Reloading Data

From time to time, you may encounter a situation where Cydia will not stop “Reloading Data”. This usually has something to do with a bad repo, or a repo that may be unresponsive, offline, etc. If you have a lot of third-party repos added to Cydia, then the chances of you encountering this error increase. In this post, I’ll show you how to successfully troubleshoot this issue, and make it so that Cydia can successfully refresh.

To troubleshoot, tap the Sources tab at the bottom of the Cydia interface, and scroll down until you find the source with the spinning refresh icon. This source is the likely culprit, and removing it will allow Cydia to refresh properly.

Of course, you’ll want to take a screenshot, or write down the repo address before you up and remove a hanging Cydia repo. To remove the repo, perform a swipe left gesture and tap the Delete button.

It’s not always the most ideal solution, because no one like removing a repo, but sometimes it’s the best solution for the moment.

What do you think? Have you ever encountered a Cydia refresh issue like this? If so, how did you handle the problem?

  • mp

    I think it’s annoying that it happens and I take it there is no solution to the problem? One thing I noticed is that the offending repo is named in the error message, so that would be another method.
    On an unrelated or related note, the excellent videos posted by Jeff just aren’t the same without the signoff stating, “i(short pause) downloadblog”. This new fad of saying, “idb” on a few videos lately just isn’t hip enough Jeff. Tradition is tradition. My two cents 🙂

    • That would involve Saurik actually doing something to Cydia more than twice a year.

      • Jerry

        This is why I still haven’t jailbroken my phone. Maybe comex’s new project will make me believe again.

      • Carlos Medina

        5 years later… (Spongebob Narrative voice)

      • Tyler Smith

        Hahahahahahahahahahah. Oh wait you were serious?

  • leart

    Heres a very effective and easy solution.
    Use ifile or whatever you use from the pc to browse your device and go to:


    and then delete the folder:


    This will delete the temporary cache of cydia and is supposed all the problems that cydia has accumulated in time.
    When you next open cydia it will start fresh but nothing will be missed.

    Give it a try 🙂

  • Carlos Medina

    iCieaner Pro cleans Cydia, sources, and unused dependencies run it once a week maybe

  • Gregg

    Off topic: really dislike black text on dark grey background. Very difficult to read. Jony your influence here?

  • Hi, Guys. I have a iphone 6 on 8.1.1 with jailbreak, but something GO wrong and i nerd tô restore. Its possible restore and mãe JB again or when i restore it will be installed 8.2?

    • It will be 8.2 since Apple stopped signing 8.1.3. However if you hang on, TinyUmbrella is back in development and will allow the downgrading of iOS

    • Ahmed Karoui

      Try Semi-Restore 🙂

  • Brian Brown


    “because no one like”

    You mean, because no one likes too?

    • Michael Monaghan


      You mean, “because no one likes to”.

  • Has anyone noticed how, since Cydia was revamped, the “Loading” pinwheel seems to take two or three times longer to finish?

  • অঞ্জন

    You dont even need to delete anything. Just click on the stop button, then click refresh and cydia will skip refreshing that repo