Apple Watch battery

Ask anyone who owns an Apple Watch what they think of the device’s battery life, and they will likely tell you it’s great. I think it’s great too, but I also think we’ve been conditioned into thinking that.

When Apple first introduced Apple Watch to the world back in September of last year, there was absolutely no mention of battery life, leaving us all hanging, and wondering if this was a troubling sign that the company couldn’t deliver anything spectacular on that front.

The day following the event, John Paczkowski relayed an important piece of information that he had heard from a source at Apple, specifically that the company wasn’t very happy with battery life so far, which was pegged at about a day. This is expectation-setting number 1.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph at the end of February, Tim Cook himself said that Apple Watch’s battery life will last the whole day. While not a clear and quantifiable specification, this was as official as it got until then. This was expectation-setting number 2.

Finally, at the Apple Watch launch even on March 9, Tim Cook said on stage that “during a typical day, you can expect 18 hours” worth of battery. On that day, Apple added a page to its website detailing Apple Watch general battery information. On this page, the company details several scenarios of how you could reach all-day battery life. This was expectation-setting number 3.

In reality, Apple Watch users usually get more than 18 hours or all-day battery life. I myself have gone under 10% of remaining battery only twice since I received the watch over a month ago, and I usually end my day at about 40 to 50%. If I don’t charge the watch overnight, I will usually wake up to about 20% of battery left, which is definitely not enough to go through the day, but also definitely gives me enough time to go on with my day without rushing for the charger.

This is an amazing case of “under promise and over deliver.” To be clear, I’m not criticizing Apple. I’m merely pointing out how the company successfully set low expectations and made Apple Watch users believe that the device has great battery life. Because when you start thinking about it, all-day battery life is terrible. We were expecting so much worse than that though, that anything extra came as a positive surprise.

Good job, Apple. You win once again.

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  • Hi

    very clever apple!

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Shouldn’t it be I’m merely “pointing” out how the…?
    The 2nd line in 2nd last para.

    • Kurt

      second paragraph only has 1 line. Unless you don’t mean sentence that is :-s. But I still don’t see what you are talking about.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        The 2nd line in “2nd last” para.
        Come on Man!

      • Kurt

        Oops. “2nd to last paragraph” would be correct. Since I skimmed, I miss read. Sorry

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Nvm. 😉
        Can happen to anyone. 🙂

    • Fixed, thank you

  • Fanboy 

    If we charge our phones every night, not sure why charging our Watch every night means the battery life is terrible. I wonder if ANYBODY realizes how extremely tiny the physical battery is in the Watch, and taking into consideration everything it powers its quite impressive. Good job Apple.

    • Elias Chao

      It might be because most smartphones last *at most* 2 days of medium use. But previous smart watches (using the Pebble as example) last 1 week or so. I think that’s why.

    • John

      It’s also because people are trying to compare the Apple Watch with other “smartwatches” and fitness bands in the same category – Pebble, Fitbit, etc.

      Clearly people do not understand that they MIGHT be in the same category but what the Apple Watch does is much more then what a Pebble or Fitbit ever could do.

  • Smegmatron

    Who in hell opens a discussion just to correct grammar typos?

    • George

      Apple fanboys do.

      • Kr00

        Back under your bridge trollboy.

      • Cory

        You are the troll

      • mobilemann

        are you stupid?

      • Kr00

        Ouch, that one really burned. Stop it.

    • techfreak23

      grammar nazis…

  • f1ght3r

    I don’t know about you guys, but I only charge my watch every second night. About the same as my 6+

    • John

      I’d end up with about 35-40% battery life at the end of the day, so technically it COULD last me around a day and a half BUT I’d like to make sure I have a full battery for the next day.

  • Yep, I can confirm that under moderate use that my Apple Watch is at about 45-50% at the end of my day, which is about 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm. I’d call that awesome battery life, for a smart watch (we sure have been conditioned!).

    • SoylentGreen

      You’re conditioned to believe all the things think you know, it gets weird when you start uncovering discrepancies in these ‘truths’

      it’s not usually the coolest idea to advertise how easy conditioned you are.
      well, if you are over 18.

  • WaterTrooper

    The next generation of Apple Watch will have the same battery life, due to it being thinner.

    • Manuel Molina

      I see what you did there: you spoke the truth.

    • Cameron

      this is actually a better thing than more battery life.

  • mkaderi

    Very insulting to me

    • John

      After three years away from any form of conversation, welcome back.

      What EXACTLY do you find insulting?

  • mrgerbik

    aaaaand the aplogoies come…

  • nirmitlamed

    Sorry but didn’t understand the meaning of this post. The conclusion was, In the end you charge your apple watch every day (just as expected by the 3 clues mentioned) but you don’t need to carry charger with you worrying about battery life.

  • Eldaria

    Got my Pebble Time Thursday morning. Put it on the wrist as soon as I got it out of the package without charging it, and I still did not charge it yet. Now it shows about half battery left. And the screen is always on.

  • Benedict

    Just for comparison with a LG G Watch, I turned the screen’s “always on” feature off to see the battery performance and mimic the Apple Watch behavior. The result was 2,5 days with unchanged usage habits. (With always on it lasts 30-36 hrs).