El Capitan on iPad

Is Apple really readying an iPad that could run both iOS and OS X? The toaster-refrigerator dilemma has been occupying the collective mind of fans who have been keeping their fingers crossed for the convergence of the Mac and iPad ever since the original iPad debuted more than five years ago.

Apple’s European trademark filing for ‘El Capitan’ is certainly intriguing, to say the least, as it mentions tablets as one of the devices targeted by the desktop operating system, as revealed yesterday by Patently Apple.

A verbiage in the European Patent & Trademark Office’s trademark filing for “OS X El Capitan” mentions tablets, hinting that El Capitan might be on its way to iPads.

Even more curiously, that element of Apple’s international Class verbiage wasn’t listed for either OS X Mavericks or Yosemite trademark filings, says Patently Apple.

Again, Apple could be simply covering all the bases here though it’s still interesting that tablets were not mentioned in previous OS X filings. Maybe a rumored ‘iPad Pro’ that should have a screen measuring between 12.2 and 12.9 inches diagonally would be the perfect device to bring El Capitan over to tablets?

The iPad Pro is rumored to include USB-C, an optional stylus accessory built by Apple, NFC, Force Touch-enabled screen and Apple’s next-generation A9 processor.

Since we’re speculating, let’s recall Apple’s official stance on hybrid devices.

Commenting on Microsoft’s approach to Windows, which was designed to scale easily from tablets to notebooks to desktop systems, Apple CEO Tim Cook said back in 2012 that converging a toaster and a refrigerator would work badly for users.

iPad Pro vs twelve-inch MacBook Air Martin Hajek render 002

“You wouldn’t want to put these things together because you end up compromising in both and not pleasing either user,” he said. “Some people will prefer to own both, and that’s great too. But to make the compromise of convergence, we’re not going to that party.”

“Anything can be forced to converge. But the problem is that the products are about tradeoffs,” Cook told the New York Times’ Nick Wingfield.

“You begin to make tradeoffs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn’t please anyone. You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but you know, those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.”

According to IDC, hybrid tablet-notebook devices will be adopted by half of enterprise users over the next few years.

Is El Capitan coming to an iPad near you, do you think?

Source: Patently Apple via Cult of Mac

  • Bugs Bunnay

    confusing for the simple minded. brilliant for future expansion.

  • Most likely its specific for the infamous rumored iPad Pro. If its not on it at launch maybe for it to be updated to support full OS X.

  • Jason Baroni

    Imagine if Continuity could go beyond apps, working straight to the software.

  • Nathan

    The iPad Air 2 has good enough specs to run OS X in my opinion.

    • Ethan Humphrey

      Its not just the internals, although I agree with you, it’s about user experience. Maybe OSX would only run good for the user on a bigger display.

  • trove

    Am I the only one that misread this as tables?

    • Bugs Bunnay

      most definitely!

  • Logan

    I am so ready for the iPad Pro. I might end up buying it, if not first gen definitely second. If it will run OS X I wonder if it could be “Bootcamped”, then you’d have an iSurface 🙂

  • Slifur

    Wow! Now i can use OS X and use bootcamp to my ipad and install windows 10 and install android emulator then install GBA emulator and play Pokemon! OSception.

    • Danny Rios

      thats a cool thing to keep in mind. best of both worlds. osx and windows 10 which looks very freaking cool! awesome! i hope it comes out bc if it does i will most probably sell my macbook air 13″ for it. bc i want a tablet but the ipad mini wasnt working for me. it was just like a iphone and i own one of those too soo. yeah.

  • Brandon

    i think a lot will depend on how successful Windows 10 is. Microsoft could have potentially found the sweet spot for the tablet/laptop hybrid.

  • Andrew Roth

    “Apple named every type of goods and service under the sun. Well, not, every-every, but it’s firing incredibly broadly here, and listing well-nigh every product type imaginable under this heading. Were we to give this tablet business serious consideration, we’d have to believe just as strongly that Apple intends to see OS X El Capitan power sunglasses, decorative magnets, automatic window-blind openers, and dog whistles. Seriously: they’re all listed on this trademark application.”

    Yeah, they didn’t just confirm anything.

  • Ethan Humphrey

    I think if they did this they would optimize OSX a TON to work well with a touch screen device. I also think Apple might sell their own official keyboard accessory for the “iPad Pro”. I wonder if they would allow mouse support with it though…

  • Slowly eating their own words of “we won’t create a refrigerator toaster”…

  • Andrew

    I’ve wanted for the longest time a Mac tablet. even if it was just a MacBook that folded over or something, I’d want one. It’s my dream machine. If this is legit, I would be ecstatic. Although from a marketing standpoint, I would wait another year. iOS 10 + OS X = iOS X

  • Byron C Mayes

    The tablet and the notebook are going to converge. The opening of that chapter was written when the code for iOS was adapted from that of OS X (I’m probably not saying that correctly, but you know what I mean). Features from each keep finding their way into the other and the specs for the tablet are really way overkill for the OS it’s running now. The only question is when, and the answer is whenever Apple can make not a “refrigerator combined with a toaster,” but a totally new “appliance” that renders both the fridge and toaster obsolete.

    We’ve all been following Apple long enough to know that they aren’t going to do this until they get it right. We’ll tease ourselves with speculation twice a year, get superficially upset when it doesn’t come true, and start the cycle all over again with bated breath.

    That’s the ride we chose. Let’s just sit back and enjoy it.

  • Hehe18

    Honestly, Microsoft has been doing some great improvements with Windows 10. I currently love the direction in which they are moving so much that my next tablet/pc could possibly be the surface. Being able to have that mobility and ease of using an OS like Windows in a tablet design that works efficiently without drawbacks would be nice.
    However, should Apple decide to join the hybrid bandwagon, they would most definitely approach it in an amazing way. I’m eager to see, should they ever decide to do it, a hybrid from apple.