Well-respected developer Kyle Howells, and renowned UI designer, Surenix, have teamed up for something special. Their new collaborative project, called Alympus, has just been released on Cydia, and it brings a completely redesigned App Switcher, Control Center, and Music Controls interface to iOS 8.

Alympus was teased this past Sunday, but that teaser was just that—a tease. In the video that follows, I’ll break down all of Alympus’ features. Once you see all of what Alympus has to offer, I think you’ll agree that there’s more than meets the eye.

The App Switcher

At its most basic level Alympus is an App Switcher replacement. The App Switcher, which can be invoked via the standard double-press of the Home button or via a simple swipe-up gesture from the bottom of the screen, features a customizable layout.

Alympus Zoom levels 1 and 2

The App Switcher in Alympus is customizable by means of a pinch gesture. In total, there are four different App Switcher zoom levels to pick from. Once a zoom level is selected, the App Switcher stays configured that way until you change it. There’s really no need to mess with the zoom levels unless you just want to.

Alympus Zoom levels 3 and 4

By swiping up on a particular App Switcher card or icon, you can force-close the associated app. You can also perform a slingshot gesture by pulling down and releasing on a App Switcher card to force close apps as well.

Music Controls

Music Controls lay adjacent to the App Switcher. The Music Controls contain everything you need to control and enjoy music playback, including album artwork, shuffle and repeat buttons, song name, album title, artist name, a scrubber, transport controls, volume controls, and AirPlay controls.

Alympus Music Controls

By double-tapping on the album artwork while viewing the Music Controls, you can be transported directly to the stock Music app. You can also triple-tap the album artwork to switch between Alympus’ dark and light mode. This setting can also be adjusted by means of Alympus’ preferences in the stock Settings app.


Next to the music controls are the Control Center toggles, brightness slider, and AirDrop control mechanism. The toggles are from the Flipswitch framework, which means that in additional to the standard Control Center toggles, you’ll find toggles for things like respring, VPN, personal hotspot, and more.

Alympus Toggles

By using a long press and drag gesture, users can rearrange the order of the toggles with ease. In addition, you’ll see the Recent Contacts shortcuts above the group of toggles.

Gesture Mode

Alympus’ preference pane in the stock Settings app is sparse, but the settings that are there are quite important. The most important setting found here is the Gesture Mode setting. Gesture Mode allows you to assign a specific action to the swipe-up gesture from the bottom of the screen.

You can use the Gesture Mode to close the current app, sort of like Zephyr of old, or you can use it to invoke the App Switcher, or emulate stock iOS and open Control Center. I personally prefer to use the Open App Switcher gesture, since it allows for the quickest path to the App Switcher by means of a gesture.

Alympus Settings

Of course, you can always use a double-press of the Home button to invoke the Alympus interface, or you can decide to open Activator and reassign the action to your gesture of choice.

One of the most impressive features that I found while using Alympus is the continuous gesture. If you have the Open App Switcher gesture configured, you can open the App Switcher and slide over to the music controls or toggles in one continuous motion. Watch the video above and you’ll see what I mean.


Alympus features awesome design and animations, and you can tell that a lot of love and meticulous care was put into its creation. Along with Surenix’s design comes underpinnings by one of the best developers on Cydia.


At $3.99, Alympus is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but its feature set, its smoothness, and practicality make it highly worth considering. It’s a tweak that’s easy to use and simple, but features enough personalization to make it fit the individual.

What do you think about Alympus?

  • Jason Douglas Haas

    I like the new design, something new from Auxo. I plan on using it way more than Vex.

  • Cristian B


    • Manuel Molina

      The exact way I felt: meh.

      Seen this, tried that before, nothing really need here or groundbreaking. And definitely not for no, 3.99. That’s breakfast money right there.

  • Manor

    Not a big fan of the toggles design and location…

  • Todd Tate

    Does it have the ability to close all apps?

    • Todd Sorensen

      No. At least not all at once.

    • Diego Paramo

      it works great with CCControls

  • SkyFall

    For its price currently its meh it has little customisation. It needs settings for enabling disabling the toggles, music section. Also it would be cool if they added Close all apps when swiping up on the home screen… Thats my opinion though.

    • Damian

      What you are describing you might like a combination of GridSwitcher with QuickDo. Lots of customization

  • Range

    – Needs toggles settings
    – Removal of music settings (choice)
    – Put sound and volume sliders together
    – Option to arrange pages by preference (toggles before music)

    • Range

      sound and brightness sliders*

  • Chang in Charge

    Not feeling the location of toggles. Seems a dollar or two overpriced. Wondering how you customize what toggles are available which ones aren’t? Also can you still invoke the regular control center through a portion of the screen a la Tage? Still the animations look smooth as hell nothing like how my app switcher currently animates with Tage + Gridswitcher combination.

