After a false start earlier this morning with an update to its iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool, TaiG has officially released version 2.2.1.

This update is security oriented, as it contains the setreuid patch to prevent applications from obtaining to root privileges through setreuid. The update also contains stability improvements. If you’ve yet to jailbreak your iOS 8.4 device, it is recommended that you use this latest version of TaiG’s tool, version 2.2.1. 

To download TaiG 2.2.1, head over to our downloads page.

Here is the official change log for version 2.2.1:

  • Fixes setreuid patch to prevent applications from obtaining to root privileges through setreuid.
  • Increases stability.

Indeed, it’s a brief update, but definitely necessary given the security concerns. Like previous TaiG releases, this one is still Windows-only, but you can use a virtual machine to easily jailbreak your iOS 8.4 device on a Mac via a virtual machine setup.

Also, if you’re already jailbroken, then you can expect an update to the TaiG Untether package to touch down any minute now on Cydia. Once it does, simply update, and your device will receive the latest fixes as well.

What if you updated to the original version of 2.2.1 and your device is now crashing? TaiG says wait for an update to Cydown to fix the issue:

Did you update to the first version of TaiG 2.2.1? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Ashutoshkhurana5


  • Hi

    thanks jeff for all the latest news

  • Still no word on if they fixed the iTunes problem?

  • Skoven

    I did update to the first version of 2.2.1… no problems at all – everything works as before the update.

  • Marciano Mulder

    Will they also update Cydia Substrate?

  • PacheKO

    anyone can tell me if this update has taigafc2 integrated??????? please anyone

    • n00b

      Just install Apple File Conduit “2” on Cydia, works for me.

  • This is weird…but I’m getting stuck at 20% again. Anyone update using itunes 12.2?

    • You have to downgrade your iTunes to 12.0.1 first.

      • Hmm. Thanks! I assumed they fixed this issue.

      • Marciano Mulder

        Jailbreak with airplane mode on. Worked everything here 🙂

      • f96lrs

        If ur on 64 bit windows then u need to update ur drives to 64 bit

      • Eni

        Can u give us a download link?

      • Luca
      • mrgerbik

        i used 64bit with 12.01 (not 12.10) without any extra installed drivers

      • B.A.M.F.

        thats wrong…. i jailbroke on the latest iTunes with no problem at all…

      • Seba

        Me too 🙂

    • Gerardo Castro

      I recommend you turn off the passcode AND find my iPhone. thats what did it for me.

    • Seba

      I did JB my iPad Air with latest iTunes installed w/o any issue. Now I am trying to JB my 6+. Will keep you posted.

  • Cordaro Fly Guy Tapper

    -1100 …this error code isn’t listed 🙁

    • same thing happened to me. just make sure your passcode is turned off and don’t put it in airplane mode. unplug your phone and do a hard reboot. then you shouldn’t have an issue. oh and don’t forget to relaunch taig.

    • Seba

      Yeah I can’t JB my 6+ 🙁

  • Arman P. Reyes

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is Cydown the tweak which makes possible to pirate paid tweaks?

    • Zzyzxd

      You are right. seems like it’s pretty popular in China.

  • Alexander Byass

    >spends whole night jailbreaking
    >finally finishes
    >opens macbook
    >new taig update
    >flips table
    10/10 would do it again

    • Paul Edmund

      Just open Cydia and update.

  • Dale

    Thanks Jeff for another set of keys to the jail. The first set worked fine no problems at all…

  • Valentino Joseph

    does this apply if you used 2.2.0?

    • Carlos Medina

      It should since that’s when i believe the security bug was found back on the 8.3 if i’m correct and they were aware of it after someone told them. Don’t quote me on it but i’m going by memory so but they should or may post an update in cydia or should i say Saurik is.

  • FCBKris

    Jeff, any word on when this update will hit Cydia?

  • mahe

    So, the “TaiGJBreak_EN_2210.exe” is still exactly the same as it was at the “false start” …
    What’s the difference now?

  • Eric Castro

    Took me about 10 or 15 times to get the jailbreak to work. Updated first, then restored, then erased all contents, changed cables, tried all USB ports, restarted all devices… I wonder what causes this jailbreak success rate to be so freaking random.

  • Todd Young

    For those having issues jailbreaking, a word of advice from someone who has jailbroken every iOS device owned since 2009: if there’s one lesson I’ve learned, it is that its best to wait a few weeks until the JB code has stabilized before attempting to JB your device. The fact of the matter is that regardless of who the JB developer is, they almost always lack true testing protocols, and as a result, the public effectively ends up becoming alpha and beta testers for unproven code.

    I find as a good rule of thumb, is to wait a minimum of two weeks after the initial JB release. Also, once the latest bug patch release is out in the wild for at least a week without another “fix” from the JB developer is usually a good sign that the code has begun to stabilize.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that Jeff here hasn’t made such recommendations, as I know he’s been seen this happen all too often in the past. In fact, if you go back through his previous articles on past jailbreaks over the years, this story plays out almost exactly the same each time.

  • iltas

    plzzzzzzzzzzz help wat i do i install cydown after i update through cydia still crash after that i make fresh restore
    can i jailbreak now with laest 2.2.1 version

    • behrad

      i have cydia crash too … just jailbreak with new 2.2.1 version from their site

  • AnoNymouz

    I will patiently wait for a stable release. I on 8.3… Jailbroken anyway. Has anyone else noticed that apple radio has no more ads ever since the new release to 8.4? I still have limited amount of skips but all the ads are gone.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Jeff, I still can’t find v2.2.1 in the downloads page. The latest I see from TaiG is v2.2.0 in the downloads page.

