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Apple on Wednesday released the second public beta of iOS 9 to testers. The seed comes just 24 hours after beta 4 of iOS 9 was pushed to developers, and roughly two weeks after Apple dropped the first public beta.

Beta 2 is available to anyone in Apple’s public testing program, either via the web portal or as an over-the-air update for folks already on beta 1. If you’re looking for help updating to iOS 9, we have a great tutorial here.

The software is labeled build 13A4305g, and as far as we can tell, it’s identical to yesterday’s beta 4 developer release. That update brought about Home Sharing for music, a new interface for Handoff and other changes.

Here’s our hands-on video with beta 4:

Apple is expected to release the final [non-beta] version of iOS 9 in mid-September.

  • James G

    Shocker! I wonder if this means they’ll follow suit with additional developer releases?

    • It’s been like this since the first public betas, and I believe they will continue to ship public beta one day after developer beta as long as there’re no serious bugs in the developer beta.

      • James G

        I believe previous public betas were not released along with every developer beta. OS X Yosemite public beta only received 2 or 3 updates where as developer betas were much more frequent.

  • Andy Copeland

    OS X released as well

  • Chris Gilmore

    So… I did the whole “Delete Public Beta 1 Profile and you’ll get a OTA dev update” thing that Jeff posted earlier. Now that this second public beta is out, should I go back to public instead of dev?

    • sharp44MAG

      I wouldn’t, it’s the same firmware. There’s no difference between the two.

  • Toxicfume

    How do I update to this beta if I have a Jailbroken iOS 8?

    • Blip dude

      The same way you would update any firmware. get the iOS 9 beta profile first though.

  • Bobby

    Anyone know of a fix or if it has been fix in this release for App Store constantly asking for your Apple ID and password when downloading all your apps at once

    • Thuan H Nguyen

      I’m on public beta 2 and the same problem is still there though I heard the problem was fixed with dev beta 4 (but they are the same, aren’t they?). Any confirms?

  • lou coffee

    Question guys what happened to the camera on the lock screen in iOS 9 bata is there anyone else missing this on the lock screen

    • I have it

      • lou coffee

        I have it on my iPad Air 2 but not on my iPhone 6 Plus I have checked all my settings against one another but cannot figure this out please help thank you

  • Gates Q

    Believed it had been a little pushed and awkward occasionally but thats to be expected in the initial show. Never was a fan of late night speak unless I was stuck at my grandparents or something lol but I will likely listen in again because their colbert

  • Delia_Forbes_Z253 email

    Since, as a result of other individuals such as Samsung, LG, Moto, Microsoft/Lumia, etc. having way on the 8mp that Apple had because the 4 (The quantity, maybe not the car photo function or camera features), I believe it absolutely was required, my friend.