Moonlight for iOS app

Although I’m far from being a hardcore gamer, and even less so of a PC gamer, my ears perked up when I heard about Moonlight compatibility on iOS on Reddit. Moonlight lets your stream games from your PC to external devices. With Moonlight for iOS, this means that you can stream your full collection of Steam games to your iPhone or iPad.

Moonlight itself is an open-source Nvidia GameStream client that lets PC owners equipped with the proper hardware to stream games to other computers and Android tablets. An official iOS client is coming, but you can try it now if you’re jailbroken.

How to get Moonlight for iOS:

First and foremost, you’ll need a jailbroken iOS device. From there, you’ll need to add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources in order to download Moonlight for iOS:

Once you download the app, you can use it to stream games from a GFE Equipped PC.

Moonlight for iOS repo

Hardware Requirements:

To use Moonlight, you’ll need a Wi-Fi router and a modern gaming PC with a GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU.


Moonlight is open source. You can view it on GitHub.

What it means:

Streaming your full steam library to your iPhone. How awesome is that? And controller support is included out of the box. But what if you’re not jailbroken or just don’t want to jailbreak? Don’t worry, as a proper App Store version is being worked on as well.

If any of you try out Moonlight for iOS, please leave some photos in the comments section of it in action. I’m interested to see how this looks and performs on iOS.

  • Thanh

    What about non Steam games?

    • Works there as well.

    • askep3

      As long as they have controlled/big picture mode support they are fine, it’s just like being on a shield tablet, except without physical buttons (which are sorely needed lol)

      • Thanh

        Tried to play GTA V with the virtual buttons and they were a pain in the butt. It’s good tho when I need to use the toilet but can’t quit a job or race lol.

      • askep3

        Haha, and for me I couldn’t play FPS’s at all, but some third person games like ACU and Just Cause 2 were barely playable with the on screen controls

      • Franklin Richards

        More suited for games that don’t rely on response times like RPGs then?

      • askep3

        True, but you can get those types of games on iOS anyways.
        I’d just like to be playing like assassins creed or GTA V on my phone lol

      • Carter Chambers

        Controllers For All on BYA lets you hook up PS4 or PS3 or Wii U controllers to your phone

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    For a minute, I thought it said “stream stream games” say stream steam games 5x fast!

  • Ben Levi

    How can I use the streamer??

    • VisionaryHD

      Yeah, how

      • askep3

        Ok so first of all you need to have GeForce experience installed, and turn game stream on (computer has to be compatible. Then find out your local IP for the server computer.
        Then on your idevice connect to that IP and it will start the pairing process.

        Sorry this is a bit rough but if you have any questions just ask

      • VisionaryHD

        I already found out how to do it. Unfortunately it wouldn’t find my PC which is why I commented.

      • askep3

        Oh ok, I don’t know what the problem is then, be on the same wifi network and take a look at the config on the GeForce experience, and make sure you have launched GeForce experience at least once after you start up your computer.

  • Wow! App Store app? * in the hopes of apple not removing it *

  • nyangejr

    No photos shared so far

  • R4

    Knew I shouldn’t have gotten an AMD GPU

    • Franklin Richards

      Steam has stated that they’ll be bring Steam Streaming to mobile devices. But knowing Steam we will never know the actual eta. Could be tomorrow. Could be never.

  • Rawand Ali

    i tried but won’t work does anyone know how to get to work please somene do tutorial please

  • laceytraceplatt

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