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It’s definitely not perfect, but there is a new option for importing Spotify playlists into Apple Music. An Apple Script app called STAMP (Spotify to Apple Music Playlist), by developer Bartosz Hernas, uses automation to try to massage your exported playlists into Apple Music. Does it work?

Note: You’ll need the latest version of iTunes to use this tool.

How to export Spotify playlists into Apple Music:

Step 1: Go to the Stamp website

Step 2: Click the Exportify link to be taken to Exportify and login with your Spotify account

Step 3: Export the playlists (.CSV) that you wish to import into Apple Music

Step 4: Download the Stamp app, and run it

Step 5: Point to the exported CSV file from Exportify

Step 6: Wait as the App searches Apple Music and attempts to add each song one by one

If you have a big playlist, it’s a long and arduous process, but at least it’s automated. I didn’t have a very good success rate (less than 50%), but when it was able to find the songs, Stamp was able to add them to the My Music tab in iTunes with no problem.

I imagine that most will probably have a pretty good success rate. I guess it depends on the music that you have, and the search queries used. Perhaps some of the songs listed in Spotify are listed slightly different in Apple Music.

How did Stamp work for you?

  • ready1take1

    So you CAN’T make a playlist in iTunes using Apple music?

    • Yes, you can…just select all of the tracks, right click, add to playlist

      • ready1take1

        Man I just don’t see it. That’s in the NEW apple music “for you” or “New” tabs? I know how to do it for your music. But all I see when I right click is Play, Add to up next, Get info, and Love, etc.

  • J. Rockwell

    I was waiting for a solution to this!!!!

  • Logan

    I started using it after I saw it in /r/Jailbreak, I’m going to wait for a more streamlined solution. At this point, I think Spotify has better playlist management and Apple Music has good radio.

  • :D

    What an awesome name!

  • Jamessmooth

    Does this work for windows pc?

  • nonchalont

    Anything for Rdio users?

  • Ariel

    “stamp is not allowed assistive access” what does that mean?

  • Niko

    It came out a little too late for me. I already imported my playlists from Spotify to Apple Music one by one song. It took me forever but it was worth it. However, the only thing I dislike about the new music app is that when I try to make my music available offline, there are always some songs that won’t download and they’re just stuck without finishing downloading. Therefor if I’m not connected to wifi, I can’t listen to those songs. Anybody else with that problem?

  • f1ght3r

    I spent hours at work today manually adding songs lol oh well

  • Kominimatchen

    Spotify is Much Much Much More refined,organised,trax start Much faster, better selection in music ( My taste )electronic house and hip hop and soul ) hands down …

    • Black Hillary Clinton

      Of course it is, Spotify has been online for 7 years. Apple Music has been around for 7 days………

      • J. Rockwell

        lmao – pretty good start for 7 days!!!

      • In all fairness though, Apple aren’t exactly new to the music scene as they were with, say, Apple Maps. Apple has years of music management experience through iTunes that they could have used more than they seem to have.

      • barney phife

        The quote was Spotify is more refined. The definition of refined is to be improved over time.

        Of course Spotify is more refined. As Apple Music will be years from now. I think Apple Maps is a great example. I would not touch Apple Maps the first year it was out. Now it is all that I use. I expect Apple Music to be quite the same.

      • J. Rockwell

        I agree with that…..they definitely had a good base to start from. I think the hardest part is attempting to integrate AM into the existing iTunes app. There is just too much going on.

      • JoJo

        Experience with music yes but streaming is a whole different ball park all together.

  • David Hughes

    It’s not clear to me how this helps. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but iI load a playlist from Spotify with many artists and albums etc, how do I then put those into a playlist on Apple Music? I see the files in My Music, but I have lost the fact that they were in a particular playlist, which sort of misses the point of a playlist. How do you recreate the playlist at the Apple end?

    • Michał Hernas

      Hey. I am one of Stamp creator. Really soon we will release new version with Playlists exporting included.

  • roger

    Stamp crashes after add the .csv file 🙁

    • Omar Gomez

      Same here….

  • Ashymer

    hahaha STAMP was free until yesterday… i guess someone notice that it was a real pice this software

  • Chuck Finley

    Anybody know if there’s any software to go the other way? i.e. import my iTunes playlists to Spotify?

  • Martin De Jesus Uresti

    I don’t know if I should trust you… Has anyone tried Ramon Fritsch tool?

    • I can ensure you it works. 680+ accounts already imported successfully.

  • Elias

    iSpotMusic is a better alternative in my opinion.

  • David Hughes

    ok great news about the playlist version. However my other comment about failed searches is still relevant, so I hope you guys took that on board and it will be resolved in future version. The issue I am getting is that the search terms to find track in Apple Music sometimes produce no results on some tracks, even though they exist in Apple Music. On failure of the first search, trying a different format (eg leave out album text) seems to yield results. Stamp seems to try only once to find the track with the initial search. Can I suggest if there is a fail different formats are tried, maybe up to 3 different methods? Doing this manually seems to work for me, it just needs to be in the script.

  • nouseforaname

    This app is trash if you have an Rdio music account. Just an FYI. Internal server error everytime you actually try to obtain playlist info from Rdio via Stamp.

  • Bangelica

    I would recommend using musconv to transfer your music playlist from one music library to another – Bangelica

  • Bangelica

    try checking the musconv tool for transferring your music playlist from one music library from one library to another – bangelica