T-Mobile: We’ll become the #3 wireless carrier in 2015, overtaking Sprint

John Legere

“UnCarrier” T-Mobile CEO John Legere has posted a lengthy prediction post for 2015 – you guessed it – he’s incredibly bullish on his company for the new year. He expects things to go so well that T-Mobile will officially overtake Sprint to become the third-largest wireless company in the US sometime in 2015.

“T-Mobile will – officially – become the No. 3 wireless company in America in 2015,”the eccentric CEO wrote. “This summer, I said we’d blow by Sprint by the end of 2014 to become the No. 3 wireless company in the US. They have been swinging the bat since I made that statement, so we won’t know where things stand until we get the final score after we both report Q4 earnings, but whether it is now – or soon – I’m telling you, it’s a done deal.”

T-Mobile, with Legere leading the way, has been trying to reshape the wireless industry by ending two-year contracts, and adding plans to allow customers to upgrade phones when they’d like, unlimited data, messages, and voice, and free data roaming in worldwide. Here’s T-Mobile’s graphic breaking it down.


In his note to customers, Legere also said the company plans to cover 300 million people with “our blazing-fast LTE network” closing in on Verizon’s current 303 million reach.

He was quick to throw his AT&T bash: “In fact, I predict that AT&T will collect more in overages in 2015 than anyone else.” A Verizon bash: “Verizon will keep trying to baffle American wireless customers with BS promos”. And a Sprint bash: “Sprint will continue throwing out campaigns, offers and promotions – anything to see if it sticks.”

A chart released by Business Insider Intelligence earlier this month showed just how close fourth-largest mobile carrier T-Mobile is on closing in on Sprint’s market share.


For the industry as a whole, Legere sees the Apple Watch having a big effect on the wearables market, and “will mark the tipping point when wearables go from niche to mainstream.”

I’m seriously starting to fall in love with T-Mobile… at least their CEO’s tenacity.