  • Seis

    Damn…tough crowd over here lol. I like it although I would like the toggles before the music. Kinda pissed because i bought ControlPane but this is better :9. Like that they incorporated the contacts into the switcher

    • Very tough crowd. I’m surprised. It’s definitely one of the best iOS 8 App Switchers that we’ve seen thus far. And those animations :O

      Plus you guys know how Surenix works by now. He iterates with the developers he works with, so you know there’s tons of new features coming. And this developer, in particular, is really good at what he does.

      • Damian

        We also know he is not fast with updates. Looking at you Auki and few others. I think I used Auki for few days and then new iOS came out and it was the end of it

      • auki has a different developer, though.

        Jeff is also referring to iKyle, the developer of Alympus and SwipeSelection. Either way, Surenix is a designer. Even if he comes up with a ton of beautiful ideas for his other tweaks like auki and atom, he can’t make it come to life because it’s the job of the other person he collaborated with.

      • Damian

        Exactly , that why I am not keen on buying his tweaks. He collaborates with random developers and later it takes too much time to get together for updating their tweaks. If it was a dollar I would buy it and support it. For 4 dollars I rather just see first how it developes

      • Ah, fair enough. I guess the same can be said for A3tweaks.

        Personally, I got tired of even expecting for updates. I just purchase a tweak if it’s at least promised to work with the current firmware and assume it to be my money’s worth. Consequently, I hardly buy any tweaks with a pricing point of $5 and above that does not have a solid history of updating. There will, however, be exceptions if a tweak really piqued my interest. Guilty pleasures? Maybe.

      • Damian

        A3tweaks are another let down
        Looking here at altKeyboard
        Thank god swipeExpander came out at the right time

      • …yes, I used A3tweaks as an example when you mentioned “collaborates with random developers and later it takes too much time to get together for updating their tweaks.”

        AltKeyboard is turning into an actual keyboard app. It’s still in beta. And sadly, Apple’s implementation of custom keyboards is still nascent so it suffers from the same problem of randomly reverting to stock every now and then.

      • Manuel Molina

        iKyle didn’t update SwipeSelection for over 9 months or so, and it was stuck with many issues in safari until someone did the fix for him. Then he just added that persons fix and said done. He takes sometime doing things.

      • iky1e

        I was expecting the iOS bug that caused the Safari issues to be fixed by Apple quickly (next 0.1 release). They never fixed it (still haven’t).

        When the 8.3/8.4 jailbreak came out I released I’d have to actually patch it. (and yes the persons patch was helpful but I didn’t end up using it)

      • Manuel Molina

        We’re grateful for the patch. I am personally because I couldn’t stand not having the ability to swipe in safari. I think many people’s concerns have to do with if this tweak (Alympus) will be updated down the road with iOS 9 looming in a few months. Also, as others have mention, there are a lot of customizations that can be added to this tweak to make worth the price. It’s not a bad idea at all, I think it has potential as many tweaks. I just think it’s a tough sell as it as a tough crowd as shown in the comments.

      • Poporopo00

        I bought Messages+, Columba, installed couria (never tried Bite SMS, i didn’t like it) and nothing like AUKI, simple and easy…WHAT I NEEEEED…Damn!…LOL.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Where is Auxo 4?

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        One of the best? There is all these stupid grid things but no Auxo

      • bashir

        Hi is alympus compatible with watchdog pro

  • MaRz Franco

    Things it should have for Future Release: Choose which to see when swiping left (Music/Toggles) so you can see Toggles next instead of music, Add Toggles section in Settings, 3 different swipe up configuration (Swipe up on left to open music, up middle for switcher, up right to close app) and allow to customize that setup, Maybe have option for the switcher cards to start from bottom to top for bigger screens and 1 hand. I do like it so far and it will replace my other Tweaks if they add more functional stuff to it.

  • Damian

    Great tweak but does not offer much for people who are using GridSwitcher together with Tage/QuickDo. Using these two teaks you get a really nice switcher with extra bells and whistles

  • Shingo

    dont like the music mod, i prefer apple original one.
    anyone tried this with “Virtual Home” tweak?

    • sorrento

      With VirtualHome and Killbackground8 cause those two together are so much important for me and they work perfectly.
      I’m not gonna try this tweak till I know 😉

    • Todd Sorensen

      Yes. They work together. Maybe it’s just me, but Virtual Home seems a bit sluggish when used with Alympus.

  • QP

    Does it works on iPad too?

    • Shingo


      • That’s a shame. Looking at the video review I could see myself using this tweak on my iPad but I wouldn’t want to use it on my iPhone.

      • iky1e

        Coming in 1.1

      • Shingo

        hi dev, ppl concerns about this tweak being dead after a month or will be updated? bad experiences for us from A3tweak as this is not cheap

      • Neel Parikh

        When 1.1 will come? Any guesses?

