Prism adds a visualizer to the stock Music app in iOS 8.4

Prism Visualizer Apple Music

Want to feel more connected to your music? Prism, a new visualizer jailbreak tweak for the iOS 8.4 Music app, can help you do just that.

Not only does the Prism visualizer work with the music that you have stored locally on device, but it also works with Apple Music if you happen to subscribe to Apple’s recently launched streaming music service. 

Once you install Prism, you’ll need to venture into the stock Settings app to configure its options. All changes should take place immediately, but you’ll need to force close the music app whenever completely enabling or disabling the tweak.

Prism Options

You’ll find several options inside of the tweak’s preferences to change the look of the visualizer. You can alter the color styles to adopt custom colors, or allow Prism to generate its own colors. You can also opt to bring in colors from ColorFlow, which is an older jailbreak tweak related to music visualization.

Prism contains two primary themes—Beat and Spectrum—and both bring something different to the table. Spectrum is your typical “volume bar” visualizer, while Beat is more organic, and in my opinion, the better looking of the two.

Each visualizer theme contains its own separate options for customization, such at the ability to chose custom colors, but Spectrum includes many more customization features.

Prism Visualizer Apple Music 2

Lastly, there’s a visualizer transparency option, which lets you determine how visible the visualize is on the now playing album artwork. The transparency slider can be adjusted lower for a more subtle effect, but the default setting is 100, which provides the full blown effect.

Once all settings are configured as desired, visit the Music app’s now playing screen, and tap and hold on the album artwork. The visualizer should automatically appear and reflect the adjustments made in its settings.

Although Prism plays nice with local music, and streaming music, the developer notes that it doesn’t work with the Beats One radio station.

You can find Prism for $1.50 on the BigBoss repo. How do you like the idea of adding a visualizer to the stock Music app? Is it something that you think you’d use?