iPhone Firmware

Wishing to downgrade (or upgrade) to iOS 8.3? If so, you’re too late, as Apple just stopped signing iOS 8.3.

As has been the trend lately, Apple tends to continue signing older firmware even after new firmware—such as last week’s iOS 8.4—has been out for a while. This time, a full week passed before Apple closed the doors on iOS 8.3.

What does this mean for users?

It means that if you wish to downgrade from iOS 8.4, you simply can’t. It also means that if you’re on a lower firmware, such as iOS 8.1.3, and wish to upgrade to iOS 8.3 instead of iOS 8.4, you can’t.

In a nutshell, it means that you basically are forced to upgrade to iOS 8.4 in all situations. Granted, there have been some rumblings of potential downgrades, so you should always look into saving your SHSH blobs for all firmwares, but nothing solid has come from this yet.

The good news is that iOS 8.4 can be jailbroken, so it’s not like jailbreakers are out of the game yet. But, this does mean that you should definitely save your iOS 8.4 SHSH blobs in preparation for the next version of iOS that is coming.

As always, you can visit IPSW.me to check the signing status of Apple firmware.

What are your thoughts on this inevitable change?

  • Dany Quirion

    still waiting for ios 9 beta 3, eddy cue said early this week…

    • iPhoneWINS

      I will update when IOS9 drops

  • B.A.M.F.

    dont see any problem with this at all…. 8.4 is the latest version of ios and you CAN jailbreak on this version…. so why not update to get all the latest stuff then jailbreak…..

    • Manuel

      Battery drain? 😉

    • Jon

      Your statement is true in a sense that it’s still jailbreakable. However others, including myself, noticed horrible battery drain on 8.4 due to apples new ‘Music’ app. Just as an example in over an hour of using music in the background paired with texting, my battery went from 71% to 32% on my 6+.

      I already went back to 8.3 the next day and the battery is what I expect from my 6+ again.

      • Shingo

        powerbank it while music-ing

      • aizathisyam

        I’m using a Yoobao 13000 mAh power bank

      • This Guy

        I don’t plan to use Apple Music, as I am already invested in Spotify and I don’t want to learn a new service. How do you think my battery will be affected, if any, if I upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4?

  • avd98

    Is it worth jailbreaking? I’ve jailbroken all of my devices but things look a little unoptimised imo…

    • regkilla

      my 8.4 jailbreak is stable.

    • Sketch

      I’m on ios 8.3 jailbreak. If you don’t care about apple music then there’s really no point of going to ios 8.4. Unless Apple drops iOS 8.4.1 or something to close jailbreak.

  • Shingo

    no 1 cares

  • leart

    just updated/jailbreaked the ipad 2 on my work, from 8.1.1 to 8.4 and noticed a huge improvement. don’t see any reason to stay on 8.3, 8.4 is so much better

    • Mkondrak

      I hate the new music app thats why im staying on 8.3

      • leart

        can’t tell, i use that iPad just to test pages so i never used the music app, but the device feels like it is more fast on every way, very little to no lag at all

    • Bjones331

      What improvements did you see?

      • regkilla

        For one, Safari browser hasn’t crashed.

      • Bjones331

        I’m jailbroken on ios 8.1 and have experienced that

      • Bjones331


      • leart

        feels more snappier overall and yeah, safari can handle heavy web pages without crashing , we are developing web pages and that iPad is used just for tests and yeah the performance is near to the ios 7 one

    • M_Hawke

      Experiencing any battery drain from 8.4 jb?

      • leart

        can’t tell, my iPad 2 stays all the time in office.. even that is used from 3 yeas now, it has incredible battery life + I’m not installing many tweaks on it, my main reason i used to jailbreak it, was the ability to transfer files on it without itunes, zeppelin, barrel so no the battery life is not affected at all

      • M_Hawke

        OK, thanks for your feedback.

  • Anthony

    I’m still on ios 8.3 jailbroken won’t be updating until there a jailbreak tool for the mac on ios 8.4

  • Apparently iOS 8.3 for Apple TV is also no longer being signed despite Apple never making an iOS 8.4 for it…

    • LocalH

      So does that mean there’s no firmware being signed for affected Apple TVs?

    • Blip dude

      Yes it is!! check the IPSW website. Either iDB or disqus is not letting me post links. But iOS 8.3 is STILL being signed.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I guess I updated to 8.3 and jailbroke just in time the day before yesterday. Glad I did or else I’d have to restore to 8.4 and use that horrendous new music app, dislike it. Has anyone been getting these issues on the 8.3/8.4 jailbreak?

    1) NC bug where Today/Tomorrow Summary reappearing after reboot/respring even after removing them from NC?

    2) Spotlight search bug where not all apps appear when inputting a dot “.” in Spotlight search which is supposed to be a shortcut to show all apps and for me it’s only showing Tweetbot for some reason, before 8.3 I’d get a list of all my apps installed (stock and 3rd party).

    3) Bug with the stock iOS dark keyboard (i.e. When invoking Spotlight search) with reduce transparency turned ON, some of the key pops are transparent/translucent when they should be opaque. But with reduce transparency OFF the key pops are opaque like they’re supposed to be.

    Anyone facing these issues?

  • Blip dude

    Just when I was considering downgrading back to 8.3 —- Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to beats 1 as it has been doing exactly what I want it to: Discover something new, and I will take Advantage of Apple Music as soon as my Spotify $1 3 month trial comes to an end next month.

    But I absolutely HATE the overhaul of the music app. Personally the miniplayer is pointless to me. I do not need an option to decide what to play next in advance. I can do that myself. Multiple albums of 1 artist can no longer be played simultaneously, so whenever an album ends playing through, I have to go back into the music app to continue playing the next album, and so on. I really hope this changes in the future.

    • Just click on the thumbnail next to the artist or the “…” to play all albums

  • Mark S


  • Jenn Scott

    I just upgraded to 8.4 – Now I have no service & no way to go back… Now what? I’ve looked all over & everything I’ve come up with says the only way to get service back to is to go backward, but you can’t…. so does that mean I’m without service until the next upgrade??

  • Seth Hinton

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