    • besrate hogsa

      yes it does
      but it doesn’t look good

  • xBoomBastiKx

    still miss Auxo personally (combo of multitask and control center)

  • I like the execution of both the app switcher and music player, but the new control center kind of ruined all of it for me especially since it’s mandatory. I’m definitely not a fan of the, for lack of a better word, cluttered look.

    I might continue using Auxo LE (hopefully it gets updated soon) and wait for a tweak that replicates the iOS 9 app switcher.

    • iky1e

      You can have Control Center if you want. The app switcher gesture can be disabled and it’ll just open control centre like normal.

      • I see, that’s a relief. If the app switcher gesture is disabled, then is it safe to say that it can only be accessed via double tap home button? Can the Alympus music player and stock control center coexist?

      • iky1e

        Or any other Activator action you set up for it. Yes

  • Pat Dap

    Please I need help, how can I remove the black icon next to my wifi.

    • Shingo

      its ur loading theme, check on ur winterboard

      • Pat Dap

        My winterboard as no theme

      • rockdude094

        Place it into safe mode and see if the problem is fixed. If so check which tweak is causing it and delete it.

      • Pat Dap

        I find the problem is the statusforecast, I don’t know how fixe that.

      • Manuel Molina

        Delete it from cydia

      • Pat Dap

        I remove that in Cydia, and my statusbar is clear now… Thank you

      • Shingo

        i wont recommend using weather tweak too much coz it will take battery life faster altho it says refresh every 12hours but it doesnt really

      • Pat Dap

        Thank you for your help.

  • Jason Douglas Haas

    After using it for a little bit, I don’t really like it compared to Auxo. I’m not fond of the grid switcher and should adapt some design from Auxo or they should just update it. There’s too many pages for a control center!

  • Ds

    is anyone else missing some toggles? for some reason I dont have Alarm Clock, Camera, or Calculator.

    • Surenix

      Download FlipControlCenter from Cydia to get Clock, Camera and Calculator.

      • Ds

        Thank you!!

  • Neel Parikh

    Playing with it since 90 minutes. Nice looking graphics. It’s very hard to set collaboration between VH , Activator and stock CC ….lol. @jeff any suggestions?

    • iky1e

      Can you elaborate a bit on what exactly you are having trouble doing?

      • Neel Parikh

        I was confused for activation method. Use activator action or vHome. Found a way though.

      • Shingo

        how do u do it?

      • Neel Parikh

        Selected activator action like Double press home and vHome is smart enough for remaining process.

      • Shingo

        will the short hold execute multitask on Virtual Home still working with your tweak?

  • Pat Dap

    My winterboard as no theme inside, Ty

  • Blip dude

    Meh, I’ll just wait until it becomes compatible with iPad (still in need of either Auxo 3 update or another alternative). Auxo LE is working just fine for me on iPhone.

  • Dan

    Reminds me of Auxo, but not as well implemented.

  • Eddie Hines

    Vertex is a way better app then this (and cheaper!)

    • Verse

      No…this better than Vertex by far…I uninstalled vertex straight away and got this instead. All this needs is options in the settings and it’s done.

      • Eddie Hines

        not for $4! Vertex is great for my budget if there is no Auxo 3

      • iky1e

        What option did you want in the settings?

      • Neel Parikh

        I want reboot and clear badges. Stock setting shortcut is unnecessary because you have provided all small toggle there.

      • Verse

        Most importantly you need to let people choose what toggles they want to appear. I don’t want to see toggles that I wont ever use.

        Secondly, not so important, would be nice if you could add a switch to disable the music page.

        But the toggles thing is a definite must add.

      • iky1e

        Being able to hide toggles is coming in 1.1

      • baddestsammaritan

        And where’s the AirPlay button?

      • iky1e

        Like the stock Control Center it only appears when there’s an option to select.
        It will appear to the right of the volume slider.

      • iky1e

        It appears next to the volume bar when there are Airplay options available.

      • Verse

        Basically put this in your settings options
        Alympus > Toggles

  • Anthony Gatte

    Hey guys so I know what I’m about to ask has nothing to do with the topic but I figured it would be good to post on a jailbreaking thread since there are some smart people who come here. So i broke my iPhone 5s a while back so a friend gave me their unlocked phone 5s. I was on Verizon and the new one is on AT&T. I was not able to hook up the new AT&T phone on the Verizon website since I think the bands or something are different even with the new phone being unlocked. I wouldn’t be too upset if I could use iMessages on the unlocked phone when I have wifi but its just stuck on “waiting for activation…”. So atm I’m using an old iPhone 4 that I had a while ago but I was wondering if there would be any way I could get my iPhone 4 to send the texts to my iPhone 5s or something of that nature. Both phones are jailbroken. Please help out guys! Thanks in advance!!

