Big Boss repo. I just downloaded myself.

      • Loke1988

        I even tried scrolling through Big Boss and its not even listed. I use dictation all the time would love that tweak.

      • Manuel Molina

        I downloaded it and deleted it afterwards. It only works for those who are using iMessage. If a person doesn’t have an iPhone, the dictation doesn’t put up and only the send button is there. It also removes the button from your keyboard.

      • Loke1988

        Oh then I don’t want it thank you.

  • Manuel Molina

    Is there a tweak to delete all your pictures in your camera roll more quicker? That would be helpful.

    • faisal

      Settings /General /Usage /manage storage

      its already there .. why would you need a tweak !?

      • Eddie Hines

        you cant remove all the photos from that setting

      • Manuel Molina

        Thanks for the help, but I’m not sure if you aware that you actually can’t delete your camera that way. If you try it and click on it, it just shows you how much storage is being used.

  • Maijhe

    Hey when’s multiplexer coming out?

    • Antzboogie

      I’m waiting for that too I’m using Multify for now. I heard end of the month but aren’t we almost there yet lol.

  • Kenneth Plas

    systemWide not working on iOS8.4 ?

  • a little warning about WAEnhancer8 Lite, it comes with ads and when you uninstall, whatsapp becomes an ad fest