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Snapchat has apparently abated from its cat and mouse game with jailbreak tweak developers. Less than a few days after Snapchat begun locking out users who had Snapchat-specific jailbreak tweaks installed on their devices, Snapchat stopped locking out users.

How long will Snapchat stop its lockouts? Is this just a temporary thing until it’s able to adequately update and clarify its terms of service? It’s still relatively unclear at this point.

What is clear is that Phantom, a Snapchat-centric tweak created by jailbreak developer CokePokes, has been updated to workaround the Snapchat crackdown. So even if Snapchat were to change its course again, and reengage jailbreak users, Phantom’s latest version should work regardless.

After working tirelessly since the initial issue of account lockouts first surfaced, CokePokes and other developers like Philip Tennen and qwertyoruiop began working on a fix for the issue.

The new version of Phantom—version 4.3.2—can be found on the BigBoss repo.

Snapchat Phantom lock out 4.3.2

Again, it is definitely within the rights of Snapchat to make rules on how their service is used, and they explicitly state that “plugins” are not welcomed. Thus, proceed at your own risk when it comes to using this, or any sort of Snapchat-oriented jailbreak tweak.

Although Snapchat has ceased its bans on jailbroken users, we know that that could change at any time, especially since its yet to make any announcement on its policy regarding jailbreak tweaks. With this in mind, it’s probably best if you’re running the latest version of Phantom if you’re going to use it at all.

What do you think?

  • Sharma15

    Long Live Phantom!

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    That escalated quickly

  • Eikast

    Not going to lie but this while controversy led me to install Phantom and pay for a license. No one likes a bully.

  • Dharam

    Potential tweak idea: Selective automatic app updates, useful in an instance such as this maybe? So for example you would be able to update all other apps except the ones you’ve selected (any that may have a jailbreak tweak working with it for example snapchat, whatsapp etc.

    Not a developer or anything just an idea, I thought I’d throw out there
    There may well already be something like this out there, if there is my bad!

  • max423tgre

    just use location spoofer. It’s safe for sure, because it’s system level fake

    • Hot12345

      Like what? Do you know a good location spoofer?

      • Jason Douglas Haas

        No, get Location Faker; it’s smooth. (iPhone 6 iOS 8.4)

  • ravinigga

    Is there a button for donate. 70hrs damm

    • Jason Douglas Haas

      Yes, it’s at the bottom of Phantom Configuration.

  • RubberDuckZilla

    Thank goodness. I was getting tired or regular snap chat already. loll Thank you.

  • Jason Douglas Haas

    When Phantom was down, I used Almpoum to screenshot without other people knowing.

  • Terry Scott Botsio

    When I try to log in it still says I should update snapchat first (even after updating my phantom)
    Is Anyone else getting this same error?

  • Johnnie_ connor

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