Actvitiy 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

After sitting through Apple’s “Spring Forward” media presentation from start to finish, I couldn’t help but notice a slide tim Cook briefly put up, depicting an iOS version of the Apple Watch’s Activity app. I immediately took to Twitter, wondering when users could expect to see the software on their iPhones.

Last evening, developer Hamza Sood tweeted out a series of screenshots of the Activity app from iOS 8.2, released for public consumption on Monday.

The app is hidden and would only appear on a user’s Home screen once an Apple Watch has been connected and paired with an iPhone using the Apple Watch iOS app (which  by the way cannot be deleted from the device).

“The Activity app works with Apple Watch to keep track of your activity and workout history,” reads a splash screen message. “To start using the app on your iPhone, first set up Activity on your Apple Watch.”

As the screenshots attest, the Activity app looks quite nice on an iPhone once it’s configured from the Apple Watch. If you ask me, the black user interface is quite interesting and compelling.

More important than the looks, the app provides an at-a-glance overview of a user’s activity as collected by the Watch. There are two tabs alongside the bottom: History and Achievements.

History charts your progress and trends that would be impractical to render on the Watch’s tiny screen. Here you’ll find the familiar activity rings depicting how much walking, standing and exercise you have done. From there, it’s easy to jump to data for any specific day or access your daily, weekly and monthly activity overview.

Actvitiy 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

The Achievement tab lists your fitness achievements by the day, week or month. As you might have suspected by now, Activity for iPhone shares your activity and workouts with the iOS Health app. As a result, any data the Watch gathers can be made optionally available to your favorite health and fitness applications designed with HealthKit in mind.

Actvitiy 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 003

There’ll be plenty of achievements to unlock once the Watch arrives in April.

Although Activity for iPhone is useless without a Watch, I’d wager Apple might at some point make it work standalone, without the wrist-worn gizmo. Theoretically speaking, Activity could tap into the iPhone’s motion co-processor and sensors like the gyroscope, GPS and accelerometer, to gather activity data.

Granted, any data collected on an iPhone would not be quite as detailed as that gathered by the Watch, which also measures a user’s heart rates continuously.

“Fitness isn’t just about running, biking, or hitting the gym. It’s also about being active throughout the day,” according to the Activity description on the Apple Watch section of Apple’s website.

“So Apple Watch measures all the ways you move, such as walking the dog, taking the stairs, or playing with your kids,” notes the firm.“ It even keeps track of when you stand up, and encourages you to keep moving. Because it all counts. And it all adds up.”

In fact, this is the only depiction of Activity for iPhone on Apple’s website.

Apple Watch Health and Fitness Activity for iPhone web screenshot 001

“Apple Watch shows your daily activity at a glance. To see your progress and trends over longer periods of time, go to the Activity app on your iPhone,” reads the page.

“You can view your Activity rings, workouts, and achievements by the day, week, or month,” writes Apple. “And the Activity app can share your activity and workout data with the Health app on your iPhone, where it can be accessed by your favorite third-party health and fitness apps with your permission.”

Last but not least, Sood noted that the Apple Watch iPhone companion app has some kind of internal automation mode but he’s unsure what for. As depicted below, the automation mode makes a brief mention of something referred to as “the Gizmo.”

Actvitiy 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 004

According to The New York Times, the Apple Watch project carried code-name “Gizmo.” Citing employees privy to the project, the newspaper said that members of the Watch development team used the “Gizmo” code-name in internal communications.

“In an effort to maintain secrecy, engineers testing the watch outside the office even created fake casing that made the Apple device resemble a Samsung watch,” noted NYT.

By the way, how long do you think until someone finds a way to unlock the achievements without actually doing exercise?

Source: Hamza Sood


  • John Smith

    Cool I want an apple watch… Just can’t pay 350 for one

    • TechLove

      Make money man, make money.

      • John Smith

        I am a 14 year old 🙂

      • TechLove

        Tell your daddy to make some money.

      • John Smith

        🙂 lol

  • Tommy Gumbs

    The battery life is a killer. Traveling would be an issue. For example when I travel through Europe this summer, wtf would I do if I can’t get to charger every 24hrs? Yes I could put it on a charger, or I could just wear a regular watch all the time because they are for telling time. All this extra crap is bs if it can’t be used in a way that is fluid. Meaning it’s redundant if the thing needs to be consistently charged. Until it can get real usage in terms of time, it is a novelty/status item.

    • John Smith

      That was a big rant. If you dislike the apple watch then don’t buy it. Simple, you don’t have to rage at it simply because they haven’t made it to fit your lifestyle.


      • Tommy Gumbs

        If you interpreted my comment as being full of rage and a rant, so be it. I’ll take it as sitting outside in the sun after a long week and simply taking sometime to read and comment on different things. Good day and I hope your assuming takes you far!

      • John Smith

        I am sorry. I must have misinterpreted your comment. I am deeply sorry.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Your fine. All is good.

      • John Smith

        that is good, it nice to see someone on the internet who actually understands mistakes. unlike some people *cough* 95% of people on YouTube *cough*

    • Apple has said the Watch will need to be charge overnight so it’s not like they’re withholding anything. When touring Europe this summer, you’re gonna need chargers for all your gadgets, Apple Watch included. My guess is that the Watch might continue tracking movement for some time after the battery dies on you, based on this

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Christian, I never implied that Apple was hiding anything. And as for my other devices I’m not concerned with them as I know they will last days before needing to be charged.

        The battery life is actually pathetic for a device that couples as a watch. That it is a deal breaker until it is released and real world examples of usage become know.

      • Snailpo

        I saved you the hassle here is the link. If not for your apple watch it’ll come in handy in general when out there. They also have more high powered ones too 🙂

    • Snailpo

      Buy a solar charger from amazon. They cost like 35 and can charge your phone and I watch on the go or at station. The best part is it uses 100% off the solar panels and you can connect a battery pack to it in order to kee some of that sweet juice for later. Look up the anker solar charger.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Same here, i dont dislike the the Awatch but the battery life is a huge let down for me. I’ll probably buy one when they achieve atleast 2 days of battery life. And besides i dont need it right now. I got my jawbone up to track my activity.

    • Kr00

      Loosing? I think you’ll find there’s no such word, its losing, as in loser. So you never charge your devices when you sleep? Because that’s when I charge my devices. Can’t be that hard, can it? Or am I just a “looser”? If tracking sleep patterns while you sleep with a watch is your primary task then no matter how long the battery lasts, you’ll have to charge the thing at some point in time, so when would you do that? If you think the lack of battery life makes a device a novelty, then that would make all android phones a joke.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I’m not comparing the iWatch battery to those of phones. I’m comparing it to other smart watch options avail on the market. As for loosing…’s just a typo. Relax