iOS 9 Wallpaper 5

As we reported earlier, Apple has added over a dozen new wallpapers to iOS 9. The iOS 9 beta 5 release brought several new wallpapers to the table, while omitting many of the staple wallpapers that we’ve been accustomed to over the years.

In this post, we provide you with a download link to many of the new wallpapers. If you want to have Apple’s new wallpapers for iOS 9 on your device, but you aren’t running the latest iOS 9 beta 5 release, then don’t fret, you can download them here.

Click here to download the new iOS 9 wallpapers.

For a look at all of the available wallpapers before downloading, watch the video below:

What do you think about the new wallpapers, and which one will you set as your Home and Lock screen wallpaper?

Source: iSpazio via MarcianoPhone

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Really Mega:-|

    • What’s wrong with mega? Am I missing something?

      • StevenX

        Well, for starters, the Mega site has a lot of stuff to load before it allows you to enter the download page, and it may be really slow in certain regions. I also heard that Mega has been suffered from a hostile takeover by some malicious parties (according to the founder Kim Dotcom), so the site is no longer safe as it used to be.

    • evertjr

      Yes. Why mega? I can’t download mega files from iOS devices what’s the point?

      • Okay, check the link again, changed to Google Drive.

      • Tommy

        thank god for google.

      • Blip dude

        You know there’s also an app for that right??

  • CA

    Wish I could actually download them…… Mega sucks

    • Okay, where should I host them?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Dropbox or google drive are the best options!

  • Harold J. Rodríguez.

    Hey Jeff, thank you so much for the wallpapers and for uploading them to Mega.

  • I’ve uploaded the link…now hosted on Google Drive. Enjoy everyone.

    • Suppanut Saengratwatchara

      Damm it I can’t download them on my ios device. Suck at you google. Good job for ya work! Keep doing good work. And maybe chang the service to dropbox.

  • fars

    Thank you Jeff Benjamin You are a wonderful man I really admire
    your work and beautifully crafted exquisite .
    i faris ..

  • leart

    haters gonna hate

    • Kyle


      • leart


    • Jason Douglas Haas

      So, how’s the App Store?

      • leart

        just fine, there are some limitations but not really big deals, for example i can’t review apps that don’t support anymore ios 6 even the one i payed for…

      • Shurmano reshulón

        Yeah, fine. Lots of apps still support iOS 6, and you can download previous versions for apps that don’t. That’s a pretty great move by Apple.

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Why are you still on ios 6? What is that factor that’s keeping you from updating? Unless its older than the iPad 3rd/4th gen?

      • leart

        its a first gen mini on its first ios 6.1.3, im a senior designer and for my opinion the latest ios ridesign is more technological than artistic so im sticking with the old one on my not really new devices till i can…

  • NolesFan

    Thanks Jeff, I copied them to Photos and now they are available on all of my devices.. 😛

  • Jason Douglas Haas

    I finally figured out how y’all get these in the directory.

  • Kyle

    There are 16 new wallpapers! The one with the blue flowers is also new.

  • GoldenPearMCPE

    Beautiful wallpapers!

  • Adan

    Thanks! Anybody have the wallpapers for the iPad, please?

  • iByron

    They’re nice, but I don’t like that they got rid of a number of the old iOS 8 bunch.

  • Any chance to get the iPad versions too?

  • tariq

    Love it with my Z3c! Thanks Jeff!

  • Xee

    Thanks Jeff.

  • Thank you for stealing them from iSpazio. Same files, 100% Made by me at iSpazio

    Marcianophone also downloaded them from iSpazio as

  • Thank you Jeff for stealing the work I made for iSpazio. These are my wallpapers, 100% made by me for iSpazio.

    Also Marcianophone credited iSpazio into the post.

    Very bad from you