Apple Working on Watch Order

Worried about your Apple Watch order that’s still showing “Processing Items”? Apple is no doubt aware of the concern. Just a few minutes ago, I received this email from Apple about one of my pending Apple Watch orders.

This email makes it evident that Apple realizes that there is mounting frustration among its would-be customer base for the Apple Watch. We debated about this launch heavily on the last episode of Let’s Talk iOS, and I was firmly in Apple’s corner. However, as time has gone on it’s hard not to come away at least a little bit skeptical about this launch.

I won’t go as far as to label the launch as being a failure—clearly it’s not from a sales perspective—but I do think there have been some missteps in the customer service process. Confusion about orders, shipping dates, the lack of in-store inventory, and the list keeps growing.

Apple definitely realizes that there is mounting frustration, so it has sent out a reassuring email to customers who are still seeing “Processing Items”. For the record, I have another order that has shipped successfully, and I didn’t receive an email concerning that order.

Have you received any correspondence from Apple? What do you think about the Apple Watch launch overall?

  • Merman123

    Yeah I got the email. So I guess I’m not getting mine Friday. Bummer.

    • czarczarczar

      What dates did you get ?

      • Merman123


      • ikn0witall

        The same for me. They haven’t even charged my account yet. Still 4/24-5/8 dates and I’M SURE I ordered mine before SOME people who already has theirs shipping. I guess we picked the wrong model.
        Which one did you order?
        (42mm SS Watch with black sport band)

      • Mark Hardin

        I ordered the 42mm space grey one with black band and I’m in the same boat with you.

      • ikn0witall

        Indeed. However yours is VERY popular from what I’ve read. Good luck to you man! I hope you get yours sooner than later and be able to enjoy!

  • Christian

    Jeff now what you are going to do with the Apple Watch to work with you iPhone 6+? Are you going to sacrifice your Jailbreak?

    • Still haven’t decided. I might just chuck around two phones.

      • Actually, I’ll probably just switch to my iPhone 5s full time. And keep the 6 Plus jailbroken.

      • Christian

        Wow I think that will be very difficult because of the screen size difference. I think at the end you might be sacrificing the Jailbreak lol.
        BTW Great blog always reading the news here from Puerto Rico 😀

    • Him

      wait, so we cannot sync the apple watch to a jailbroken device?

      • M2

        Welcome to three months ago.

  • I didn’t get the email, so lucky me I guess. Still, I feel pretty bad for those of you that did get the email.

    • That’s nice of you Matthew. I feel the same way. I’m fortunate enough to have at least one watch coming, but I do feel for those who are delayed.

  • M L

    I got the email. Is what it is. If the boutiques get it before pre-ordered customers though…thats crappy. Really is.

  • Nothing at all from Apple

  • Gary LE

    Mines says preparing for shipping but i receive no email form Apple though. So about when will it be shipped?

    • Rowan09

      From past orders preparing to ship means it will ship in the next 1-3 days and you should have it Saturday or Monday.

  • Nothing at all from apple

  • JC

    Got the same email. No hope to get it Friday now.

    Unfortunately this launch is not Apples best. Someone dropped the ball because I got my order in within 2 minutes of the pre order go live time and others who were clearly after have already got tracking numbers.

    • mike

      I thought it would’ve been smart to use a desktop web browser for some reason, and the Apple Store page wouldn’t update. Because of this delay, mine is shipping in 4-6 weeks, and delivering within the next month.

      I’ll surely use the Apple Store app next time.

      • Gerardo Castro

        Happened to me, got frustrated and put in my order via Apple Store App at 2:08 Central. 4-6 weeks

      • mike

        That says a lot about the demand of this product.

        Just wish I would’ve been one of the lucky people lol.

    • Guest
  • Alex

    I received the email. I think this is the Apple way of telling us that we aren’t getting our product at launch by reminding us that they never guaranteed Friday and that it DID always say 4/24 to 5/8. Disappointing.

  • That_Fruitarian

    The whine fest is sickening. You lads need to grow a pair.

  • Mark Hardin

    I never got that email. I been figuring I wouldn’t get the watch on Friday.

