Cydia Redesign

The tweak releases for the past week started off a little slow, but finished up very strong. This week’s releases were capped off with the unveiling and subsequent release of Cydia Impactor.

Cydia Impactor, as you’re probably well aware of by now, is a new tool from saurik that makes it possible to un-jailbreak your iPhone, but maintain your current firmware. Many will undoubtedly find this tool useful, especially when Apple stops signing iOS 8.4.

But of course, Cydia Impactor wasn’t the only notable release to hit the airwaves this week. Check inside as we highlight nearly two dozen different jailbreak releases from the past week.

ABCopyTXT: lets you copy text in Alien Blue (free – review)
Acapella II: brings music gesture controls to the Lock screen ($1.99)
AfterLock: automate Activator actions after locking (free)
BatteryFlow: customize iOS low battery alerts (free)
CirDock: customize your iPhone’s dock ($1.00)
Cydia Impactor: un-jailbreak your iOS device (free – review)
DelayVolChange: make volume changing more consistent (free)
DockBar for iPhone (iOS 8): add an app launcher to the side of your screen ($0.99 – review)
FastLoading: disables rebuilding of app icon caches for faster Cydia loading (free)
FileVelox: an iFile plugin for Velox 2 (free)
Flyer: customize send button with an image in Messages (free)
GoTappa: show taps on screen (free)
Mix Toolbox: customize Notification Center and Control Center display ($0.99)
nobar+: browse Cydia in full screen mode (free – review)
NoDiscoverInStories: removes the Live Stories and Discover section in SnapChat (free)
ShowAllCydiaUpdates: Forces Cydia to have Show All Changes toggled on for every package (free)
TWBVelox: use Twitter from SpringBoard via Velox 2 (free)
TranslucentCydia: add translucent install page to Cydia (free – review)
UnlockTime: show the last time your device was unlocked (free)
WA Disable Proximity Sensor: disable proximity sensor in WhatsApp (free)
WALockChats: add private conversations to WhatsApp (free)
WAVelox: add WhatsApp support to Velox 2 (free)
WhitelistSwitcher: clean up the App Switcher by whitelisting apps ($0.99)

What do you think about this week’s crop of new jailbreak tweaks?


  • GeekCornerUK

    Some fantastic tweaks this week

  • Vvbreaker

    CirDock is a really great tweak! I recommend posting a review article, Jeff 🙂

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I just want A3Tweaks to update AuxoLE. I’ve been tweeting and emailing them for months, Ryan and Sentry included, about a serious bug one that renders the device unusable unless a hard reboot is performed. I never got a reply or an acknowledgment of the issue. Also there’s the issue of Auxo only partially working on iOS 8.3+.

  • Jaleon

    @lucusbendzsa:disqus Have you tried Tage? I’m using it and I love it!

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Going to try it tonight.

    • Hotrod

      Tage is amazing, but it’ll only let you use it 5 times. I updated all my devices (4) to 8.3, jailbroke, then updated all 4 devices to 8.4 the rejailbroke, and when I try to reinstall I get this crap, all the other tweaks in Cydia show officially purchased

    • Blip dude

      Why though?? Not gonna bash on Tage (cause you know, haven’t tried it), but if Auxo is already doing the trick for me personally, why buy yet again another tweak??

      Begin contradicting rant: But I also have to admit, as much as I like A3 tweaks, the entire concept of it in itself has just been ridiculous. Also, as much as I feel bad for Sentry for having to take a lot of heat for everything under A3 not being updated, it has been a poorly executed plan that has not been fixed. I know the days of Auxo are coming to an end, but dammit at least one more iOS 8 compatibility update will suffice. (End rant)

  • @EnricoBara

    So why you updated? 😀

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      I got an Apple Watch.

      • @EnricoBara

        You made a choice

        Il domenica 19 luglio 2015, Disqus ha scritto:

  • deepdvd

    CORRECTION: “AfterLock: automate Activator actions after _locking_ (free)”

  • Kay-D

    Off Topic: Is it just me or anyone else too who’s noticing huge battery drain after updating to iOS 8.4. Battery on my 6 Plus goes from 100 to 0 in 4 hours. I didn’t even use Apple music.
    Can anyone suggest any fix.

    • JayDee917

      Haven’t noticed much of a change in battery life on my 6 Plus.

    • Ahmad Naser

      I faced the same problem … try to restart ur iphone .. that’s help me out

      • Kay-D

        I did.
        I even tried a fresh install. But no luck 🙁

      • Blip dude

        While it may not help much, it won’t hurt to make a trip to the Apple Store. I was having battery issues myself once (iOS 6 days), the “Genius” thought it was BS and simply did a full clean restore in-store only to realize, during the process the battery’s temperature was reaching almost 60C, and realized that there was in fact, a hardware issue. I left the store with a brand new phone that day.

        Even if they don’t do anything the first time, wait a few days, go back and complain again, and you’ll more than likely leave a new phone. I’d do it before iOS 8.4.1 though.

      • Kay-D

        Yea i will definitely try visiting Apple Store

  • Westbrook

    Am I the only one whose Notification Center freezes after replying to a message? I had Couria but I uninstalled it and the issue was still there. Could it be the jailbreak?!

    • Bosh

      I don’t think it’s the jailbreak as I haven’t seen this reported before (and it’s also no happening to my jailbroken iPhone 6).
      Maybe you have a tweak for the notification center?

      • Westbrook

        Just now seeing this but no, I have no tweaks specifically for the Notification Center. I have springtomize 3 and that’s all. Maybe it’s something within that tweak