How to use glances as app shortcuts

Glances are the quick information summaries of apps that are accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face on your Apple Watch. In a previous post we told you all about glances, how to use configure them and how to use them.

But there's an additional thing that you should know about glances that is proving to be extremely useful for Apple Watch users. You see, a glance can be used as a direct shortcut to the app that it represents.

In this post, which is a part of our larger Apple Watch guide, we'll show you how to use glances as app shortcuts on your Apple Watch.

How to check remaining battery life on Apple Watch

Although battery life has been much better than most anticipated with Apple Watch, you should still expect a day or, at tops, a day and a half of battery life after a full charge. For that reason, it's pretty important to keep a close eye on your Apple Watch battery throughout the day, especially if you decide to use battery hogging functions like phone calls and the workout app.

Fortunately, Apple makes it super easy to monitor battery life on Apple Watch. In fact, it's more verbose than it is on the iPhone since the watch shows you the full battery percentage by default. Inside, we'll show you two easy ways to monitor battery life on Apple Watch.

What are Glances and how to use them

Glances on Apple Watch are quick summaries of information that can be quickly viewed at a glance—hence the name. Glances contain, or at least should contain, information that you view the most frequently.

Why did Apple include Glances in Watch OS? How many glances can you have configured at once? These questions, and others are answered in this Glances overview.