  • Richard

    I haven’t got that email yet, but my apple watch sport says “preparing for shipment” but its been saying that for about 2 days now. It’s frustrating. I guess if I don’t a tracking number by tomorrow then I won’t be getting it on the 24th.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Not necessarily. I got my tracking info the morning of when my iPhone 6 plus came in finally. I didn’t order through apple, but hey, still hope.

    • Michael Miller

      Not being rude but, Jeff. If u give up being the admin if your main computer (iPhone) then, well. I should probably unsubscribe. Screw the watch.

  • Mathew Ledbetter

    i wonder if I go order a Steel right now if Ill get it before the Space Grey gets delivered. :/

  • En la Espera del 14-28 mayo

  • Eikast

    So stupid. Ordered 42mm SS with black sports band and got my confirmation email at 12:03am. I probably won’t get my watch on Friday despite people who had of 4-6 weeks get theirs shipped.

    How the hell are they over making some models and underproducing others? They had two whole weeks to know which models to focus on when it came to production. Not to mention common knowledge prior to April 10th on which orders to focus on.

    • iBanks

      I guess many many others were quicker to the punch when ordering. My girls watch is shipping and will deliver on Friday, mine…. 4-6 weeks. And both were ordered on the same order but no need to cry about it. It’ll get to you. Sooner than you think.

    • Robert Lee King

      The real problem is, Apple made a serious error in judgment. They focused on the Watch as a fashion item which naturally meant focusing on the stainless with link or milinese bands and the edition watch with the equally ludicrously priced bands. Apples management is primarily wealthy people so, naturally, they thought the more expensive item would be in higher demand. And, of course, they are following almost just on time, manufacturing. Meaning, unlike Just On Time which is production on demand, Almost Just on Time is production based on pallets.

  • Richard

    To me, this is worst product launch for apple in a long time. It’s big mess. Apple should know better. I thought Tim Cook is known for his supply chain wizardry. Its so crazy how Apple is going around promoting the heck out the watch at special events and yet we wont get them by the 24th.

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    Haven’t received that email. Mine still says preparing for shipment so idk what to think. Pretty crappy for everyone who preordered and will have to wait while some boutique stores will have them on the 24th.

  • Jim B

    apple watch, apple watch, apple watch, baaa baaaa baaa baaa
    my god ppl, get an f’n life

    • rlj1010

      Is commenting on some online blog your idea of having ‘a life’?

  • Regginald Williams

    I placed two orders and have an email about the one still in processing items mode. The other watch is preparing for shipment and I haven’t gotten an email or tracking label for it.

  • Ryan

    Hi all. I am not flaming. I am confused. If I understand this correctly you were told you would get the watch between 4/24 and 5/8. Now this email comes confirming you will get it between 4/24 and 5/8. Isn’t that exactly what you were told. I do not understand. How is this any more than a simple curtesy email confirming your shipping dates.

    • Ryan

      By the way. On an iPhone a couple years back I was on “preparing to ship” when I got the knock on the door and had my new iPhone. 2 days later it said shipped.

    • Eikast

      If you received the email, there’s a 99.9% chance that you will NOT be receiving the Apple Watch this Friday. They didn’t send it to everyone but to those who have models that have barely been shipped (e.g. 42mm SS with Black Sports band, same as I ordered). They said 4/24-5/8 to reiterate that it wasn’t guaranteed on 4/24 to not piss off customer. But it’s still pissing me and many off because they’re shipping orders for late may/june for other models. If they were having trouble then they should’ve focused production on the models that they had trouble. Instead they wanted to just make overall as many watches as they could to make more money.

      • Ryan

        Well definitely understand that. But I doubt apple is doing this just to make money. Their orders are guaranteed. So doing different models doesn’t do a spit in the ocean to bottom line. I suspect they just didn’t evaluate demand for the right watches. Any idiot would have known the sports would go, and probably the black one followed by white. Sure they were probably hoping for other colors and the mid range. But we all knew which watches would go. It’s not like iPhones where we could go a color we didn’t want because we would be putting a case on it anyway. This time it was a long term decision for us buyers. Apple did drop the ball there.

