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Sprint really wants your business. Not only will it cut your bill in half, but now the nation’s fourth-largest carrier will pay the early termination fee and any remaining payments at its competitors for you to come over to its network.

The early termination fee is why many customers don’t make the switch from one carrier to another. In many cases, the fee is required to be paid to end the two-year contract carriers like to lock you into.

In its new promotion announced on Friday, Sprint will pay your ETF at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any of the smaller national carriers, for you to make the switch.

The Sprint promotion isn’t only limited to ETFs – the carrier will also cover remaining payments on phone installment plans, “no matter what is owed.” Sprint limited previous promotions to $350.

The only catch is customers are required to turn in the phones (in good working condition) tied to the bill they submitted from Sprint’s competing carrier. Sprint says to make this simple and hassle free, customers will receive a prepaid return kit in the mail.

After filling out a bunch of forms online, the ETF is paid to you through an American Express reward card. Sprint says the promotion is only available for a “limited time”. You can sign-up through Sprint’s website.

Sprint is also running a promotion to cut your bill in half from other carriers.

Source: Sprint Promo via Press Release

  • Nathan

    Sprint’s name is super ironic, as their data speeds are slow.

    • Dat hurry up and wait moment…

    • Manuel Molina

      Only sprinting you’ll do is to another carrier. That’s how fast you’ll leave sprint when you use their internet data.

  • Itzkhaoz

    Umm:…how about, NO 🙂

  • Croak

    I have Sprint because I get a discount through my employer with them. Its not a bad carrier in my area here in California. However, as soon as I leave the city, forget it. Signal is weak and splotchy at best.

  • Stephaughn Alston

    The funniest thing about this is that at some point n time all these carriers do it so it seems like it’s a never ending cycle that really doesn’t benefit the carriers. AT&T or Verizon could announce this promo tomorrow and I guarantee you Sprint would lose more customers lol.

  • Byron C Mayes

    Yeah, but it’s still Sprint.

  • Casey Burton-hampton

    I was thinking about switching to sprint from Verizon mainly because my phone with my Verizon plan on it got ran over by a car as it flew out of the dashboard while we were making fast turn and Verizon refuses to give me a new phone yet insists that I still pay for service even though I have no phone for that service to be on. If I tell my situation to the manager of my local sprint store and turn in my busted up Verizon iPhone would they be willing to uphold their buyout promise? I bought a new iPhone due to my unfortunate mishap and it just so happens to be locked to sprint anyways.

  • abdulmandhai

    Switched 2 , 3 months ago. Sprint still has not send the American Express card to pay off T Mobile. Bill is close to 780.00 or so.

    We are still chasing the agent 🙂