Hexaclock Lock screen

Looking for a way to spice up your iPhone’s Lock screen? If so, have a look at Hexaclock, a Lock screen theme that uses the GroovyLock theming platform.

Hexaclock brings a fully-stylized working clock to the Lock screen, and it can replace the stock Lock screen clock. We’ve taken Hexaclock for a spin on video in order to showcase it to you in action…

As mentioned, Hexaclock uses GroovyLock, which is a theming platform available on the ModMyi repo. GroovyLock is thus a prerequisite to using Hexaclock, so you must install it in order to use this theme.

Once both are installed, you’ll find a preference panel in the Settings app for GroovyLock. Open the panel, select Hexaclock from the theme section, and enable the switch to hide the Lock screen clock.


After respringing, you should now see the Hexaclock theme on the Lock screen. There is no interaction possible with Hexaclock, but the time is live, and it will update in sync with the time on your iPhone.

Using your iPhone with Hexaclock installed is just like normal. Touch ID still works like normal, and if you swipe to unlock, you’ll be met with the typical passcode interface with the Lock screen wallpaper that you have configured.

Although not showcased in the video, you can also use Widget Weather to have live weather along with the Lock screen clock. Widget Weather is another free tweak that can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo. You can then configure Widget Weather from its own dedicated preference panel to set the current weather for your location.

I personally found Widget Weather to be way too finicky, so I omitted its use altogether. I still think that Hexaclock looks good, even without the weather readout.

Hexaclock can be downloaded free of charge from the BigBoss repo. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Is it possible to use your own wallpaper

    • Brian Brown

      Probably with ifile, yah. I’m about to download to find out.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        thank you

    • Croak

      Yeah, it can be changed in iFile. Just go to the theme folder in GroovyLock and edit the LockBackground.html file to whatever image you have. It actually comes with a few other backs.

      • MaybeYes

        Try making a transparent image and replace the background with it

      • Croak

        Once you add the blank back to the theme folder, edit the LockBackground.html to reflect, it will then show whatever background you have set in the settings app for the lockscreen. I’ll attach the blank.png for anyone who has an iPhone 6.

      • Linda Chorfi

        Stop showing off, just change the Clouds.png with the one you like in var/mobile/library/groovylock/hexaclock

      • Croak

        Ha! Showing off? Was I supposed to submit my reply to you first before posting here? I was only helping and explaining.

    • Kei_Oz

      Hmm… perhaps the answer differs by the themes you use. I’ve tried the Grand LS theme and Cataracs. I’m able to apply wallpaper with the usual iOS methods no problem.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Thank you.

  • Thank you Jeff for replying to my question via post 🙂

  • iltas

    thnx jefffff

  • Gord

    downloaded this tweak. Resprang iPhone and it bricked it. Went into DFU mode and couldn’t get it out. iPhone 5s. Now cannot update it in iTunes. Won’t recognize phone. now what?

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      You have excellent paper weight!

  • Noah

    I much prefer LS Burn and LockHTML 4 to move the widget around

    • AnArcticMonkey

      Are you able to share that wallpaper mate?

      • Noah

        https:// download.unsplash .com/photo-1427950695000-ffba52067aee

        Remember to remove spaces.

        I also recoloured it using Afterlight.