        As far as shipping June orders, if I understand correctly they are “preparing” to ship. I’ve been on that “preparing” list for weeks at a time with other launches. It doesn’t mean June orders will arrive on Friday. Or did I miss something in the news. Because I’m June and I’d be pissed if I didn’t make the cut for that. Lol.

      • PitchforkzF1

        “But we all knew which watches would go” Give this man Tim Cooks job immediately !!

  • Bam Bam

    I just finished my last exam and then came home to this article. I was expecting the worst, but I actually got a nice surprise and can now see my package on the MyUPS site and it’ll be here Friday. Just in time for my birthday. Good way to end the semester. 🙂

  • Ryan

    I just hope it comes fully charged. Because I’m going to beat the hell out of that battery on the first day I get it.

    • iBanks

      Pause! 😉

    • Sam

      Hahaha same!

  • iBanks

    One of my watch orders shipped…

  • avd98

    I’ve got the “Shipped” message, does it mean i’ll receive Friday? I really need to receive Friday…

  • missy1300

    I just got the shipment notification at 6:00 a.m. that my 42 mm stainless steel with Milanese loop will be delivered Friday.

    • Black Jesus

      Lucky you ….Me .. not even charged yet … sad

      • missy1300

        My card got charged last night around 8 eastern time. Good luck

  • iBanks

    Nothing wrong with being a test pilot. Exactly why devices comes with warranties and software updates. Whatever the “issue” may be, it’s in a great possibility of getting resolved. May as well become a test pilot as well and enjoy the fun. You are your best judge for anything, not what others say.

  • I completed at x:06. Got the email. Its the pink sport. Shouldn’t have been a major ordered item. Wtf.

    • mike

      I had the dilemma of my browser not loading the updated page. Ordered at x:05. Ships: 4-6 weeks for me.

      Surely I’ll use the Apple Store app if/when I preorder again.

  • maly69

    I Received an email from Apple but stated that Delivery day is aprl 24
    I can’t wait til 2moro

  • Rupinder

    Still stuck at “processing items”, but haven’t received this email yet. Wow, this sucks ):
    After all that hype of buying it within the first minute and not receiving it tomorrow.

  • ikn0witall

    I’m not going to complain though! I am still pending and I ordered mine in good time. I guess the issue is the model.
    I am fortunate that I didn’t get mine cancelled like some people! I’d be irate if that happened.

  • Ken Love

    I just got a text saying that my 42mm Sport Green has shipped!!!

  • Never got an email. I’m FUMING lol

  • Mathew Ledbetter

    I don’t think my last message showed up. My 42 space grey got charged and is preparing for shipment. As of 2 pm today. (I got the email last night)

  • Justin Sulak

    Received shipping email at about 2:40 AM. I ordered at 2:07 AM and got a 4-6 weeks time with a delivery estimate of May 13. I then logged onto UPS My Choice and they say I will receive my watch on Friday, April 24. Ordered a 38 mm SS with Black band. I am very excited and this news surprised me!!!

  • MacGuru96

    I ordered four five minutes after the watch went on sale, and I’ve yet to get so much as this email. :/

  • Bill Caten

    Once again Apple teases us the ordinary people! Every new Apple launch of a popular product ends up a cluster—-! As always the people with the most money get preferable treatment, while the rest of us wait for the next rumor of early shipments! Waiting in Willows!!

  • Michael Gargett

    I preordered on the 20th and has been dispatched, expected delivery 24th

  • -= J$@ =-

    My watch will be on my wrist in 5 more hours, according to the delivery tracker…& I can’t wait!!

  • Ramesh Tallapaneni

    Got my apple watch today

  • Jillian

    When did u guys order go get the watch to be shipped to u already? I order my watch April 10 as soon as it came available and I have got nothing from apple

  • Guest

    You are like me – Not Rich
    Someone of stature
    In other words like me, a nobody!

  • Sam

    I haven’t got the e-mail, and my Apple Status is still Processing. Is this the same with anyone else? Probably.

  • Sam

    What time did you order it?