Apple Watch Heartbeats

The Digital Touch features available on Apple Watch are some of the device’s most personal qualities. With it, you can do things like send sketches, taps, and yes, even your heartbeat, to friends. These three aspects make up the whole of the highly touted Digital Touch feature-set on Apple Watch. In this post, we’ll break down how to send sketches, taps, and heartbeats with ease.

Apple Watch Digital Touch

Tap the Digital Touch button to start using Digital Touch

How to send a sketch

Step 1: Press the side button (the button next to the Digital Crown)

Step 2: Tap on a friend

Step 3: Tap the Digital Touch button

Step 4: Begin drawing on the blank canvas

Apple Watch Sketch

You sketch will be sent automatically once your drawing is completed.

How to send a tap

Step 1: Press the side button

Step 2: Tap on a friend

Step 3: Tap the Digital Touch button

Step 4: Tap on the screen

Apple Watch Taps

How to share your heartbeat

Step 1: Press the side button

Step 2: Tap on a friend

Step 3: Tap the Digital Touch button

Step 4: Place two fingers on the screen and rest them there until you see the heartbeat animation and feel the vibration

Apple Watch Heartbeats

To use any of these Digital Touch features, you need to be familiar with adding Friends to your Apple Watch. Fortunately, we have a tutorial in our Apple Watch guide that shows you how to add friends and how to see friends on Apple Watch.

What do you think about the Digital Touch features on Apple Watch? Are you using them on a regular basis?

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    I’m sick of the  watch coverage “Jeff voice” lol

    • Haha.

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  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Poor Cody…lol

  • lukemul69

    Me and my sister have Apple watch, she can send me digital touch but She doesn’t receive mine. Any ideas?

    • ShawnTXDFW

      Could be a problem with iMessage. What I would do is sign out of iMessage then sign back in. Reboot both devices and try it again. This is actually seeming to be a problem for a lot of Apple Watch users. Let me know if this works.

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    I still dont get it. DOES IT NEED INTERNET TO WORK OR NOT?!?!

  • James G

    Can these be sent to iMessage users? What’s the emoji experience when sending one to an iPhone user without an Apple Watch?