SetBack 2

One of the reasons why I’ve never been heavily into theme reviews is because of the time it takes to set up the theme and revert my Home screen configuration after testing. Many themes only support certain apps and app icons, hence, it requires a lot of app icon rearranging to aptly show off the theme in question.

I can’t remember where I read the comment, but an iDB commenter mentioned SetBack as a possible solution to my problems. It claims to allow you to restore your SpringBoard layout with ease. Yesterday, I tried SetBack for the first time, and he was right, it is the solution that I needed, and you might like it too.

Once you install SetBack, you’ll find an app icon for it on the Home screen. Launch the SetBack app, and tap the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the screen to establish a saved configuration.

To test out SetBack, I heavily modified the icon locations on my Home screen. I moved apps to different pages, folders, and areas on the Home screen. I created new folders, removed some folders, and modified the icons in the dock location. Needless to say, my Home screen looked nothing like it did originally, which was the point of the test.

I then reopened SetBack, and tapped on the configuration that I had previously saved. After confirming my wishes, SetBack began the restore process and caused my iPhone to respring. After unlocking my iPhone, it was immediately evident that my Home screen layout was back as it was prior to starting my test. SetBack worked perfectly in this regard.

Along with HomeScreen icons, SetBack claims that it can restore tweak preferences, wallpapers, WinterBoard themes, and pretty much anything else. I did test its ability to restore wallpaper, and that didn’t go so well. I found that my iPhone remained on the wallpaper that I had changed to, even when restoring with SetBack.

Keep in mind that iOS 8 users may run into issues where they’ll need to reboot instead of respringing to enact the changes.  I tried rebooting to see if I could get the wallpaper working, but it still didn’t work.

So SetBack didn’t work perfectly, but it did work perfect in the thing that mattered most to me—restoring my SpringBoard icon layout. In that regard, I can wholeheartedly recommend SetBack, and I’ll be using it regularly going forward. Who knows, I may even be more willing to test out themes knowing that I can quickly revert to my preferred Home screen layout in just a few seconds.

What do you think about SetBack? It’s available for $2.00 on the ModMyi repo. Sound off down below with your comments.

  • RedSymphony

    damn I keep refreshing this site in hopes of a 8.2 jailbreak

    • Montgomery Tyler

      haha same here want to update my ipad.

    • Ughhhh

      Lol Same. Goddamn i need a jailbreak. Stuck on ios 8.1.3. Had to go back to using my iPhone 4. Can’t use an iPhone that isn’t jailbroken/

    • JohnnyDJunior

      SMH why worry about an update though if it works why want another. I’m in 8.1

  • Alex Noyle

    I love this tweak! I think it’s one of the most underrated in the Jailbreaking scene. There are some really cool use cases when you combine it with activator, like a system-wide night mode or a “business” and “personal” configuration like BB10!

    • Yep, I plan on exploring it more in depth. The Activator support is nice!

      • Sandeep Roy

        Deviating, but Tweak was always mentioned by IDB in Title or Summary, making easier to click or not click. Now Click-bait ?

      • :/

        wtf are you talking about. The name if the tweak is in the title. Can you not read?

      • Dude…put the drinks down before posting. And even if the title wasn’t mentioned, “click bait” is dumb. Obviously we want you to click it. Duh.

      • Sandeep Roy

        Hey Jeff, totally sober buddy, didn’t mean to rankle you. You guys(unlike other sites) usually make the distinction between a App & Tweak(jailbreak) by Title mentions or in Summary(twitter). That’s All.
        I’ve been clicking on IDB since 5 years, so yeah.
        CHEERS 🙂

  • Mike

    I like the ‘Getting to 88 mph’ on the bottom when restoring. Nice touch!

  • Hey Jeff,

    Your lockscreen is cool, how to get that.

  • Alexis Marrero

    what happens if you have downloaded a new app since the last save? my problem is i have anchor installed and when i get a new app it moves all the apps around and i have to redo the layout. so if i save the layout then add a new app but restore the layout with setback what will happen to the new app?

  • I used to use PkgBackup for this and a lot more…

  • Noah

    This is honestly the only tweak I need, but I don’t have money 🙁

  • ins0mniac1

    This looks cool, but I use the free tweak “backupit” for this purpose. It’s been around a long time and works perfectly with pretty much any tweak combination.

  • iltas

    jeff wat is the name of your lock screen clock