A look at the 15 new wallpapers in iOS 9 beta 5

Wallpaper iOS 9

As we noted in our iOS 9 beta 5 release post, Apple has added 15 new wallpapers to iOS for the iPhone and the iPad. Along with adding 15 new wallpapers comes the removal of some of the popular legacy wallpapers—including last year’s iOS 8 wallpaper.

In this post, we’ll walk you through each of the new 15 wallpapers. These updates come with specific themes, including abstract, nature, and color themes. Which of the new 15 wallpapers included in iOS 9 is your favorite?

We’ll be sure to post full download links to the wallpapers once they become available.

iOS 9 Wallpaper 1 iOS 9 Wallpaper 2 iOS 9 Wallpaper 3 iOS 9 Wallpaper 4 iOS 9 Wallpaper 5

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the really dark backgrounds—especially the planets, but some of the initial wallpapers looks pretty good. You can find the wallpapers for download in this post.

What do you think?