17 tweaks to check out this weekend

Cydia iPhone 6

As I am preparing this roundup of new jailbreak apps and tweaks, I realize that what I’m actually doing is taking the pulse of the jailbreak community. Some weeks it’s slow. Some weeks it beats fast. This roundup is very much a way to not only see what’s new, but also how healthy the community is. Right now it’s doing pretty good!

Beam: hides the battery icon in the Status bar (free)

BIM: an in-app web browser for the Messages app (free – review)

ChargePulse: adds a pulse animation to the battery icon when charging (free – review)

FutureLock Lite: some enhancements for the Lock screen (free)

LinkCollector: lets you open several links at once in Safari ($1.49 – review)

Minimal HUD: a minimal approach to volume head-Up Display (free)

orangeAssistant: an Assistant+ add-on that lets you have Siri read and reply to Reddit messages for you ($0.99)

PasscodeLockviewPlus8: a tweak for Passcode Unlock View ($1.50)

Prism: see music visualization inside the Music app ($1.50 – review)

QuickDictation: lets you use the audio message button in Messages app to start dictation (free)

ShiftCycle: quickly change the case of selected text (free – review)

SystemWide: change virtually every color on iOS ($0.99)

Typecast: shows typing and read indicators anywhere ($1.49 – review)

VideoLoop: allows videos in your Cameral roll to loop (free)

WAEnhancer8 Lite: a bunch of tweaks for WhatsApp (free)

WAOneForAll: lets your forward WhatsApp messages to users or groups (free)

WARecentUpdates: lets you follow WhatsApp users activities and updates (free)

My pick of the week is ChargePulse. What is yours?