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I’ve had the privilege of testing out an LG G4 for the last 3 weeks, and I’ve finally found the time to write down my impressions about the highly esteemed flagship phone. If you’ve been keeping up with all of the rumblings regarding the G4, then it probably won’t be the first time you’ve heard some of the things I have to say in this overview.

At iDB, we strive to stay in the know about competing devices, and freely acknowledge that some of them do things better than the Apple devices that we’re most intimately familiar with. In this post, I’ll share five features about the LG G4 that particularly stood out to me.

First and foremost, the camera is bonkers! Not only is the general quality of the camera really good, but it excels in low light situations, features a great 4K video camera, and has tons of manual controls to fool around with. Check out our video overview of the camera inside.

Lock screen shortcuts

The LG G4 features the ability to add customizable shortcuts to the Lock screen. These shortcuts allow you to launch directly into an app of your choice upon unlocking.

Lock screen shortcuts LG G4

Since most smartphone users generally have a few go-to apps, this can help speed up workflows and brings an overall sense of convenience and usefulness to the LG G4’s lock screen.


Let’s face it; Android phones have always lagged behind the iPhone when it comes to camera quality. The LG G4 is trying to change this notion, and it’s throwing in the entire kitchen sink in the process.

The G4’s camera features a low light loving f/1.8 lens, tons of manual controls for white balance, shutter speed, ISO and more—it even allows you to shoot raw images. On top of that, videographers will feel good about the device’s ability to shoot 4K video, and the in-video-capture auto focus.

Removable battery

Android phones used to be known for their ability to self-manage the battery. This is rapidly changing, as more phones adopt unibody designs similar to the iPhone.

LG G4 review 7

Two other flagship phones that I’ve reviewed—the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 feature non-replaceable batteries. This makes the LG G4 the only flagship phone of the three mentioned to feature a battery that’s swappable.

Shortcut key

There are usually two things that all users need to quickly do from time to time on their phones—jot down a quick note, or take a quick photo.

The LG G4’s shortcut key option allows you to do both directly from the lock screen using a simple double-press gesture on the device’s volume buttons. The camera shortcut is even capable of taking a photo automatically once the camera app launches.

LG G4 review 1

Screen size and resolution

The LG G4’s 5.5″ screen matches the size of the iPhone 6 Plus, but it features a higher resolution screen than Apple’s super-sized iPhone.

The 1440 X 2560 screen makes text look razor sharp, and even games can take advantage of all of that resolution, though that doubtlessly comes with battery life compromises.

LG G4 review 8


Although it’s processor is slower than competing devices like the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the LG G4 is perhaps the most well-rounded Android phone to ever launch, and a good choice for iPhone users who are potentially looking to try something new.

Here are some of the realistic takeaways from the LG G4 that I’d like to see from the iPhone:

  • Customizable Control Center shortcuts
  • Better manual controls in the stock camera + 4K video
  • Higher resolution display

The remaining two items—swappable battery and hardware shortcuts—are things we’ll likely never see from the iPhone, so it’s not even worth wishing for.

Have you ever used an LG G4? What are your thoughts on the device? Do you think it’s camera supersedes the iPhone’s?

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  • Geekhound

    Using this phone currently as my primary. Awesome device, but my iPhone 5’s size and simplicity still feels much better! I dont find much difference between the screen quality though. Should i get my eyes checked?

    • Diminishable returns in general, but I do think text is sharper.

      • Geekhound

        Its only the brightness and the visibility in sunlight that makes it a better screen IMO

    • Yeah I still use my old i5 when I’m home on wifi. All it needs is Touch ID and a better battery.

      • Geekhound

        Battery has never been a problem for me with the i5.

  • iPhoneWINS

    its and android device = fail

    • Stop it.

      • iPhoneWINS

        oh my bad i forgot the power of money for a split second…lol

      • iPhoneWINS

        I&A Download blog needs to be the new name..

      • Golicza Alpár

        No, I don’t think so. It’s just nonsense to talk trash here.

      • Dan

        It’s just a phone man. It’s nice to know what’s out there. I prefer android at the moment but I still like to see what’s going on with iOS.

      • Valinor

        actually he is right. I start reading about android phones, get really excited, but then at the end it hits me…. its Android. I love the Samsung s6 edge design. If it had IOS I would have totally jumped over. Heck, if it had Windows phone or Tizen I would jump over.
        But its android, the most fragmented and unsecure OS out there. Ow and its Google…. No thanks.
        Same for the LG G4. Its really cheap over here with alot of great deals. Half the price of an iphone 6.
        If it had something else then android I would have considered it.

