How to check remaining battery life on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Battery Complication

Although battery life has been much better than most anticipated with Apple Watch, you should still expect a day or, at tops, a day and a half of battery life after a full charge. For that reason, it’s pretty important to keep a close eye on your Apple Watch battery throughout the day, especially if you decide to use battery hogging functions like phone calls and the workout app.

Fortunately, Apple makes it super easy to monitor battery life on Apple Watch. In fact, it’s more verbose than it is on the iPhone since the watch shows you the full battery percentage by default. Inside, we’ll show you two easy ways to monitor battery life on Apple Watch.

Via the watch face

The easiest way to monitor battery life on Apple Watch is to simply add a battery life complication to the watch face that you’re using. Since not all watch faces feature the ability to add complications, you’ll need to make sure that the watch face that you’re using has this ability. The following watch faces are eligible:

  • Utility
  • Modular
  • Simple
  • Color
  • Chronograph

The following watch faces don’t feature the needed complication, and hence, can’t display the remaining power:

  • Motion
  • Astronomy
  • Solar
  • Mickey
  • X-Large

Via the Battery glance

But even if you’re rocking a watch face without a battery life complication, it’s no big deal. You can quickly access your remaining power readings from the Battery glance. You can add the Battery glance to your list of glances with the help of our Apple Watch glances tutorial. To access this glance, swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch screen while on the watch face. If you don’t see the Battery glance right off the bat, swipe left or right until you find the glance.

Apple Watch Battery Glance

Hopefully, the future will bring more ways to quickly gauge battery life on Apple Watch. It would be nice if there was a way to quickly get battery life via Siri. It would also be cool if we could access Apple Watch battery life from a paired iPhone, and view the paired iPhone’s battery life via the Apple Watch.

For more tutorials regarding Apple Watch, be sure to check our dedicated Apple Watch page for more information. What do you think about the Apple Watch battery monitoring options?