Xiaomi Mi Band

XiaoMi’s recently launched US online store doesn’t carry any actual smartphone hardware yet, but you can buy hardware like headphones, battery packs, and a fitness device called the Mi Band.

The Mi Band is akin to some FitBit models, in that it’s slim, understated, and lacks a touch screen. Due to the tracker’s lack of battery draining features, it gets really good battery life upwards of 30 days.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about the Mi Band is the price. Retailing for just $14.99, it’s much more affordable than any dedicated fitness tracker I’ve ever seen, let alone a full-featured device like the Apple Watch.

When paired with a Xiaomi smartphone, the Mi Band can alert you to things like phone calls by using vibration. Wouldn’t it be cool if it could alert you to notifications for certain iOS apps as well? Now it can, courtesy of a new jailbreak tweak called MiBand Utility from developer Pigi Galdi.


Sadly I don’t yet have a Mi Band in order to test this utility, but it’s evident that you can select specific apps to forward notification to the Mi Band. It means that you’ll still need to pull out your iPhone when receiving a notification, but at least know you’ll always know when an app is trying to get your attention.

MiBand Utility

If you own a Mi Band, download this tweak from the ModMyi repo to enable notifications for your app(s) of choice. Granted, these notifications are just mere vibrations to get your attention, but it’s better than nothing, especially when you consider that the fitness tracker itself rings in at less than $20 USD.

MiBand Utility Enable

As a side note, you will need to pair your Mi Band to you iPhone using the Mi Fit app before enabling notifications with the MiBand Utility.

Do you own a Mi Band or are you planning on getting one? What factors have influenced your decision?

  • Dexter SherloConan

    interesting, but Mi bands (and most Xiaomi’s products) are often out of stock in China : (

    • tankado

      Buy it from TinyDeal

    • MHCsk

      Got one from GearBest, no problem whatsoever.

  • MHCsk

    Props to the developer.. I thought no one would bother with bringing this to iOS. Too bad I’m on iOS 8.2 :/

  • Stayo

    Guys I came across this Code that when sent to a persons phone through text there phone turns off.
    لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

    Send that to someone with an iPhone it turns their phone off

  • Diego

    How the iPhone comunicate with the MiBand? With bluetooth? Wifi?

    • Shachar

      bluetooth. a real handy device. I like it

      • Diego

        Nice, I’ve just bought it ;D

      • Shachar

        i hope you have JB, I’ve lost mine… anyway, not like it was written in the post, the band also vibrates when you have an incoming call regardless of the telephone type, as long as it’s in bluetooth range

      • Diego

        I have JB, I rarely stay without it.
        That is one of the reasons I just bought this. This nice tweak for notifications.
        Soon they will realease the 8.4 jailbreak and you will back on business ;D

      • Danny

        Yeah, that’s handy because if I’m walking and my iPhone is in my pocket I can’t feel it vibrate or ring but the MiBand vibrates and you can tell.

  • Plistumichu

    It would be great to have a similar tweak for the Fitbit Flex.

  • Bart.

    Interesting, mine just arrived today, what a coincidence! 😀

  • rvs007

    Has anyone gotten this to work? I installed the utility and picked a bunch of apps to have notification sent to the band but I don’t feel anything when I get a notification. I’ve tried rebooting the phone and the band is paired to the phone. Any suggestions?

    • Gabriel Silva

      I installed the tweak and I cannot see the setting menu to activate the notifications

      • rvs007

        Did you install the tweak on the new iOS 8.3 jailbreak? Did you use Taig 2.1.2? If you used Taig 2.0 did you install the cydia substrate fix?

      • Gabriel Silva

        I did all of the above. not working.

      • Pepo Lucio

        I can not see the setting menu too. Where is it?

      • Pepo Lucio

        Got iy !! I think that you need Activator installed.

      • Shachar

        hi, I have activator and all of the above but I still don’t get the band to vibrate when getting the selected app notification. any idea how to solve it?

      • Pepo Lucio

        Activator is just to see the config options. Currently notifications just works when mi band app is not unloaded to release memory.

      • I’ve noticed it too. Trying to discover how to keep the app loaded and the device connected.

      • Phil Bos

        Can you please explain?

      • Pepo Lucio

        Read my comment to Shachar

  • Ky

    I have been using the Mi Band for 4 months on Android with the notification. LOVE IT!

    My phone is silent or vibrating 99% of the time and I never miss a notification I care for. Very discrete.

  • Carlos Curado

    The application does not find the device. Is bluetooth problem?
    Does it work on iOS 8.4 ?

  • Mollie_Mcdaniel R

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  • Adel Mandani

    Thank you

  • dipen

    i have mi band and i m using iphone 5s i cant set notification and i cant set led color so help me and give me its step how to set all..?????

  • John Wyatt

    Just got one because it seemed to be the best value activity tracker, and at £13 it didn’t really matter if it turned out to be crap. I couldn’t create a Xiaomi account on the app but I did it (eventually, after much faffing around) on a PC, then I was able to sync the band and start using it. Seems pretty good so far.

  • jakub

    where can i download it?

  • John Wyatt

    Update: 35 days after full charge, battery is still at 30%. Pretty impressive. The graphs of sleep and activity are nice and detailed and can be easily zoomed in and out.