      • George

        if iphones were so secure why do hundreds of people get hacked on their iclouds daily? all you do is hack someones email and bam their entire icloud is done.

      • Valinor

        Because they are idiots using weak passwords.
        And I wasn’t talking about icloud. I was talking about the phone itself.
        Also in my personal opinion, i dont get why people store personal stuff in the cloud. Nothing online is secure, we all know that. Then why risk it. Just because its a bit easier, people take these big risks.
        Its not that hard doing an itunes backup on your pc and if you really want to be safe, store it on an external harddrive.
        What? A pc isnt safe also? Dont click on weird links or visit porn sites. Use a good antivirus/firewall package and its all fine.

        Anyways back to the subject, the only thing i use icloud for is to save my contacts. And any hacker can have those. Worst case scenario I’ll have to change my number.
        Also they probably have those anyways, whatsapp, snapchat have them too. And alot of other people have the same contacts.

        So yeah i dont really use cloud. Turned on all restrictions and tracking options in ios.
        I have more control then in ios.
        Also yeah, to use a phone these days you’ll have to trust a company.
        And i trust apple a little bit more.
        Cant trust a company which formost earns money with ads.

      • Benedict

        Just because it is possible to run viruses on a device it does not mean they are infected. I use android since years and I don’t use any antivirus. For what? If you say it’s stupid to have a weak password it is more stupid to go to some website, download pirated software, turn off the apk lock, turn off the autoscan for malware of android and then install it.
        Also take a look at the exploits in the last months which were infecting iOS and not Android.
        To sum it up, you shouldn’t be so narrowminded, believe all exaggerations and try out it out yourself like Jeff did.

      • Valinor

        I had a galaxy s1, s2, htc one and then switched to the iphone 5. Currently on the iphone 6
        My brother and a good friends have the s5 and s6.
        Its not my thing.

      • Dan

        Opinions are like @ssh0les, we’ve all got them. Just because you prefer something, doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone.

      • Valinor

        Yeah and thats why I started talking about security. Also the smoothness of IOS is well know.
        If there is a security leak in ios, it gets fixed in the next update. Even the iphone 4s will still get ios9 with its security fixes.
        Goodluck getting android firmware updates on older devices.

      • Benedict

        You have to wait for the next update with iOS. Android can update system apps and has google services on every device – no matter how ld it is.

      • iPhoneWINS

        that was soo deep

      • Dan

        Actually it’s not, that’s the point.

      • iPhoneWINS


      • mobilemann

        same way google accounts get compromised, people without two factor authentication do stupid things, and get phished. The “icloud hack” didn’t actually hack anything it was social engineering. But i guess if you’re a sad person who specially dislikes one company, you’re willing to make stuff up to support your claims.

      • Kinda funny iam the exact opposite of you if an iPhone had Android i would buy it

      • iPhoneWINS


    • Manuel Molina

      Not every android device is bad or a fail. While I’m not a fan of the OS with certain companies, Google and HTC have shown me that android can be great on many levels.

    • John

      Stop with this rubbish.

      OT: Thanks for the write up Jeff. It seems like a really nice phone. Personally, I’m waiting for the new Nexus 2015 to upgrade from my iPhone 5.

    • DestroyerOfGods

      Your spelling capabilities = fail.

      • iPhoneWINS

        you period = fail

      • DestroyerOfGods

        -give you a round of applause-
        Yeah because, you know, that was original.

    • Manjot Singh

      Some phones might be a fail (android or not) and some may consider a specific phone a fail however not all android phones are fails. Btw your spelling might be failing…
      EDIT: Forgot to mention: I do not only own non-apple devices. I have both android/iOS…

    • ravinigga

      Why Android fail. Is a cool open os.
      I like this G4 better than then s6 gimmick edge.

  • Bronson

    Jeff, third para video video

    • Merci.

      • Bronson

        No worries. Keep these coming Jeff, since its awesome to know what the competition brings than being stuck in an “iWorld”…mind you which i still love though lol

      • So do I! But yes, we have to know what else is out there.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jeff every reader here knows what’s out there, and if i was Sebastian I wouldn’t permit this, why? 1- Because you are paying your bills from IOS blogging not Android if i want to know about android i will hit YouTube or Android blogs, you are telling people go and find out about Android and switch then what happens to that less internet traffic through your website, or you do think android users are buying stuff from you? maybe but not as much as us, now who do you think pay Sebastien’s bills? Android? Not of course, it’s being because of Apple that this website has had a successful pick up! Have you seen Android stuff in the Apple Stores or vice versa? No right? Jeff this website is a business not a hobby, everyone knows what’s out there, so if someone its in the middle of deciding what to buy and Google it and comes through this article then what happens they think by your opinion that this phone is better than an iPhone then this person buys the Android one! There goes your money to another webside (Android Blogs) not to your website (IOS Blog)= less internet traffic through you.
        Sorry about this rant but you have to start thinking more about your business, not everyone else’s, leave this reviews to Android Blogs they benefit from it, i come in here because I’m an IOS user and buy from your website, I don’t go to an android website to buy stuff, I’m not saying that this phone is a bad choice maybe not but think about it! Sebastien might be biting his lips everytime you post one of this! just my opinion!

