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Google and Twitter announced on Tuesday that they are partnering up to bring Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. The move means that now, anytime you perform a search using the Google app (iOS or Android) or mobile browser, you’ll see real-time content from Twitter in your results.

The search results are triggered by “Twitter” keyword searches, and include both hashtags and accounts. So you can either search for feedback on the new #TaylorSwift album or #MadMenFinale, or you can track down NASA’s Twitter account, and view their recent Tweets without leaving Google.

“By deeply integrating Twitter’s real-time content into Google search,” Twitter says on its official blog, “We hope you find it easier than ever to explore your interests across both Twitter and Google.” When tapping on a Tweet in Google, you’ll be taken directly to Twitter for further content discovery.

On paper, the move solves major problems for both companies. For Google, it gives it the real-time, relevant search results that it’s long been needing. And for Twitter, who has been struggling to attract and retain advertisers, this puts its content and a direct pathway to the site in a high traffic area.

Google says it’s working on bringing Tweets to search results in more languages and to desktop.

Source: Twitter

  • Sokrates


  • Mr_Coldharbour

    How about those with ‘Protect My Tweets’ enabled, will those also appear in Google search results?

  • j7469

    A few years back Google showed relevant tweets in any search result. Google stopped and I don’t remember why. I specifically remember a time where Comcast internet went down and searching Google showed numerous tweet on why and how to fix. I miss that., good to see it’s coming back

    • It was because Google was launching Google+ and saw Twitter as a competitor to that service so they stopped indexing tweets.

  • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

    Pretty lame, now when I search for anything on the Internet I have to dig through obnoxious hashtag remarks. It’s bad enough people use them where they aren’t necessary, now google and Twitter have officially anounced it is ok to use them everywhere.

    • This Guy


      I’m just about over this ‘internet’ fad altogether to be honest, just like I’m over the ‘TV’ fad.

      I remember life before the internet. It was awesome. At least, to a kid, it seemed awesome.

      I’m about ready to disconnect completely.

      • Tell me how that goes. By telegram or raven of course.

      • Stoker

        Raven > Facebook
        Just sayin

      • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

        I’m right there with you. I went to Vietnam for a month and it changed my life. It opens your eyes to how simple and enjoys oe life can be without all of the fancy bells and whistles that we “Need” here. Eventually, when my kids are out of the house, I think me and my wife will move there. There or Jamaica ☺️.