VOX Music Player 1.0 for iOS teaser 001

VOX Music Player for Mac by Coppertino Inc. has gone iPhone. Available at no cost in the App Store, the application lets you enjoy high-quality music encoded in the lossless FLAC format on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Of course, you can play the usual assortment of lossy audio files, too, including MP3, AAC and just about any type of audio file format you could think of. For example, the app is capable of rendering music formats like APE, WMA and CUE which are not supported by iTunes natively.

Your music can also be cached for playing offline.

It marks the first time the VOX Music Player has expanded beyond the Mac. In addition to desktop-class sound on your iPhone powered by BASS, the all-in-one music player features a gorgeously designed interface with flattened design and translucency, as evidenced by the screenshot below.

“Sound quality on iPhone is a huge barrier for software and hardware,” developers noted. “The VOX Audio Engine is built with enhanced BASS technology to deliver maximum output on iPhone’s embedded DAC”.

VOX for iOS supports a number of popular music sources, ranging from your own iTunes library and personal music collection to online sources such as SoundCloud, Rdio, Last.FM and many more.

VOX Music Player 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

In addition to these powerful features, the application integrates with LOOP, a brand new personal music locker in the cloud from VOX with infinite free space and unlimited offline cache.

With LOOP, a paid service, users can synchronize, stream and cache their entire music library between the Mac and iPhone — in full quality for crisp-clean sound.

Built into both the VOX Music Player for Mac and the new iOS app, the service costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 on an annual basis. By comparison, Apple’s own iTunes Match scan-and-match service is available at $24.99 per year, but it only supports lossy MP3 and AAC formats.

Key highlights:

  • Support for nearly all lossless (FLAC) and lossy (MP3) file formats;
  • Full quality playback with no downscaling or converting;
  • Proprietary BASS engine delivers crystal clear audio and even makes and MP3 sounds amazing;
  • Easy iTunes integration including playlists;
  • Soundcloud, Last FM and other third-party integration.

Subscriptions are available in-app with iTunes billing.

In addition to the new iOS app, Cuppertino has refreshed VOX for Mac with several new features and a bunch of enhancements.

VOX Music Player 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002
Screenshot via MacRumors.

The 30.5-megabyte software requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.1 or later, but keep in mind it doesn’t have a native iPad interface so it’ll run blown up on your Apple tablet.

The app is rolling out and should be available later today.

Grab VOX Music Player free in the App Store.

The Mac edition is available at no cost in the Mac App Store.

  • Jackson Grong

    That’s cute, but there is no way you could fit a flac library in an iPhone, just 3 albums take 1GB…. I’ll try it out anyway and see if I can hear a difference, Even though it doesn’t have an iPad interface.

    • If you’re swimming in money and have a 128gb iPhone it’s easily done…

    • Anmol Malhotra

      from where i can get flac library songs?

      • Jackson Grong

        Use torrent sites.
        (If the iDB staff is reading this I mean legal ones, ofc)

      • Or just.. buy CDs, you know? 😀

  • Anmol Malhotra

    From where did you download the flac files?

  • Jackson Grong

    Well you’re not very smart, my brother own a 1000$ headphones that sound amazing, there is absoluty no difference from a quality 320 MP3 to a flac file, not with the iPhone dad anyway.

    • 5723alex .

      There is a HUGE difference in quality even when using my $40 KOSS Porta Pro headphones and surly when listening in my Car’s A/V system.

      • Jackson Grong

        You probably have bad MP3 files, try converting an MP3 lossy full quality 320 from a flac file. I’m not saying there is not a difference, it’s just insanely minimal, unless you have 5,000$ gear.

  • For 8 bucks? No thanks!

  • what i hate about these Music Players is that they’re special made with Justin Beiber and Nicky Minaj music in consideration….Seriously?

  • Chris Ryan

    even a 128gb iphone isn’t much space for a good flac library…mine currently sits around 3tb, but this may be interesting to try to use as a streamer from my network drive…and for those who say there is no audible difference between mp3 32o and flac….you know very little about sound 😛

  • Mikey Jay

    Quite pretty, super clunky to use, all of the cool features are $99 a year subscription, which renews without warning so the onus is on you to cancel at least a month before it renews otherwise they steal another year from you, oh, and everytime i’ve uploaded gigs of flac files to the server they’re gone a couple of days later, app is not fit for purpose and the company are a bunch of thieves, otherwise great 🙂