      • mav3rick

        This sounds like coming from a simple isheep closed mind. Not seeing past the bitten piece of the pome and even more, trying to ban free expressions of the most talented writer here? You should stick with the posts “how to…” or “tweaks of the week”… Maybe the most clicked here and paying the bills. Or wait, those are Jeff’s…

        Not “every” but a lot of readers comes here for Jeff’s articles. His reviews, even that sometimes little biased towards some devs., are the stamp of Jailbreak tweaks. And his videos have a very distinctive flair and very enjoyable to watch. He is for many the face of iDB. And now his views on the other options are even nicer as they’re coming from someone cherishing his beloved idevices.

        Next what, to forbid him even touch other devices? He even had a S5 for a while.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Have you ever had a business?

      • mav3rick

        Bet you have a very lousy one as you have time to make this close minded comments on the most recognized writer from this blog and one of the well known for his reviews on Jailbreak tweaks / apps. And obviously attracting the most readers here, duh….

      • Alberto Espinal

        What? What one thing got to do with another, keep working for somebody else buddy, have a great day!

      • Dan

        If you’re not interested, donc click on it, sheesh. The point of these ‘reviews’ is to give his opinion taking into account the fact that he is a full time iPhone user. A lot of people find it interesting. Have you noticed that these reviews get a lot of activity? That’s their bread and butter. If you would get off your soapbox for a minute you’d see that.

      • Alberto Espinal

        I didn’t even read your comment because i knew one of you was gonna jump, have you ever had a business?? Because i have!

      • Dan

        You read it. And who cares if you’ve had a business, this one isn’t yours. Notice the author didn’t bother answering your wall of whining.

      • Alberto Espinal

        That answered my question, have a great day!

      • Alberto Espinal

        And by the way he didn’t answered because he understood what my whining was about

      • Dan

        More likely be doesn’t feel like wasting his time. I’m bored at work so I don’t care lol. Have a great day!

      • Alberto Espinal

        Yea have a great time working for somebody else!

      • Dan

        I do, thank you! Cushy well paid government job, 0 stress and a great retirement package. All I ever wanted.

      • Alberto Espinal


  • I owned an lg G3 and the one thing I preferred on that over the iPhone 6 plus was how much smaller it felt and looked having the same screen size, I know it’s not the G4 but the form factor is the same, I also owned an s6 edge and the only thing I preferred on that over the 6 plus was the camera, there are many things that different android devices have that trump the iPhone but they’re all on separate devices which is really frustrating and I think it’s for that reason that I keep coming back to iOS even after extended periods of time

  • Montgomery Tyler

    is this the end for iphone? it seems people are looking at android phones now.

    • Jack Wong

      This is just start another fight…

      LV vs Nike

      • Montgomery Tyler

        I just hope Jeff is not leaving us for G4? Don’t leave Jeff!!!!!

      • iPhoneWINS


  • S.Curry

    That Verizon tramp stamp though……..

  • urrl

    I switched from the LG G3 to the iPhone 6+ mainly due to the fact that the LG display washed out in outdoor situations. After comparing my G3 screen to the iPhone’s in the Apple store I clearly saw a contrast and brightness difference. The G4’s brightness and contrast was not mentioned in this review; wonder if it at least matches the iPhone’s. I’m not really concerned with resolution. I just want to see my phone’s display in the day. Everything else about the G3 was awesome.

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    used the lg g4 for like a month. Awesome phone, amazing camera. That screen is a pleasure to look at. The curve of it, the resolution, the size, the contrast, the saturation, all this combined makes the screen just perfect and while its a 5.5 inch device it still doesnt feel too big. Software wise its also really good. Lg’s UI looks clean and brings some nice features. BUT if you are used to ios you may find yourself at some point just wanting to switch back to the familiar apple os even though the lg g4 probably gives you more for less money

  • jilex

    Nice review! It’s good to see not everyone in iDB it’s an apple fanboy :), not just for the money

    • iPhoneWINS


  • Guy

    Seeing all these high quality Android cameras come out lately is great for business.
    Now Apple has to step up its game in the camera department for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
    Everyone wins cause of these on going camera phone battles.