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Episode 81: A special guest joins us for a discussion of Apple and the environment, new Apple TV and iPad Pro rumors, and settling the Apple Watch waterproof debate once and for all.

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  • Nick

    A recent episode mention iDB and soundcloud. Is that still a discussion?

    • It’s up in the air. Out of curiosity, why would you prefer SoundCloud over the current set up?

      • asch3n

        Personally I think it would be awesome to leave comments at specific minute/second points in the show. It would make responding to individual topics easier and clearer.

      • Nick

        Personal experience, UI/UX is more attractive on Soundcloud with opportunities for quick feedback. Reviews on the iTunes end seem so ancient when trying to leave feedback. I’m sure on the admin portion may seem different. The only thing I do like about the podcasts system is the iOS environment allowing to view information to links left in show notes but I think with Soundcloud, the user-experience could have more of an impact with user fluidity in feedback.

  • jpdls

    In regard to the idea of streaming services and iTunes Match. I have also had similar issues with streaming services and never wanted to join, just because they don’t really support my type of listening preferences. One thing that I use is the Google Play Music App. Just because it will upload your entire library of music to listen to online, and it also allows you to download certain tracks to listen to offline. I’ve gone through different computers and have lost some iTunes libraries so it’s nice that they are all synced up. And it’s a free service. I would recommend it to Sebastian after hearing his issues dealing with streaming services

  • Kenan