Apple Working on Watch Order

Worried about your Apple Watch order that’s still showing “Processing Items”? Apple is no doubt aware of the concern. Just a few minutes ago, I received this email from Apple about one of my pending Apple Watch orders.

This email makes it evident that Apple realizes that there is mounting frustration among its would-be customer base for the Apple Watch. We debated about this launch heavily on the last episode of Let’s Talk iOS, and I was firmly in Apple’s corner. However, as time has gone on it’s hard not to come away at least a little bit skeptical about this launch.

I won’t go as far as to label the launch as being a failure—clearly it’s not from a sales perspective—but I do think there have been some missteps in the customer service process. Confusion about orders, shipping dates, the lack of in-store inventory, and the list keeps growing.

Apple definitely realizes that there is mounting frustration, so it has sent out a reassuring email to customers who are still seeing “Processing Items”. For the record, I have another order that has shipped successfully, and I didn’t receive an email concerning that order.

Have you received any correspondence from Apple? What do you think about the Apple Watch launch overall?