  • Shurmano reshulón

    This is so much better than the stock multitasking interface. So much.

  • Paul Edmund

    What’s the speedometer toggle do?

    • Verse


      • Paul Edmund

        Why would I want to turn this off?

      • Verse

        Absolutely no idea my friend absolutely…no…idea…

  • Melma

    Pretty awesome Tweak for my iphone 6plus, but not for the battery , Tage works just fine…so tage all the way….

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea for ipad. Hopefully support will come. As for the iphone. Im a auxo fan.

  • dazzw

    well put together but ultimately a solution looking for a problem

  • Tylor Jackson

    I was see Alympus said only support iPod 5G, 6G, iPhone 4s,5, 5s, 6, 6s, and 6 plus. No support for iPad 2, 3, 4, mini 1(non-retina), mini 2 (retina), mini 3 (retina), Air 1, Air 2 :(..

  • port87

    id still like to keep my control center. Can’t the swipe gestures be like tage, disable one side and enable it on the other.

  • eQ

    Register today just to comment that HOLYSH**!!! That’s m-flo right there!!! Mad loves to Lotta Love!

    • Zuhair Aslam

      I heard there was someone making one, not sure if that is still true

  • Filex Fexli Sok

    It would be great if the next update could include the toggle of Closing all Apps or slide App switcher down to Kill All running apps. Another toggle of Rebooting device. and the last one is able to switch between Music page with toggle page

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Based of what Jeff said I tried it for all day today. All I can say is that I miss Auxo. Auxo was much better. Kill all, flashlight, AirPlay, and all on one screen.

  • Shaw

    GridSwitcher with QuickDo is way better than this

  • PJ

    Don’t knock it till you try it. Personally I feel that its a fair price considering the features it offers. Most tweaks are. A tweak that only works half the time, while the other half is overrun with bugs, is more of an issue for me than it is to pay for a tweak worth paying for. On the other hand, it is fair to say that a tweak that is price higher than usual ought to have a trial run before the user can be fully committed. If the developers have enough confident in pricing a tweak on the deep end, than they should also have enough confident that a short trial would convince the user to pay for it.

  • Seems like nobody is thinking of making iOS 9 App switcher look.

  • Arne Schaper

    Registered today and do like the way it works. Might be even better if there’s a switch to change position of toggles and music center. Last I nearly never use. Missing the a.m. “slingshot” to kill all apps at once. Pulling down always kills the particular app

  • besrate hogsa

    nothing wrong with the ios stock switcher
    why there is no enable/disable button ?

  • Paul Edmund

    Experiencing battery drain.

    • Arne Schaper

      …same here, quite massive. 36left after 8 hours with no usage like phone or surfing.

      • Paul Edmund

        Did a restore no back up. Going to see how it goes today.

      • Arne Schaper

        What do you mean by restore…starting from scratch with new jailbreak?

      • Paul Edmund

        Yes. I do that once in a while when I can.

      • Arne Schaper

        Ok, might be a good idea to do on a regular base. Battery drain for Home- and Lockscreen is actually at 28%

      • Paul Edmund

        Mine is at 36%. Perhaps an update will fix the battery drain.

  • Paul Edmund

    Hotspot toggle doesn’t work.

  • Paul Edmund

    Experiencing battery drain.

  • Roy Chang

    Downloaded, tried for 30 sec, uninstalled

  • Xee

    Awesome tweak, love the app switcher, works well with virtual home.

  • M_Hawke

    Not understanding all the hate. Or rather all the “meh” here. I think it looks great. It has all the features I’ve been looking for in an app switcher that has been absent for a while. Looks great. I think it is priced about a buck too much. But geez, we’re still talking what most people here spend on a Starbucks. (Which I don’t.) Looks like it is well implemented and well thought out. I’ll be getting it.

  • bln

    hey guys after installing it, me device change wallpaper to blurred everytime i went to landscape mode!
    can somebody agree it?

  • Poporopo00


    …i wouldn’t use it not even free.

    I’m happy with my FlipControlCenter and CCloader…heck yeah!!, i can get there faster than using this tweak… and more than happy with my GridView and switchspring.

    People wanted AUXO not this thing.

    …i guess they too hard for nothing….weeell someone is going to buy it.


    …when is AUKI coming back by the way?
    …sorry, i just loved AUKI.

  • I bought it and tried it, but ultimately uninstalled it and went back to Gridswitcher. Alympus is too finicky when trying to swipe to close an app. It keeps sliding to the music control. It’s annoying. I’d maybe give it another go if they fixed this or allowed me to disable the other stuff and just use that task switcher. Cos I like the animation when opening and closing it, which Gridswitcher doesn’t have.

  • waverdr

    Okay guys,
    Ive installed and enjoyed but wondering what the heck this icon is for, (see attached pic)