Today, developer Hamza Sood, known in the community for his in-depth analysis of iOS betas, tweeted screenshots of what the Apple Watch companion app for iPhone will look like when an Apple Watch is connected. The layout is similar to iOS’s Settings app, but features a dark theme and rounded icons.

From the screenshots, it appears that users will be able to customize app layout, notifications, glances, watch orientation, and more from their iPhone. Feedback such as Apple Watch alert volume and haptic strength each have their own sliders, and the ‘Cover to Mute’ feature can be toggled on or off.


Software updates can be installed through the app and require the Apple Watch to be paired to an iPhone and connected to its charge with at least 50% of battery remaining.

Battery usages times are analyzed in the companion app, similar to those in iOS’s Settings, and Apple Watch will enter Power Reserve mode when the battery level nears zero.

Users are also able to sync playlists from their iPhone, forward timer and alarm alerts to Apple Watch, and display a red dot on the watch face when unread notifications are pending. Users can specify ‘Friends’, a list of up to twelve contacts that appear a circle and can be selected with the Digital Crown.


The screenshots also indicate the ability to sync playlists from an iPhone to its paired Apple Watch and confirms the limitations placed on the amount of media storage as previously reported.


Hamza Sood posted screenshots yesterday detailing iOS’s Activity companion app for Apple Watch.

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    Cover to mute sounds pretty neat!

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    • TechLove

      iOS 9, I have hopes.

    • Cydia > Eclipse…

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        *Without jailbreak. 😉

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  • hkgsulphate

    they probably testing out dark theme
    iOS 9 😉

  • No One Important

    The more settings the better.

    Noticed the dark theme a good bit in their recent apps. Also with Yosemites dark theme maybe it’s coming iOS soon.

    • James G

      Dark theme is kind of a let down on Yosemite. It only applies to the menu bar and nothing else.

      But, I do like it enough to have it permanently enabled.

      • raulortiz318

        It isn’t just the menu bar. It also darkens the background behind the volume HUD, the dock, and if you are using folders in Grid mode in the dock, that background as well.

        It isn’t a huge change, but more than just the menu bar.

      • James G

        Yeah you’re right I over simplified it a bit. I was kind of hoping they’d change some of the window UI to be darker as well.

      • raulortiz318

        All good! Yeah it would be nice if they went a little further with it. It may be a possibility, seeing as how they are using the darker UI for the Watch and activity app, and also went with a Space Grey Macbook. As Seb says, we shall see!

  • Tquan

    I wonder if you’re able to sync mute/vibrate only with the iPhone’s physical switch. I’d hate to have to mute both each time I go into a meeting, etc.

    • James G

      I think they should make DnD work with iCloud so you can apply DnD to your iPhone and it syncs to Mac and Watch and iPad.

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    Dammit. Why can’t April 24th get here sooner.

  • Daniel Beecham

    Is this app gonna be in the 8.3 Public Beta?

  • Frizzle

    Hmmmm… looks quite similar.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Looks like Eclipse when enable in the settings app

  • Shami

    also have you guys noticed Hamza.s iphone is jailbroken? so does that mean the apple watch app can be ported or used on earlier firmware than 8.2? or do ‘they’ have a secret 8.2 jailbreak we dont know about?