    • B.A.M.F.

      how about taiG’s website lol?

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        If the article states “head over to our downloads page to get the latest…” one would assume that it would be there by now otherwise why put it? This is the first place I come to for anything related to jailbreak news and developments before even going to the website of the jailbreak dev/provider. As it so happens the previous version of TaiG tool had a rather serious issue and if I just went ahead to their website and blindly downloaded their tool (which was recently pulled) my phone would’ve been a mess.

    • Brandon D

      add taig’s repo to cydia, and the update will appear there…thats what i had to do as it still hasn’t gone live on cydia. their repo is: apt . taig . com

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Thanks for the info Brandon but I’m still not jailbroken. I’m just trying to gather all the necessary tools and apps so I can run the virtual machine on my Mac and use the latest TaiG tool. Thanks for the useful info though.

  • Bjones331

    I’m staying on ios 8.1 jailbroken!!!!

    • M2

      That’s silly. Most people have no issues w the new jailbreak.

      • Bjones331

        I’m seeing a lot of people still having issues

    • B.A.M.F.

      thats dumb…. why not update to the latest and get the latest?? i have it and have had ZERO issues…. follow what Jeff does exactly and you will be fine….

      • Bjones331

        Why fix what’s not broken?

    • Adrian

      Dumbest comment all week

  • Wesh

    I hope it’ll fix music app crashing 🙁
    Whenever i open a song from my music library it plays for half a second and then crashes to apple logo and reboot.

    Just me?

  • ⓏⒶⓀ

    Does anyone know if I can switch to Taig’s jailbreak for 8.4 without having to restore from PP’s jailbreak?

  • ⓏⒶⓀ

    Anyone know if there is a way to switch to Taig’s jb from PP’s jb on iOS 8.4 without restoring?

  • trasman

    iTunes x86, iTunes x86 and iTunes x64 get me stuck at 20% reboot loop on iPhone 4S

  • Greenery

    What’s TaiG repo source in Cydia? I believe I haven’t gotten the update yet.

  • FCBKris

    Jeff my man, any word on when the update will hit cydia?

  • Rondog

    I’m not getting any updates, do I need a repo?

  • Hmm I’m still seeing no update in Cydia

    • All In Capital Inc

      A solution was posted over at the pie site.

  • af0erster31

    Will there be a Update via Cydia?

  • LimboMan

    Unlike the 8.3 jailbreak that went flawless for me, I’m still not jailbroken on 8.4. Same computer as I used to JB the 8.3… 32 bit iTunes on a bare bones older windows machine. Tempted to do full firmware reinstall on the phone, wiping the contents. Thought I’d reach out here first for suggestions.

    Getting error 1103; already done usual things (airplane mode, find my phone off, location services off)

    • CyPh3r

      I’m jailbreaking my 5th device flawlessly to 8.4 (iPhone 5/5s/6/iPad) TaiG 220).

      Try these steps (worked every time)

      1) Download 8.4.ipsw
      2) Shift+Restore
      3) Point to the IPSW file
      4) Restore
      5) Setup AS A NEW PHONE
      6) CLOSE iTunes
      7) Launch jailbreak as Administrator
      8) Setup Cydia after JB
      9) Restore from your last backup
      10) Install your tweaks


      Turn off Find My Phone
      Turn off Password
      Sign out of iCloud completely
      Put your phone in Airplane Mode (but turn on WiFi)
      Disable your antivirus

      • Todd Young

        +1. This is how you do it these days if you want to ensure a successful jailbreak. And per my earlier comment on this article, always good to wait until a stable version of the JB is available.

  • Sleetui

    Should we just wait for a while until all the problems are fixed before jailbreaking on iOS 8.4?

    • All In Capital Inc

      Yup. I don’t remember jailbreaking to be such a pain in the as*

      I was able to do it by going downloading the ipsw file and doing a restore then doing a jailbreak. I think I got lucky somehow. I was one of the people that kept on getting stuck at 60%

      • Sleetui

        I was fine on iOS 8.3 but then iOS 8.4 came out and know I’m just in a confused state of updating or not.

        le sigh

  • IK

    Anyone having issues with 2.0 where App Store apps aren’t updating

  • dahauss

    Anyone know how to get PERISCOPE to work since the JB? it crashes on startup and CRASH REPORTER says NO SUSPECTS…

  • Joshua Hanna

    im on 8.4 and jailbroke 2.2.0 and checked cydia and still on 2.2.0 will cydia eventually release the update for 2.2.1?… or should i just re jailbreak or what?

  • J. Rockwell

    Will Jailbreak when TaiG comes out with the mac release. All the kinks will be worked out by then.

  • Borey Has

    After jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.4 with Taig 2.2.0 I cannot open app link from Facebook to AppStore. Anyone have any solution?

    • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

      This is a fuck’d up jailbreak

      • Borey Has

        After I do full restore to iOS 8.4 the problem still exist. It is the iOS 8.4 problem not jailbreak problem

      • Borey Has

        After I do full restore to iOS 8.4 the problem still exist. It is the iOS 8.4 problem not jailbreak problem

  • Adrian

    Ok so where is the untether package update from Cydia?

  • cd d

    2.3 taig is the latest version

  • droid3000

    is there reason why it keeps telling me to install itunes when i have the latest version of itunes?

  • Toon

    Just upgrade Taig to 2.2.1 but after installation it shows version 2.3

  • ebens

    after jailbreking
    touch id is not working any Idea how to correct the problem

  • Wesh

    Yup you’re right, it appears to have been Everest tweak. Deleted it, works again.

  • QP

    one time there is no apple driver, next time it stops other times there r other issues… all this taig thing is a total crap