Tomorrow, Apple begins the annual Worldwide Developer Conference with a keynote that will be live streamed across le world. A long list of what-if’s shroud the conference this year, with little or no details about any upcoming features or releases. Of course, we expect updates to iOS 9, OS X, and potentially Watch OS. A new Apple Music service will most likely be launched, but less expected is a refresh to Apple TV and a new streaming media service. For full details, make sure to read through Cody’s expansive round up.

Celebrating the upcoming conference, we previously released a set of wallpapers that were inspired by the WWDC invitations. Today’s selection is a mixture that is inspired both by the invitation and the banners now hanging on San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Step inside to get your new images.

WWDC 2015 wallpapers

The first sets of wallpapers are originals by @AR72014, who is well known for his design skills. Immediately below, is a set of wallpapers which are inspired by the banners Apple hung last week at the center for the upcoming conference. They are available with and without the Apple logo. Also linked is the zip file page, which has an individual download for all devices, including multiple desktop sizes.


Download with Apple logoiPhone | iPad | Desktop (2880 x 1800) | zip

Download without logoiPhone | iPad | Desktop (2880 x 1800) | zip

Second, AR7 released a wallpaper on his self-titled iOS application, “AR7,” which has a full library of his images, ready for immediate download to your device. Make sure to download it for a full range of consistently great images.

AR72014_2015-Jun-05 WWDC

Download: iPhone

Next, is a set designed by popular jailbreak graphic designer Surenix. Every now and then he will take a break from tweaks and produce a great set of seasonally-inspired walls. Below, is his take on the WWDC announcement. You can download full set on his webpage and keep up with him on Twitter @Surenix.

Surenix WWDC 2015 splash

Download: iPhone | iPad

Previous WWDC wallpapers

Apple WWDC 2015 Wallpaper Splash

Visit: April 14, 2015


WWDC 2015 Banner FlareZephyr splash

Download via @FlareZephyr: iPhone | iPad

WWDC 2015 bart172__2015-Jun-06 splash

Download via @Bart172_: iPhone Blue | Orange | Red

[update 2]

AR72014_2015-Jun-07 1 splash

Download via @AR72014, H/T @FlareZephyr: iPhone | iPad

WWDC 2015 Surenix Splash wallpaper

Download via @Surenex: iPhone | iPad

Stijn WWDC 2015 wallpaper splash

Download via @stijn_d3sign: iPhone LeftRight

LON1ST splash WWDC 2015

Download via @LON1st: Desktop (2880 x 1800)

Axinen desktop wwdc wallpaper 2015 splash

Download via @Axinen: Desktop (2880 x 1800) Left mod of @FlareZephyr from above | Right mod of @AR72014 from above


Thank you! Thank you, for helping make the Wallpapers of the Week section a success by constantly communicating your finds or own designs to me via @jim_gresham! Keep them coming and we will keep posting our favorites, every, single, Sunday. You can set your Apple Watch by it.

Splash images placeit.net

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    The “AR7” wallpaper (second one) would looks great without the thingy in the middle ~

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    Can anyone modify the second wallpapers so that the writing and the apple logo are gone? It would be great.

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      Someone do that please.

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      Voilà ! I tried my best hope you can enjoy it !

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    Yes remove the logo please! looks awesome btw

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        I use app called Wallpaper Fix in the App store. There a option in the app called “average color background.”

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    These are so beautiful
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